Chapter 2: First Battle, A Shocking Transformation
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It took Simon a few hours to clean the house from top to bottom. He hummed a sea shanty from his time in the Navy as he brought his recliner inside, finding the perfect spot for it in front of the large stone fireplace. It seemed to fit there as if it was meant to be. Something so simply made the place truly feel like a home to him.

"Great. With that done we can look at the other barn and pond." Simon stretched again amazed there was no pain. For fun he took a boxing stance and threw a few quick jabs surprised when the air snapped with the speed of his hands. "Another effect of releasing my experiences?"

"Of course. You fought that way most of your life. It's practically engraved into your spirit. It's natural it would be stronger once released." Alison smiled, finding the way Simon reacted to every new thing amusing and a little sad. She didn't know what condition he'd been in when she found him but his joy at being able to do simple things told her a lot. "We should go check the barn if that's your plan. We still have to find dinner."

Simon nodded, double checked his little fuzzy friend, then headed out toward the barn. It wasn't far and quick walk around the outside proved it was solid though a little weather beaten. Opening the main door Alison summoned a light for them to see. Stepping inside Simon felt a chill, something he'd come to know meant danger from his time in the service. Raising his hands and taking his boxing stance he was fully prepared to run if needed.

From deeper inside the barn came a dry rustling rattle as to points of red light appeared and seemed to stare at the figures by the door for a minute. Then with a jarring rattling a human skeleton emerged from the darkness rushing Simon with its hands outstretched to claw at him.

Simon felt a split second of panic, but his training quickly kicked in and he uses his footwork as an out boxer to dodge the charging pile of bones by moving to the left. Once out of its direct path he launched a quick series of jabs hitting the creatures head and arm on the right side. This left a slightly numb feeling in his hands, but he could see faint cracks in the area's he hit. He stayed on the move dodging around the creatures' wild swings easily and to pepper it with jabs until it lost its right arm. Simon then stepped in shifting to an in fighters stance with the ease of long practice and threw a right hook, pivoting his full body weight on one foot for added power. The skeletons skull was easily smashed by the force he'd built up and the rest of it collapsed.

Simon took a moment to catch his breath as Alison returned to his shoulder having flown up to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. He could tell by the look on her face she was annoyed.

"You have no idea how lucky you are." She said angrily. Seeing Simons confusion, she almost growled. "This undead was a basic skeleton with no intelligence! It was even weakened from being stuck in here so long! That's why it was so brittle! You might be stronger than you were but don't let it go to your head!"

"I'm sorry Alison but what was I supposed to do? Run? It would have fallowed and while I might have been able to lose it there's no guarantee that would happen. I also needed to these myself. If this had been something more dangerous of course I wouldn't just stand there and fight it out." Simon sighed. He opened the door wider letting in more light and saw old tools hanging on the wall, a wagon and stalls for animals. "Well at least the barns cleared out now." He left closing the door behind them and made his way to the pond.

There he found clear water and several fish resembling trout. With is new hand speed it was easy to catch two of them. He killed and cleaned them quickly placing them on a short stick for easy carrying. They then checked the fields finding a few potatoes that were still buried. Deciding this was enough for dinner they headed back, and Simon got to cooking.

Once dinner was ready, they both settled down to eat. It wasn't much, just grilled fish and steamed potatoes but it was filling. Simon even brought his new little friend to the table setting her in a bowl of leaves.

"So, what do you want to call her? She does need a name." Alison asked while eating some fish.

"I think we should call her Wendy." Simon answered. Suddenly a rush of energy left his body and entered the caterpillar. Already excaused from the long day Simon was unable to stay awake and fell into a deep sleep at the table. Alison smiled watching as the little bug glowed brightly and began to change form.

"This should be interesting. I can hardly wait." The little fairy giggled. The glow slowly faded from Wendy revealing a girl of six years old with silver hair and orange gem like eyes. The child looked to Alison then the sleeping Simon. Alison's giggles had stopped at this point leaving her shocked. A human type evolution should have been rare. What was tied to the name Simon had given the girl? She'd get answers once he woke up!

Wendy smiled gently then walked outside returning with many large leaves from the nearby trees. Spitting her silk on to the one side she quickly dried and prepared the leaves for processing. Following this she used a kitchen knife, her thread and the leaves to make a dress for herself and a blanket for Simon. It wasn't very comfortable, but she understood Simon would be uncomfortable if she wasn't wearing anything when he woke up.

Once that was done, she gently lifted Simon. Him being larger made it a bit awkward but she was able to get him into bed and cover him with the blanket. Alison came in after he was settled.

"How are you so strong at this size?" The fairy asked the former caterpillar.

"Simon has an extensive knowledge of bugs so when I got to pick the secondary experience, I could take from him I chose that. I have the gifts of many insects now so I can grow strong enough to help." Wendy's smile slowly faded. "But I can't use them all yet so I'm still weak. I don't want to be like others of my kind. Just seen as some pest or something pretty to be looked at."

Alison nodded and stroked the girl's hair. "I understand but don't worry. Simon is a good person. He'll never abandon you even if you don't get as strong as you want to."

Wendy nodded and climbed into bed next to Simon. She was tired after such a big change. Alison blew out the candle with a wave of her hand and settled into Simon's hair to sleep as well, happy with how today had gone.