Genius Dragon
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Three years went by in a flash, Mark was now old enough to leave his house.

Today was the day his father decided to show him around the holy land.

Mark's father Saint Charles was proud of his son, since the day he was born, he had showed the demeanor of a god.

"He is my son, Mark Rose."

"A worthy heir to Rose!"

Saint Charles laughed loudly and introduced Mark to another man, one of his family's close friends.

Saint Rosward.

Saint Rosward on the other hand wasn't feeling very confident after looking at Mark, as he too had his son with him today.

But his son wasn't as satisfactory as Mark was.

"Why is your hair pink? You are ugly."

Charlos, the son of Saint Rosward said bluntly after looking at Mark.

Hearing which the cute looking Mark was completely stunned.

He looked at Charlos's thick uneven lips, beady eyes, and balding head and twitched his lips, but he recovered from his speechless state soon.

He was someone who had the memories of his previous life, talking to a balding three year old was not that difficult for him.

"Oh my Charlos, you are wrong on this one."

Charlos's nose dripped snot as he looked at Mark stupidly, wondering why he was wrong.

Mark continued, pretending he didn't see Charlos's snot dripping to the ground.

"The pink hair is a symbol of Rose family, my hair signifies the glory of Rose."

"I am Mark Rose, nice to meet you."

Charlos was impressed after the words 'glory' and 'family symbol' were mentioned by Mark.

So he instantly changed his opinion.

"Oh, then your hair looks good."

Smiling at Charlos, Mark stretched his hand forward.

"I am Mark."

Pulling back his snot, Charlos stared at the hand stretched out before him while looking completely clueless.

What was he supposed to do with the hand Mark stretched out for him, he dosen't remember..

Meanwhile Saint Rosward had enough of his son making a fool of himself before Saint Charles.

So he lightly rebuked Charlos.

"Charlos, what did I tell you about greeting your equals?"

As Charlos's brain was slowly putting two and two together, Mark was almost about to pack up and leave.

'Equal? With this pig? Please, I have an image to maintain here.'

Mark had inherited his looks from his parents, Charles Rose and Luna Rose, both of whom were good looking in their own right.

His hair was spiky and pink in colour, making him look like a younger version of Goku Black, in his super saiyan rose state.

At least that's what Mark told himself to make him seem badass, for all intents and purposes, he was a kid with a baby face.

But he had all the hope in the world, that he would grow into the badass looking man he was aspiring to be, the fundamentals were same after all.

'And if nothing else, I have life return as an option.'

Mark didn't want to let go of his dream, it was either Goku Black or Natsu, and he wasn't about to aim for Natsu.

"Oh, I remember now."

Charlos's brain finally clicked in place, he stretched his hand forward and met Mark's, who for courtesy sake had kept it held out.

"I am Charlos, nice to meet you friend."

Charlos's self introduction made Rosward laugh happily.

He lovingly patted his son on the head.

"Yes Charlos, Mark is your equal and friend."

"Go ahead, play with him, father has to chat with his friend too."

Charlos nodded and took Mark by the hand, impatiently pulling him towards his manor.

Meanwhile Charles smiled cheerfully at Mark and silently gave his acknowledgement.

All this time he didn't intervene and watched Mark handle Charlos, he felt proud seeing how his son handles everything.

Be it Charlos's rude words or lack of etiquette, his son was a jack of all trades and great at socializing, he couldn't be happier as a father.

"Let's go Saint Rosward."

Charles gave his consent and they walked towards the lawn chair, where maids and butlers were ready to serve them at all times.

Mark meanwhile was tuning out everything Charlos was saying and was using his observation Haki to feel his body.

For three years straight, he was always practicing observation Haki, the only time not spent practicing his haki was when he was doing his essential needs to stay alive.

And times such as these.

"Look Mark, this mermaid is one my father brought just this morning, she also has a pink tail."

"Do you like it?"

Mark resisted the urge to beat Charlos on the head, what was the meaning of showing him this?!

'Just because I have pink hair doesn't mean I want to see everything pink!'

'Sigh, whatever he's a kid, a very dumb one.'

Smiling without a single wrong expression on his face he looked at the mermaid swimming around the tank.

"She is indeed gorgeous."

Mark replied politely but this made Charlos very happy.

Charlos was smiling a droopy smile and excitedly led Mark to his own personal playground.

Mark just rolled his eyes and went with along with it.

He might not like Charlos but building good relationships was also a part of noble life.

And Mark wasn't foolish enough to not know it's importance.