Chapter 23: Sensual Awakening
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Kyle pulled in front of the double-wide modular home. The rough trailer park Jessie lived in made him feel at home with his ghetto junker car. He always felt out-of-place whenever he parked his car in Jake's driveway, and he could tell that his mother hated seeing it there too each time he saw her cringe with disgust.

This time his car door successfully closed with the first slam. When he walked up to the porch, he saw Jessie sitting on a sun-bleached plastic patio chair that looked like it'd seen better days.

"Nice car." She giggled, "Is that a Metro?"

"Yep." Kyle strolled up, "It's so old, it's a Geo. Back before Chevy bought out the line."

She whistled with exaggeration as she stood, "Ooh! A collector's item, eh?"

Kyle smirked, "You're funny."

"Let's go inside before my neighbors see you." She grabbed him by the hand and gave him a tantalizing look with her eyes, "They can be a bit nosy."

She led him through the hallway to her bedroom at the end.

“I’m going to go freshen up.” she smiled and planted an unexpected kiss on his lips, “I got you something that I want you to wear. It’s over there on my bed.”

She turned and closed the door behind her.

Curious, he wandered over to her bed. On top of the covers lay a pair of red boxers made out of silky material. His face went crimson as he realized that soon he would be naked with her in this bed.

He stripped off his clothing quickly and put on the red boxers. Unsure of what to do while he waited, he decided to lay on her bed in a position that he hoped looked seductive. A few minutes passed, and then the door opened.

His jaw dropped.

Her dirty blonde hair was pulled up in a bun, and she was wearing the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen. The piece was held up by two pink spaghetti straps, and her breasts were pushed up to reveal ample cleavage. The bustier was adorned with a pink lace trim accenting her breasts with a pink bow at the center, and continued down in a corset. Several intricate lace bands of pink and black material stretched across her abdomen in a luxurious look. She had a midriff exposing her navel, and the vision was complete with matching panties with a smaller pink bow at the center.

"Wow." He stammered now fully erect, "You look gorgeous!"

"I've wanted to try this one on for a while." She teased and pointed at the bulge in his shorts, "And it looks like you approve."

She approached the bed, and climbed up from the foot of it in a provocative manner. She climbed on to him slowly, her breasts now almost falling out of the bustier. She then grabbed onto the budge in his shorts with her hand, and her eyes went wide in surprise.

"Holy shit!" She released her grip and scrambled off of him.

"What's wrong?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Pull your shorts down." She instructed.

"Um, okay…" he was confused, "Why?"

"Just do it." She insisted, "I want to see this for myself."

Awkwardly, he stood from the bed and pulled down the shorts. His cock sprang to attention as he kicked them off, now fully nude in front of her.

She covered her mouth and backed away.

"What?!" He was getting uncomfortable.

"You're…" she stammered, "You're huge! I've always heard the shy ones were gifted, but damn! I never expected this!"

Kyle was at a total loss. He didn’t know what to say, and he felt extremely vulnerable just standing there naked.

“So…” he raised an eyebrow, “Does that mean we’re not doing this?”

She smiled wickedly, “Oh, hell yes we’re doing this! I’m not passing up this opportunity to ride that porn-star-sized dick of your’s!”

Kyle’s face reddened again. He had no idea his cock was larger than other men’s. How could he have known anyway? It’s not like they measured you at physicals or anything.

Feeling confident from his experiences in-game, he knew just what to do. He crawled on top of her with one knee placed between her legs and another on the other side of her left leg so that he was straddling her. He began kissing her neck, and she sighed softly as he made kisses in an arch from one side of her neck to the other. He proceeded downward, kissing the exposed part of her chest and her cleavage while he reached his hands around behind her back and fumbled with the clasps of her bustier. It took several attempts, but at last he was able to get the clasps undone. He then carefully slipped off her bustier, exposing her breasts.

He proceeded to kiss her right breast, making a circle with each peck as he got closer to the nipple. Her breathing became heavier as he got closer and closer. Finally, he licked the tip of her nipple, and she moaned in response. Closing his mouth on it, he sucked on the nipple and teased it with his tongue. She moaned even louder and began grinding her pelvis against his knee.

He released her right nipple and turned to her left breast, giving it the attention it deserved. He noticed that this one was a bit smaller than her right breast, possibly a B-cup rather than a C. This didn’t bother him, but it was an interesting observation considering Zakira’s were perfectly identical. He kissed in a circle again, and reached the nipple. Latching on, he sucked hard and gave it a tiny nibble.

She shrieked with pleasure and grinded harder on his knee. Reaching down with his right hand, he slipped it under the waistline of her panties and began rubbing her clitoris. She moaned ever louder, pushing against his hand. Reaching a little lower, he found her entry. It was wet and warm, waiting for him. His thumb now rubbing her clitoris, he slipped his middle finger inside her and began slowly stroking her G-Spot.

Jessie moaned with each stoke and her eyes fell to the back of her sockets. He grabbed her right nipple with his left hand and started twisting it back and forth while still sucking on her left nipple. Seconds later she screamed with pleasure, grinding hard on his hand. The moaning reached a new decibel as she climaxed under the power of his touch. Just watching her orgasm had gotten him fully erect again. Her movements slowed, and then she collapsed against the pillows.

Kyle released his grip and jay down next to her. Slowly she opened her eyes again and stared at him in shock.

“How…” she whispered, “Where…”

He knew what she was going to say, and shrugged, “I’ve had a little bit of experience in-game.”

She blinked, “What… What kind of game gives you skills like that?!”

Kyle smirked, “It’s a fully-immersive Virtual Reality game called Coven Online. My buddy introduced me to it.”

She looked surprised, but didn’t comment. Instead, she looked deep into his eyes.

“I need you inside me.” she insisted and glanced at his erection, “Now.”

He smirked, “You don’t have to ask me twice.”

“But I want to do something.” she climbed off the bed and slid off her panties. She stood there fully naked now. Her body was absolutely beautiful. He still couldn’t believe his luck!

He didn’t hesitate to kick off his shorts, “What would you like me to do?”

She grabbed one of her decorative pillows to prop underneath her pelvis, then leaned forward over the edge of the bed, “Take me from behind.”

He grinned widely and climbed off the bed from the opposite side and walked around it. Her perfectly shaped butt was facing him.

As he touched the skin of his cock against the wet warmth of her entry, a powerful sensation overcame him.

Suddenly she turned her head, “Hold on… Aren’t you forgetting something?”

He glanced down at his naked cock, and it suddenly hit him, “Oh, right.”

“Top drawer on the left, under my panties.” she instructed.

Nodding, he walked over and opened the drawer. Hidden under a pile of various pairs of sexy underwear, he found several condoms. He grabbed a ribbed one and tore open its package. He quickly rolled in on, and returned to the bed. Seeing her bent over naked like that sent waves of a powerful emotion through him. He felt powerful, and wanted nothing more than to ravish her body.

Using his fingers to guide himself, he slid his cock inside her. She moaned with intense pleasure, and he found that he could penetrate deep inside her from this angle. And she felt so tight, causing him to feel every bit of movement from each thrust. He started slow, then built up speed as they moaned together. The feeling was beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

He heard her climax first with a scream of pleasure as her fingernails clutched the bed and nearly tore through the sheets. He thrust harder and deeper, feeling the condom stretch dangerously with each push. She continued to moan with pleasure, this time even louder than before she had orgasmed. He pounded into her, and then he felt the swell. He screamed with pleasure as he finally reached his much-needed release. She too screamed again, but even louder than before!

Together they slowed in movement until his knees buckled out from under him.

"Damn." He breathed as he pulled out of her, "That was amazing!"

She rolled over onto her back, now hyperventilating. Concerned, he sat next to her.

"Are you okay?" His eyebrows furrowed in concern.

She nodded, gasping for breath.

"Holy…" she hiccupped, "...shit!"

He smiled, "I take it you had a good time?"

She nodded again, still gasping for air.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you just orgasm twice?"

She nodded again, eyes wide as her breathing began to slow down to a normal pace. After she regained control, she finally spoke.

"That…" another hiccup, "That was the best damn sex I've ever had!"

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