Chapter 22: Eclipsing Shadows
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The air crackled with tension as the Relic Seeker, driven by desperation, unleashed a torrent of dark energy upon Kyle and Jake. The chamber quivered with the malevolent power, casting an eerie glow that danced upon the stone walls. Shadows twisted and writhed, forming a tumultuous tempest of darkness that surged towards the two adventurers. Yet, amidst the impending storm of obscurity, Kyle stood resolute, his determination a beacon of unwavering resolve.

With a resolute focus, he called out, "Scutum Lucis!"

With a swift gesture of his Crystal Staff, he channeled his energy into the creation of a luminous shield. The air crackled with a surge of radiance as the shield materialized before him, forming an iridescent barrier that gleamed with the brilliance of pure Light.

[-25 Mana]

The dark energy collided with the shield, sizzling and hissing as it met the opposing force. The shield's surface rippled with waves of light, absorbing the malevolent energy and dispelling it into harmless sparks. The clash of opposing powers sent shockwaves through the chamber, causing the ground to tremble beneath their feet.

Kyle's arms strained as he maintained the shield, his focus unwavering. The shield held strong against the onslaught, its radiant surface glowing brighter with each impact. The Relic Seeker's barrage gradually diminished in intensity, its potency weakened by the brilliance of the shield. With a final surge of determination, Kyle pushed back against the incoming darkness, forcing it to recede.

As the last echoes of the Relic Seeker's attack faded away, the shield dissipated in a shower of luminous particles. Kyle stood there, chest heaving with exertion, his Crystal Staff still raised triumphantly. The chamber was once again filled with a soft, ethereal glow, and the lingering echoes of their clash gradually subsided.

Kyle's staff crackled with energy as he stepped forward, determination blazing in his eyes. "It's over."

In a final surge of energy, Kyle raised his Crystal Staff high, channeling the essence of light within him.

With a resolute voice, he invoked the spell's name, "Lux Extinguere!"

Spell Name:

Lux Extinguere





Mana Cost:

35 Mana

Harnessing the power of light itself, the caster invokes Lux Extinguere to create a brilliant burst of radiant energy. The incantation resonates with the essence of purity and illumination, channeling the light's intrinsic ability to dispel darkness. Upon casting, a blinding explosion of light engulfs the target, searing through malevolent forces and shadowy entities. The radiant energy obliterates darkness, leaving only the cleansing light in its wake. Lux Extinguere serves as a beacon of hope in the face of adversity, a symbol of the triumph of illumination over obscurity.

The incantation reverberated through the air, carrying the weight of his intent. The very words seemed to materialize as a radiant burst of light, engulfing the Relic Seeker in its brilliance. The malevolent energy fought against the light, but the luminous power prevailed. As his spell connected, the Relic Seeker let out a chilling scream, his form dissipating into mist before vanishing entirely. The Relic Seeker's darkness was consumed by the cleansing radiance, and in its wake, only the serenity of victory remained. The chamber fell silent, the echoes of battle fading away.

As the echoes of their battle settled, Jake let out a held breath, lowering his bow as he surveyed the chamber. His eyes locked onto the artifact, its radiance still lingering in the air. "We did it."

Kyle's gaze shifted from the defeated foe to the relic, a calculating gleam in his eyes. "Yeah, we did." A glint of inspiration sparked in his mind—a plan to harness the relic's power and further enhance his magical abilities. With newfound strength, he could stand a better chance against Edron.

His thoughts spilled from his lips, driven by the intensity of his desire. "Imagine what I could do with the relic's magic at my command. Edron wouldn't stand a chance."

Jake's brows furrowed, a skeptical look crossing his face. "Hold on, Kyle. We can't just keep the relic for ourselves. The quest was to return it to the town. We won't get our reward if we don't complete the task."

Kyle's excitement dimmed slightly, his mind grappling with the conflicting desires within him. "I know, but if I could just use its power temporarily, to save Zakira—"

Jake's tone turned stern, cutting through Kyle's words. "Kyle, I get it, she's important to you. But we can't risk the consequences of deviating from the quest. Our reputation and rewards are at stake."

Frustration bubbled up within Kyle, his dreams of saving Zakira clashing with the practicalities of their situation. He clenched his fists, his voice rising with an edge of anger. "Jake, this isn't just about rewards and reputation! It's about her life! I can't stand by and do nothing while she's in danger."

Jake's eyes bore into Kyle's, a mix of frustration and concern. "I get that you care about her, but this isn't the way. We have rules for a reason."

The tension between them hung in the air, a palpable reminder of the divergent paths they faced. Kyle's chest heaved with conflicted emotions, torn between his desire to save Zakira and the reality of their quest.

As their gazes held, the weight of their choices bore down on them. Kyle's shoulders sagged as he battled the tempest of emotions raging within him. He knew Jake was right, but the thought of losing Zakira gnawed at his conscience like a persistent ache.

"Fine," he finally conceded, his voice a mixture of resignation and determination. "Let's do it your way."

Jake's features softened, his expression one of both relief and understanding. "Good. We're a team, Kyle. We look out for each other and we stick to our commitments."

A reluctant smile tugged at the corner of Kyle's lips. He nodded in agreement, acknowledging the truth of Jake's words. "You're right, Jake. Thanks for keeping me grounded."

Jake's grin widened mischievously, his tone teasing. "Besides, why are you still hung up on this NPC when you've got an opportunity to have a good time with a real girl back in the real world?"

Kyle's eyes widened, a sudden realization hitting him like a ton of bricks. He had completely forgotten about the girl he had met earlier at the convenience store. He quickly brought up the time on his HUD—it was 10:15 PM. The girl had gotten off work 15 minutes ago. Her invitation to text her for a "good time" echoed in his mind, and he felt a flush of embarrassment creep up his neck.

He chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Oh man, you're right. I... uh... kinda got caught up in everything."

Jake laughed, clapping Kyle on the shoulder. "Don't sweat it, man. You've got your priorities straight now."

Kyle's cheeks still burned with embarrassment, but he couldn't help but laugh along with Jake. In the midst of their quest, he had momentarily forgotten about the very real opportunities waiting for him in the real world.

"Well?" Jake's eagerness was palpable, his curiosity evident in his voice. "What does she look like?"

Kyle scrunched up his face, his thoughts rewinding to the encounter. "Dirty blonde hair, a little shorter than me, gorgeous skinny body…"

Jake chuckled, a knowing glint in his eye. "No, man. I mean, how big are her boobs?"

Kyle blinked, momentarily caught off guard by the question. "Oh, like…" he held his hands out several inches in front of his chest, estimating the size, "I'd say about this big."

"Damn, dude!" Jake's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Sounds like she's at least got C-cups. I'm jealous! The few girls I've been with have barely had A's if not flat-chested."

Kyle wasn't entirely sure what Jake meant, but he nodded absently, his mind preoccupied with his pending message.

"She told me to text her," Kyle continued, a mixture of nerves and excitement bubbling within him. "What should I say?"

Jake leaned back, propping himself up against the cavern wall. "Kind of depends on what exactly she told you."

Kyle's brow furrowed as he recounted the conversation. "Well, while I was buying the condoms she somehow figured out that it was my first time and asked if I had a girlfriend. When I told her that I didn't, she said something about preferring ribbed condoms… but then said she'd be interested in helping me take the kind I bought on a 'test drive'. That's when she gave me her number, and did this weird thing to my thumb that immediately got me all horny."

Jake's expression shifted from amusement to awe. "Dude," he stammered in amazement, "How are you so lucky?"

Kyle shrugged, a mixture of confidence and uncertainty swirling within him. "What if I wrote something like: 'Hey Jessie, it's Kyle. I'd like to take you up on your test drive offer. Are you free tonight?'"

"Oh yeah, playing it cool. I like it." Jake nodded approvingly, a wide grin stretching across his face. "Good luck man! Do me a favor, will you? Could you ask if she has any other girlfriends who, you know, have similar hobbies?"

Jake winked, "Will do. See you tomorrow!"

As Kyle logged out, his heart raced with a strange mix of determination and apprehension.

The digital landscape faded away, replaced by darkness as he disconnected from the virtual realm. The sensation of disconnect sent a shiver down his spine, as if his very essence was being pulled apart and reassembled. He emerged from the freezing pod with a gasp, the transition from the game to reality a disorienting experience every time.

Quickly, he headed to the bathroom, his mind racing with thoughts of the invitation that had been extended to him. He felt silly that he had wasted a condom as he slipped it off and threw it in the trash, having anticipated that he might have another encounter with Zakira, but had no such luck.

Kyle's face flushed with a mixture of excitement and nervousness as he reached for his phone. He hesitated for a moment before his fingers danced over the screen, typing out the short message he had proposed to Jake. The anticipation surged within him as he hit send, and the seconds stretched into what felt like an eternity.

Just as Kyle hit send, a sinking feeling hit the pit of his stomach.

What if she was joking? Or what if this whole thing was somehow an elaborate hoax set up by that jerk Tyler who had been messing with him since grade school?

He stared at his phone with extreme anxiety as the seconds ticked by.

Seconds later, he heard the familiar chime and his screen lit up with a message icon. He clicked on it, and the message made his heart race even faster.


I was hoping you'd want to. I think you're really cute. Come by my place? My parents are out of town.

A second message then popped up below it with her address.

He grinned, a mixture of exhilaration and curiosity swirling within him. With a renewed sense of purpose, he headed out of the bathroom, ready to embark on an unexpected adventure that awaited him beyond the confines of the digital realm.

Kyle quickly wrote, "On my way. Be there in 15."

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