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The sun was bearing down upon the hundreds of adventures waiting for their turn to have a go at a spawn Monster Rex. It was a truly unusually hot day as even weather or Sun deities were baffled by why in the world it, was so hot today was.

But after a dozen or so Bosses were summoned and thus dealt with by Orario's adventures with the minimal loss of life to the adventure's the temperature shot even up higher where went from like a dry hundred degrees Fahrenheit straight up to a hundred and twenty making me cough at the heat as I wondered if a solar deity was throwing a hissy fit and was attacking someone or something before, they got sent back to Tenkai.

"It's too damn hot..." I muttered as even in the shade of a tree I could see how the sun literally brightened filling out the surroundings, so I reflexively looked up to the sun but rather than the eye-burning orb in the sky there was something large flying in the air above us that blocked it.

Flying down towards the scrambling into position Adventure's was a beauty of almost indescribable appearance. For to gaze upon her was to gaze upon the light of the sun. She had golden skin that matched the sun's flames and long plasma purple hair that like a wisp of light flowed in all directions, and she flew with butterfly-like wings solid rainbow light that's colors swirled with every motion of the wings.

Even as the warriors of Orario rallied around to defend themselves against the spirit or something that had come here with dire purpose the curvaceous spirit's eyes locked onto mine.

And then I realized what. No, who was the very sentient being in front of me was...

"Nope," I said taking out my magic mirror to teleport home in the face of the fucking Empress of Light showing up in the middle of nowhere and being hilariously unready for her and even to make it even worse was how it was literally daytime, so she was 'enraged' or otherwise at maximum power.

But seemingly in a Picosecond my Magic Mirror disappeared from my hands and as I slowly looked up, I saw the Empress of Light holding it in her smooth yellow-skinned hands as her purple eyes stared into my own blue ones judgingly.

All the adventures stayed far back in the face of an angry spirit or whatever she was as no one could even approach her the grass and stone melted under her feet as she finally landed on her delicate feet and by the time, she had landed she had shrunk her form from a fifty-meter large giantess to a still tall but manageable seven tool woman who loomed over me.

Finally, our silent confrontation ended as she tossed aside the magic mirror as she looked from it back to me she then walked towards me slowly and with purpose as each of her footfalls would sink more than half a foot into the ground as she was so hot that all the surroundings melted in her sheer presence. "Don't run little human... I have words for you." She spoke but her words were less sounds and more of impressions that filled my mind as she was entirely alien.

"You're summoning and slaughter of the base monsters with no sentience is fine, welcome even for they are naught but trouble and weakening their core souls is welcome. But us sentient beings are not farmable beasts you may sup upon to make the peasants that submit themselves to your rise as the Terrarian."

"Fine, I won't summon you at all then," I said forthrightly as I was well aware... Yeah, I knew I was going to die if she decided to attack no ifs or buts even if my Meteor Armor was keeping her heat from killing me with her mere gaze.

The Empress of Light shook her head as she walked to me, and I was paralyzed as pure light bound my form together preventing me from moving or even falling over as she used a finger to lift my chin.

"Oh, my little darling Jake the fact that you don't even know the trials you are to face... Its adorable." She almost shook with laughter and some other emotions before she leaned in towards me with her hand still softly cupping my chin. "Defeat, the Queen Slime and myself, on your own on your first try. And you will gain our loyalty... Should you have help we will not swear ourselves to you, and if you should die in the battle." She shrugged. "That would be a pity but that means you are just not worthy of the trials to become the Terrarian."

Knowing she wasn't going to kill me or something I finally asked my own question. "And if I cannot summon to defeat you repeatedly, how am I supposed to get the gear I would get from your goodie bag?"

She just rolled her eyes tsking as she poked me in the head literally burning a hole in my supposedly indestructible Meteor Armor as she flicked my head giving me a second-degree burn as she spoke to me like I was the stupidest person imaginable. "Stupid boy, get an NPC mod so you can just buy boss goodie bags after you defeat us the first time with the money you get from selling monster stones. drops or even spare gear you get from farming the non-sentient boss monsters."

"Now do I need to demonstrate how out of your league, you are now? Or are you going to be a good boy and behave?" The Empress of Light spoke almost seductively as she leaned over my bound-in-place form, and I weakly nodded as I literally couldn't even break the bindings of light holding me nor could I escape as she was as fast as light.

"Pity that... I was hoping I was going to have an excuse to bully you before I either killed you or submitted myself in my lesser form to you after you defeat me." She pouted as her purple hair flared like plasma getting more power as it shrieked with power at her distress. "You are sure I merely can't sit on your face a little?" She asked and I only stared at her in silence making her pout even harder before she carelessly shrugged and with a soft thumping noise my face was buried into her excessively hot voluptuous chest.

"Well, I can just smother you a bit for a lesson and some motivation to get back at me Haha." She giggled as the soft breasts filled my entire face literally suffocating me until I fell limp and she dropped my limp from to ground, to begin flying off back into the sky.



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