Chapter 26
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Fitting Bell for armor was an awkward affair honestly. She was sensitive, to say the least, and thus as I went about using a tape measure to take her measurements so that way her larger breasts would actually fit in the chest plate, she squirmed a good deal but thankfully Meteorite Armor was the only armor I would need to make Bell for a while. Being able to give her a Space gun to augment her melee capabilities would make her a much more balanced fighter even if we both didn't have powerful damage burst potential.

"Can I help you make the armor Jake?" Bell asked me earnestly, but I had to shake my head as Bell most certainly wasn't Seshat who could all but puppet my body into making perfect items with powerful epitaphs.

"Sorry, Bell but the process doesn't really require you to even help bring me stuff as I have all the materials in my pocket space for easy access," I said patting Bell on her soft fluffy white hair making her make weird noises.

"Ok well, I will at least bring you wet cold towels so you can cool down after working at the forge to make me such cool armor!" Bell all but shouted in her determination to 'Help' me and I couldn't help but find her earnestness adorable.

"Alright, Bell thanks for the care," I said chuckling as I reached into the forge's coals with my meteorite-clad gauntlets, I mentally began hating the coals and the furnace itself and thus my meteorite armor glowed to life as it turned red hot and began burning red hot at the same temperature apparently that meteors reached when they came into the atmosphere and began burning up.

Thankfully my Meteorite armor's burning effect only affected things that it was directly touching so I wasn't a walking multi-thousand degrees bonfire as it were. But its effect was definitely useful for igniting some coals really quick so I could begin forging quickly and easily.

I began making Bell's Meteorite armor from top to bottom as I began making the helmet by taking thin sheets of the meteoric metal plates and I attuned them into their Terraria form by flooding them with pure astral mana from the Mana Crystals I made out of the all the aberrant and mutated monsters I had been killing lately, and then used the Meteor plates to make the helmet around the horn of my anvil according to the shape of Bell's head.

"He still has a long way to go, but I can see him making the greatest of weapons and armors with the formulas downloaded into his head." I heard Seshat praising me faintly to Hestia but I was so in the zone as it were as I switched over to making Bell's chest plate that Hestia's words just flew over my head.

"Hmm... Better be careful Goibniu doesn't hire an assassin or something. He is more straight to the point and will want to preserve his business though Hephaestus will likely use Jake as an example to push her own blacksmiths further." Hestia warned Seshat who only scoffed.

"Yeah, the crafting Familia's are going to hate Jake. No if and or buts will change anything, they will inevitably clash but maybe if they didn't charge ridiculous mind-boggling prices for their weapons despite the adventurer being the one responsible for bringing most of the materials for custom orders Jake won't hurt their high-end business." Seshat spoke snidely as in the end of the day a Blacksmith that made a weapon for a level five or above literally made tens of millions of Valis at the bare minimum.

And where did all that money go? Most of the time into the red-light district as the blacksmiths pissed away the money on whores, gambling, or just getting outrageously priced luxury products like some lotion that cost five million Valis for a bottle to smoothen and rejuvenate the skin that Tsubaki Collbrande the Captain of the Hephaestus Familia was famed for buying one literally every couple weeks.

"Bell come here and try on the armor," I called out as I broke out of my stupor after I finished grinding down any imperfections on the boots and it snapped into being a Terraria item I couldn't really mess with anymore.

"Yes, Jake!" Bell said excitedly as she ran over with another wet towel and began wiping down the sweat that beaded on my brows and ran down my neck as I adjusted the straps on the chest plate so I could help her put on as she didn't have the ultra-convenient accessory and armor options, I had in my inventory to take off the armor in a literal flash of light.

"Ok so tell me if anything pinches or anything," I asked as I helped her into the chest plate before Bell stopped me.

"Wait. Ahhh I need to use the body glove Seshat warned me I would need. It's pinching my clothes and uhm my breasts don't fit with the under-the-armor thick clothes." Bell explained with a blush at the end, and I nodded in understanding.

"Alright go get changed then," I said and Bell quickly ran into a side room to apparently get changed into whatever body glove Seshat made for her overnight.

"Seshat I thought you were drunk all night and couldn't do anything?" I asked jokingly as I finally registered the two goddesses sitting on a wicker sofa a good distance away from the forge so they could watch me work without enduring the heat coming off it.

Seshat chuffed and rolled her eyes at me. "Jake, I knew you were going to make that scrumptious rabbit a set of armor and unlike your cheating ass with the armor perfectly fitting you. I knew Bell was going to need an undersuit and such a thing..." Seshat smugly smiled as her big leopard ears stood up straight with her excitement at bragging. "Yeah, such a trifling bit of clothing I can make when I am drunk and sleepwalking Haha!"

"Uhm Lady Seshat... It's kind of embarrassing. Is this supposed to cling to me like this?" I heard Bell ask as she pointed her head out the door to peek towards Seshat.

"Come on Bell you are going to wear armor over it, so no one is going to see it! You aren't going to be like that Ais Wallenstein and wearing a backless dress and flashing the sides of her boobs all the time Haha." Seshat laughed out loud as Bell pinked at the realization that Seshat was speaking the truth.

Then while Bell was obviously thinking about Aiz's side boob action Seshat snuck up and pounced pulling Bell out into the main room and I couldn't help but wolf whistle as I saw how Bell was clad in a white tight-fitting spandex-like clothing and her chest area and thighs had extra layers and a bit of padding so I couldn't like see through it like the rest of her body glove, but it was a beautiful sight.

"Ah! Don't look!" Bell cried as she blushed at my wolf whistle and covered up her bottom as apparently that was the most important part to her.

"Bell calm down. No one can see anything. Just get in the armor and no one will be able to see anything." Hestia spoke through some giggles as she calmed down Bell and I had to point out something.

"Bell relax. Look at Seshat and remember what amazons wear. You are literally the definition of conservative in comparison." I said dryly as Seshat herself was wearing clothes similar to amazons in what amounted to being a thick bra and a bikini bottom with a multilayered silk skirt to cover her bottoms.

"Yes, and I look damn good!" Seshat said proudly as she cocked her hip in my direction all but twerking her backside in my direction for a couple of seconds making Bell cough and break into giggles.

Finally, I managed to get Bell into her armor, and I had to say she actually looked rather heroic, especially with how her helmet was actually a circlet so her long white hair was able to flow down the back of her armor.

"Hmm the clothes make the hero, and, in your case, you look like the right heroine Bell," I said looking her up and down as she stretched and tested the mobility of the armor.

Bell grinned earnestly kicking her foot back and forth as a small pink hue came her cheeks, and I heard Hestia gag or something and I looked over to see if Hestia was choking on the sandwich the goddess was eating but she seemed fine.

"Well anyway let's get going... I have a feeling farming the dungeon isn't going to be so easy with how Ishtar's adventures attacked me on the way down into the dungeon." I spoke as I reflexively checked my inventory for my potions.

"Wait Ishtar's whores attacked on into the dungeon?" Seshat asked frowning and I nodded carelessly.

"I mean I did insult her in front of the Familia's of Orario. To not expect a reprisal would be the stupid thing as her personality seems built on her arrogance in being the one to light up a room or something right?" I asked and both Seshat and Hestia nodded.

"I didn't spend much time with her Pantheon's gods, but Ishtar is well known around Tenkai for being a troublemaker and would always try to drag people down to her level so don't get my Bell involved in your troubles!" Hestia said fiercely and I wanted to correct her on how Bell was likely the one who was going to drag more trouble onto me anyway.

"Alright Hestia calm down I will keep your bunny safe and sound," I said confidently as I patted Bell's soft head and she giggled at my affectionate action making Hestia's face scrunch up like she bit into something sour, and I realized she was feeling jealous to say the least.

"Hey, Seshat. You take Hestia to the Divine Baths today. Then we can all go on a group date or something." I said shamelessly as I continued patting Bell's head and then I winked at Hestia who blustered and turned purple then she lost all gas as she realized I was playing wingman for her, and she grinned throwing me a thumbs up.

"Alright, Bell get out into the dungeon and make your goddess some good money Haha!" Hestia shouted as she pushed me and Bell out of the tower and onto the road of Orario before she powerwalked back into the tower to obviously talk to Seshat about this 'date' or whatever I threw out there.

"Uhm, I guess let's get going, Jake?" Bell said unsurely as she held onto my wrist, and I nodded as my face twitched as I realized a number of people were going to flip on Bell's recent 'change' like Eina for example.

Eh, she can handle it when I turn in my monster stones.

I allowed Bell to hold my wrist as we made our way through the streets of Orario and now even more looks were given me, as not only was Bell and I wearing glowing armor. But I could hear several people cursing me as they muttered about the beautiful Bell all but holding my hand as she didn't want to get separated in the morning rush into the Dungeon.



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