Chapter 37: Enchanted Evening
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🚨 Author's Note: Get Ready for a Spicy Twist! 🔥 🌀 🚨

Greetings, my fellow adventurers of words and worlds! Hold onto your seats because this chapter is about to serve up a piping hot twist. 🔥 For those who relish a dash of spice and unexpected heat in their tales, you're in for a treat.

Disclaimer: 🔥 For those who are sensitive to intimate scenes, feel free to skip ahead without any fear of missing out on the adventure.

To all you incredible readers who've been with me through thick and thin, your loyalty is about to be spiced up. The story is simmering, and we're about to add a fiery twist that'll keep you hooked. 🌟

Enjoy this sizzling chapter, and remember, the most unforgettable journeys often come with an unexpected kick. Happy reading! 📚

Together, the three of them went inside the trailer and Jessie led him to her bedroom. The moment the door closed behind them, the girls opened their robes. His cock swelled as he took in the eye candy.

Jessie was wearing black lingerie consisting of a partial bra that covered her nipples but left the bottom half of her breasts bulging out underneath. The outfit continued down her sexy abdomen with a sheer fabric made of lattice straps that extended to her bare midriff. The ensemble was complete with a matching pair of panties.

Cami on the other hand was practically nude. The black lingerie mesh dress she was wearing was so sheer that her perfectly shaped voluptuous breasts were fully exposed with erect nipples, and she wasn’t wearing any panties. He stared at her in awe. Her breasts were at least a size D, if not larger and they were surprisingly plump considering she wasn’t wearing anything to support them.

"Like what you see?" Cami teased.

Kyle nodded slowly, "Are those… real?"

She smiled wickedly, "Do you think they are?"

He nodded again.

"Then yes, they are." She winked, "Want to touch them?"

Kyle eagerly reached out his hands and groped her. The mesh was made of a silky material. Her breasts felt full, and were very entertaining to squeeze. It wasn't difficult for him to imagine that they were Chelsea's, and he moaned in delight.

"Let's get you more comfortable." Jessie spoke from behind him as she began to lift up his shirt.

Kyle didn’t hesitate, and let her pull his shirt over his head. His hands returned immediately to Cami’s breasts, and he continued to fondle her. Cami wrapped her hands around him, groping his back as she kissed him powerfully. Her tongue danced inside his mouth, and Kyle kissed her with an intense passion as his mind struggled to separate her from his dream girl Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Jessie was now on her knees, unbuttoning his pants. She drew his zipper down, releasing some of the pressure in his pants as his cock pushed outward, now only restrained against the silky cloth of the new black boxers that he had purchased earlier for this occasion. Jessie pulled his pants down to his ankles, and Kyle lifted each foot as she removed them.

Kyle continued to kiss Cami vehemently, his soul surging with desire. The next thing he knew, Jessie’s hands had snaked up inside his boxers and he moaned with pleasure as she began rubbing and pulling on his balls. Cami released her kiss, and instead began to kiss his neck. The sensation was inexplicably powerful as both girls stimulated him sensually.

Cami's hands slid down his back and along the sides of his waist. She kissed down his neck and moved to his chest. Meanwhile her hands moved to his abdomen, and discreetly slid under the elastic band of his boxers. Seconds later he felt her hand on his cock, and she gasped.

"Wow, Jessie!" Cami pulled her lips away and squeezed his cock, "You weren't kidding! This boy is well endowed!"

Jessie nodded enthusiastically, “Just wait until you see it.”

Cami didn't even hesitate as she yanked his shorts down. She gasped in delight, and kneeled down to fully appreciate the size of his cock. Kyle moaned in delight as she began kissing his balls and along the shaft of his fully exposed cock. Jessie meanwhile had moved behind him, kissing down the length of his spine.

Kyle couldn't believe his sheer luck. Two gorgeous women in lingerie were groping his naked body simultaneously. What more could a man ask for?

His cock was on fire, and he felt an intense heat building pressure. Cami closed her mouth on the head of his cock, and began sucking hard. His eyes went wide in sheer pleasure, and seconds later he exploded. He pumped into her mouth as she swallowed his seed. She cradled his balls in her hands and scratched her long nails along the sensitive skin, making the orgasm immensely pleasurable.

Kyle collapsed to his knees, fully spent. Jessie cradled his body, kissing him powerfully on the lips. Cami then stepped out of the room for a moment.

"Cami… she's…" Kyle gasped between each kiss, "She's… something else."

Jessie leaned her head back and smiled, "I thought you'd like her."

"Um, yeah… I do." Kyle raised an eyebrow, "Is that okay?"

"Of course." She giggled, "I wouldn't have invited her into bed with us if I wasn't okay with you forming an attraction. Besides, we're not exclusive. Tonight will be a lot of fun, and we're just getting started."

Kyle liked the sound of that, however he wasn't sure he'd be able to get another erection any time soon. He was a little confused why Cami had caused him to ejaculate so early in the evening's activities.

"But…" he pointed at his limp cock, "I'm going to need some time."

"Oh, don't worry about that." She winked, "We'll be able to get you hard again when the time is right. Besides, we've got some other plans."

Cami stepped back in the room, "Ready for some real fun?"

Kyle nodded, but as Cami approached them he realized she was staring at Jessie. Jessie stood expectantly, and Kyle watched in awe as their lips met. The girls' hands were twisted up in each other's hair as their tongues began to dance. He watched as the two girls kissed each other passionately, slowly moving toward the bed. The scene before him was intoxicating.

Piece by piece, they tore each other's clothes off until both girls were entirely naked. As he watched them, his cock began to swell again. Jessie lay down horizontally on the bed with her perky breasts pointing toward the ceiling. Cami climbed on top of her, and began sucking on Jessie's left nipple while carefully inserting a middle finger inside Jessie's exposed slit.

Jessie moaned in delight, while Kyle stared longingly at them. He scrambled to his feet, wanting to get a better angle to watch them. Cami was bent over on top of Jessie in an inviting position with her slit fully exposed, and Kyle wanted to get in on this action.

Turning to Jessie's panties drawer, he dug around until he found another ribbed condom. Kyle tore open the package and rolled on the rubber as quickly as he could, and returned to the erotic scene before him. Approaching from behind, he lightly touched Cami's slit as if asking for permission to slide inside her.

"It's about time, big boy." Cami spoke with heavy breaths, "Get inside me."

Kyle parted her slit with his fingers, and slid his enormous cock inside her. Cami groaned with pleasure, and he began pumping at first slowly, and then faster. All three of them were now moaning in pleasure. Kyle felt an orgasm building pressure inside him, and the warmth of her slit felt good. He pushed harder, causing Cami to gasp. Harder and harder he pumped as her moans got louder and louder.

Almost as if Cami were egging her on, Jessie too was moaning as she arched her back in response to each stroke of Cami's finger. From his vantage point, Kyle could see just one of Jessie's breasts and her face, which was currently turned upward and contorted in an expression of sheer ecstasy.

Kyle felt himself peaking and he let out a loud moan as he ejaculated. Almost simultaneously, Cami too reached orgasm. Seconds later, Jessie screamed in delight as she followed suit. The pleasure was intense, and far beyond what he had expected.

The three of them collapsed in a heap of twisted bodies on the bed, reveling in the afterglow. Cami rolled over and cuddled up against Kyle's body while Jessie spooned him from behind. The feeling of warm breasts against his skin on both sides felt extremely satisfying.

"Wow." Kyle whispered, "You were great Chelsea."

Suddenly Cami recoiled, "Excuse me?"

Kyle opened his eyes, confused by the repulsed look on her face.


"What did you just call me?"

Kyle screwed up his face in confusion, "What's wrong Chels…"

Understanding dawned on him, and his eyes went wide.

"Cami." He corrected himself, "Sorry, I meant Cami."

Cami wasn't convinced however, "You're about my sister's age, aren't you?"

"I am?"

"Do you know a Chelsea Roberts?"

Kyle's jaw dropped, "Wait… she's your sister?!"

A stern look fell across her face, "Have you had sex with her?"

"No!" Kyle stammered, "Not at all!"

"Good." Her eyes narrowed, "She's still a virgin. You stay away from her."

Kyle's heart sank as he nodded reluctantly, "Okay."

He lay there awkwardly, unable to enjoy the moment any longer. Chelsea was the primary reason he had sought his friend for advice about sex, hoping to figure out a way to seduce her. Bedding her was his ultimate goal, and the primary reason he had begun playing Coven Online - and in a roundabout way, why he was laying in bed with both of these girls right now. With Cami laying down an ultimatum like that, he knew it was definitely a promise he wouldn't be able to keep.

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