Noble Life
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Charlos happily waved Mark goodbye, Mark also waved back at him and slowly walked away, his destination being Rose household.

Charlos had become friends with him, buliding friendly relationships was very easy for Mark, he didn't live his previous life in vain after all.

As Mark was walking towards his household, a team of guards was surrounding him, guarding him in an airtight fashion.

'Father let me go, but didn't stop the guards at all, I would say it's for the best.'

'If someone like fisher tiger happens to meet me when I am walking around, I'll die in a heartbeat.'

Can that actually happen within the holy land? No, it was unlikely, but Mark didn't like to take chances.

So he had zero opinions about the strong guards surrounding him.

'Whatever, the guards can continue to do their thing, I have a much more important concern right now.'

'My Observation Haki hasn't grown in range at all from around a month ago.'

'It can cover both the Rose property and Saint Rosward's property, but it can't go any further than that. '

Mark was sure of this, it's been almost 3 years give or take that he was training his observation haki, he knew he was hitting a limit.

He had spent all these years trying different ways to activate, deactivate, sense, feel and even smell with observation haki.

Of course he couldn't do many of these things yet, but it was a work in progress.

He figured experimenting with Haki is what will show him the correct path forward.

'I am from a world where nothing like this was possible.'

'Haki is nothing less than a superpower for me, who will not spend time playing around with their very own superpowers?'

Stopping his thoughts for a second, he looked at another celestial dragon walking around with a group of long leg tribe people.

'Long leg tribe, trippy.'

Seeing the disproportionately large legs and a regular sized body, Mark shook his head, this was obviously unnatural, that's not how biology works.

'The great kingdom maybe? I mean this world used to be very advanced before the void century, someone had to have created the ancient weapons right.'

Mark was pretty sure the ancient kingdom was associated with crazy genetic experiments as well.

Just look at the sea kings, a giraffe fish? What kinda creature is that!

"Whatever, it's not my problem."

"Let's go."

Mark commanded his guards and they quickly began making way for him.

He was done seeing the special long leg tribe, he must now go home.

He walked for a while longer before reaching his yard, there he saw his mother who was sitting and drinking tea while a dancer danced before her.

"Mark! Come here sweety!"

Mark smiled and cheerfully reached for his mother, who picked him up and sat him down on her lap.

She was a woman who kept her herself healthy, as the lady of Rose household, she couldn't look bad.

"Did you have fun with Charlos today sweety? I heard he showed you a pink mermaid, do you want me to get one for you?"

Mark shook his head, no, he wasn't interested in that kind of thing.

What was the point of all this when he can use his superpowers and have fun all the time.

"No mother, I don't want one, and honestly Charlos was really boring."

"If he wasn't Saint Rosward's son and the next heir, I wouldn't have given him a second look."

His mom didn't get the slightest bit angry, but she was happily hugging her son.

"Sweety, I am so proud of you."

Luna understood how hard it was for a three year old child to suppress boredom and act for the family.

The fact that Mark didn't leave and did something he could have avoided without any trouble on his part made her very proud.

"And Mark, do you want me to dye your hair?"

She asked with some concern, she knew Mark got his pink hair from her, so when she heard Charlos called him ugly, she wasn't sure if his mind would be negatively affected.

"No mother, it looks so good on you, no way will it look bad on me!"

Mark exclaimed, please, he was going to show the world horrors of Goku Black, how can he back down because of a word from Charlos.

"Oh honey! Thank you so much!"

Mark smiled happily as lady Luna caressed his head warmly.

She was happy that Mark wasn't sad about Charlos's words.

Because those were pure nonsense, her baby boy was very good, chubby cheeks, grey eyes a healthy body and fair skin with her signature pink hair.

He was a model celestial dragon according to her, a symbol of beauty and perfection, that's how she kept herself and that's how her son will keep himself as well.

"I am proud of you Mark."

Luna told Mark how incredibly proud she was of him, Mark just smiled back in return.

Then both mother and son sat down and began enjoying the dancer's dance again.

Seeing the smooth moves before him, Mark remembered she was supposedly a professional dancer, and he had to agree, her moves were indeed good.

As he was spending time with his mom, Mark decided to stop training his Haki, spending time with family was equally important, and always grinding away will even make superpowers seem boring.

Mark wouldn't want to get bored and stop his progress, now that would be quite terrible.