Chapter: 11
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The Leader heard what his man had said but didn’t reply back. He knew that what his man had just said made sense, after all, the explosion was huge. So even if that person has some weird sorcery, he shouldn’t be able to survive something like that.     

But even with all that, the reason he didn’t reply back to his man was because a part of him felt that things are not over just yet. Call it intuition if you will, but the Leader truly believes that everything could not be over just like that.  

Not listen to his man. The Leader continued to survey the area with full focus on his part, but despite how much he looked he couldn’t find anything that suggested that the intruder had survived. The only thing that appeared in his view was pure destruction.  

After a few more minutes of looking and finding nothing that could lead to that person surviving… under the urge of his men, even as the Leader strongly believed in his intuition. A part of him started to feel that maybe that person had truly died.   

As those doubts surface in his mind, the Leader's eyes suddenly flicker while his nose twitches. His expression became very serious as he spoke to his man, ‘‘be on guards, I smell a strong stench of blood.’’

All his men looked at him with confusion, as they themselves couldn’t smell anything at all.  

The one that has been suggested that the intruder had already died in the explosion, sniffed around and said to him with skepticism. ‘‘Leader, I don’t— URGGH!’’   

Hearing his man suddenly wretched scream, the Leader became extremely tense and turned to look at him. 

The Leader's eyes instantly widing after, as his gaze landed on his man whose entire torso was stabbed through by a huge spike that seemed to be made from a strange blood substance. 

Intestines and other organs could be seen at the tip of the spike as it was digging out by it when stabbing through the savage tribe member. Laying sight to this, the Leader's eyes flash with a slight fear as he directly takes two blades out from his dark cloak.


Soon after, under the disbelief and horrifying look of the other tribe members, a few more mens had their torso stabbing through and had the same thing happen to their intestines and organs. 


‘‘All of you we’re under attack, stop looking afraid and prepare yourself!’’ Seeing his man frozen in place, while fear could be seen from their trembling bodys. The Leader shouted out, wanting them to immediately snap out of their fear.

As if being influenced by their Leader's voice, the men that were stuck in momentarily fear seem to snap out of it. 

They directly take out their weapon from under their dark cloak and move up towards the sky with a leap. Dodged the barrage of blood spikes that spring forth from the ground, and aimed to impale tham.   

‘‘Hah… thanks to Leader, we were able to snap out of daze quickly enough. Otherwise we would have all died from this strange thing,’’ huffing a relief, one of the men said after landing back down. ‘‘... but don’t you guys think these strange thing look like— huh?’’

The one who was talking looked confused as he suddenly felt himself moving downward… to the ground. And what left him even more confused and unable to process things was that he was able to see his body, standed just there motionlessly. 

Without a head.    

The last thing on his mind was — Huh? Is that me — darkness overtook him as he was dead completely without knowing how. 

Cutting the tribesmen head off. Tatsumi's blood-red pupil looked coldly at the less than 20 members of the savage tribe for less then a second, before he lunged forward toward one of the members when seeing them not able respond properly yet because of his sudden appearance. 

Not able to react in time, Tatsumi's sword, which was completely covered with blood and had its length extended for over 8 feets stabbing forward at shocking speed...instantly pierced through the head of the tribesmen and directly killed him.   

After having another member of there’s be murder and seeing the appearance of the one who did it. The tribe members became even more vigilant, at the same time their expression also became furious. 

Looking at the same sight as well, the Leader's expression was grim as he shouted with a solemn tone. ‘‘Why y’all waited for, attack!’’

When they heard their Leader order, although the men were fearful, they immediately responded to the Leader order and lunged toward Tatsumi with strong killing intent. 

Some use daggers to slash forward, some use spears to stab, and others use blades to hack downward at his way.

Seeing them lunged forward at him with top speed, the young man's pale expression was calm but cautious at the same time. He pulls his sword out from the one he had just killed and waves his left hand lightly at those tribesmen that were closing on him.  

As soon as he did that, an endless amount of blood started storming out from the ground and formed into a huge wall over 30 feet tall, while its width was even wider, shielded him from tham. 

‘‘Damn, it's that strange sorcery again!’’ One of them cursed after having the huge wall made from blood blocked their way from attacking the intruder.  

‘‘Although the wall is tall it is still not impossible for us to jump through it, get together and quickly go kill him.’’ The leader said as he springing forward up the air, causing a slight boom sound from his jump. Seeing what their Leader did, the other tribesmen didn’t hesitate for even a second as they also leap forward up.  

Being the first one to jump up, the Leader was in the lead as his jump quickly took him up closer to 30 feet and would reach it soon. But, just as he was so close to it, the huge blood red wall suddenly dispersed into many large droplets of blood.

The sight causes the Leader expression to distort as a strong uneasiness rises up within him, even more so when his gaze lands on the small figure below.  

Watching all the figures above with a cold look, Tatsumi suddenly coughs out a small amount of blood as his face grows even paler than before, while his body seems to swan around and look extremely tired, like he would fall over at any moment. 

I’m using too much power right now, I have to finish this quickly before I blank out… A determined look surfaced in his cold eyes as he quickly brought his left hand forward, and clench his fist down. 

Right as he did that, the many large droplets of blood floaty in midair all transformed into long spears over 8 meters long. The savage tribe members watch in horrifying menner as all the newly forming spears pointed in their direction. 

It didn’t wait for them as it immediately fired the moment it formed, leaving a blood red trail behind because of its fast speed. 

‘‘Gurrghhh!’’ The moment the spears reached the Tribesmen, many wretched howls immediately sounded throughout the forest. 

Although the Leader could hear the wretched howls of his man’s, he couldn’t be bothered right now, as he eyed three long spears that came toward his way with a grave look.

And, as two or three spears reach the Leader, the two blades in his hands hack out to intercept it. 


Shockwaves formed from the Leader blades clashed with the spears; his blade from his left pushed one spear away from him, while his other blade redirected the other spear to the side, But the third spear caused him to break out in cold sweat as it came racing for his torso. 

Being unable to move away from it, not just because both his hands were being tied down holding back two spears from putting a hole through him, he was also still in midair, so even if his hands weren’t tied down right now. It would be impossible for him to dodge the spear.

At this moment, the only thing the Leader knew he could do was bend his body to the side in an extremely flexible manner, and avoid the spear. Doing that, the Leader manages to save his life from being taken by the blood spear… though, it had left a deep and horrible wound on his right side.

Blood started flowing out from within the wound, gushed through the air. Unimaginable pain swept through the Leader as he tilted his head a little at the wound, clear white bones could be seen showing up when he gazed slightly at it.

The pain and the sight of his bones caused the Leader to feel like groaning out loudly, but he held himself back as he was closely near the ground. Wanting to balance himself so he won’t end up crashing down on the ground, the Leader tried to ignore the pain and shift his body in the right position.   


The Leader managed to shift himself in time and landed on the ground without crashing. He then let out a loud unyielding roar, and pumped power through his arms, causing his muscles to bulk up in size. 

After his arms muscles bulk up, he sends an earth-shaking swing with both his blades at the two spears. Knocking them away with a blow that pop the spears back into a mass of blood. Only then did he allow himself to slowly breathe out in exhaustion.

The wound on my right is too deep. I don’t think I can survive this battle… The Leader thought when his gaze landed on his wound again, he then removed his gaze away and looked around him, trying to see if any of his men survived the ordeal. 

What awaited him was a carnage sight like no other, blood mixed with all sorts of body parts rained down from the sky, dyeing the earth in a complete crimson. Even though he had already expected this sight, his eyes still wided in boiled rage. 

The reason he had already expected this to happen was because, even he, who had already been the tribe warrior for a long time and had a lot of experience in battle, still struggled against those bloody spears. 

Let alone his man who had just become an adult and didn't really have a lot of experience to talk about.

But expecting is one thing, seeing with one's own eyes is another thing altogether. Rage boiled through every corner of his being as he lay sight of all his man’s bodies that were torn apart in bits and pieces, scattering across the ground like trash. 

Although talking was hard and a waste of energy, the Leader couldn’t help but shift his head toward the young man a few feets away from him, and shouted in rage and full hatred. ‘‘You damn devil! I’ll kill you!’’

Tatsumi, two blood red-pupil only looking at him coldly without a hint of remorse...he then spoke softly with an iced tone. ‘‘These deaths are not my fault... remember, it's all on you guys.’’  

After spoked those few words, blood started rising up from the ground and formed into a 10 8 meters long spear, pointed at the Leader. 

Having the 10 spears pointed at him, the Leader knew he wouldn’t survive their barrage of attacks. Especially when he had already sustained a deep injury, which has caused his battle prowess to go down.  

If one knew such a thing they would definitely feel discouraged and just what to give up. But knowing that didn’t discourage him one bit, as his desire to bring the devil down with him was stronger than anything else at the moment. 


The 10 long spears floating in the air immediately fired off, pierced through the air while leaving a sonic boom behind. They instantly cross a few feets of distance and arrive close to the Leader, about to plunge him down with all the force and power with them. 

Meanwhile, the Leader growled out with a loud roar and hacked his blades forward at the incoming spears.

Just as the Leader blades was about to meet the spears head on, something happened that caused him to wide his eyes in confusion. 

The 10 terrifying pure blood red spears suddenly reverted back to a puddle of blood and dropped back to the ground, losing all their power.  


Hearing the cough, the Leader quickly turned his attention toward Tatsumi, who was kneeling down on the ground with blood storming out from his mouth. His expression was so pale it looked like a corpse. 

Having his gaze glued to him, the Leader felt that a miracle had just happened as he said. ‘‘Looks like you ran out of power… it seems god is on my side.’’ The Leader's expression changed as a cold grin surfaces on his face.

‘‘Die!’’ He lunged forward at Tatsumi with his blades, leaving behind an afterimage and large spider-web crack on the ground. 

F**k, damn it! Have I reached my limit already… Tatsumi gritting his teeth as his blurry vision saw the savage tribe leader reach where he was in no time. And no sooner after, two blades directly hack down at him. 


Feeling death approaching him, the young man instantly raised his sword up to block the blades with his.

The Leader blades cause the ground underneath Tatsumi to crack as a crushed force pushed down on him with unbelievable might. 

The leader's grin became more sinister when he saw him still being able to hold up his strike, ‘‘just by how pale you look your condition is far from good, but it seems you still have a bit of strength left in you.’’ As the Leader spoke, he put every last ounce of strength in his arm and pressed down on the young man's sword with his blades, more strongly.  

Tatsumi felt the crushed force that was pressed down on his sword become stronger, and he could feel his wrist bone breaking, causing him to wince from the pain. 

I have to do something quickly, or I will die here. Tatsumi thought as he bit his lips in desperation. 

While still having a crushed force pushed down on his sword and him, Tatsumi continues to work his brain for ideas that could get him out of this predicament. But no matter how much he works through his brain, no useful idea pops into his mind. 

Ughh, even if I reached my limit. I have to force it somehow…! In the end, having no idea how he could break himself out of this predicament, his blurry gaze wandered to the blood on the ground. If this doesn't work, I’ll be dead! 


As time seemed to tick by in less than a mere second, Tatsumi wrists and arms emitted crackle and creek sound as the bone from there started to snap and break little by little under the brute force of the Leader's strength.   

The Leader's two blades were chipping away at his sword and pushed him down until the blades were near his head, just a inch or two before reaching his head and splitting it.

Tatsumi's expression showed desperation and fear as he faced the blades, making the Leader's wide grin become wider to a ridiculous degree. Though, even as Tatsumi's expression showed those emotions, his pupils were burned blood-red as he gazed at the puddle of blood on the ground with focus.  

Come on! Come on! Work! Tatsumi screamed in his mind as he focused his concentration on moving a tiny amount of blood close to him, but no matter how much he tried, it still didn't work.

‘‘Even without that sorcery of yours, you're quite a strong fellow. Well, it doesn't matter, you would still die here. That also applies to me since the deep wound you give me is too fatal and to deep.’’ the Leader said as his blades continued to push down on Tatsumi, until there was less than an inch before it could reach his head.   

Come on, work!! Tatsumi didn’t seem to hear anything the Leader said, as he continued to scream in his mind and try to make the blood move. But, alas it still didn’t work in the end. 

More time goes by. The Leader blades that were less than an inch away from the young man's head, finally touching and scripting his forehead. Drawing blood from both the area of the wound, letting it roll down his face. 

As he felt the blood rolling down his face, Tatsumi’s burning blood red pupil became brighter as he screamed even louder in his mind. 


As if Tatsumi's scream seemingly contained power within them, the blood that he had been urging to move this whole time had finally answered his call, and made a small ripple. And unknown to the Leader who had placed his entire focus on him. A small amount of blood the size of a raindrop rose up through the air. 

After the raindrop size blood rose up, it started to silently change its shape into a big and pointed needle. The needle length was over 4 feet long as it pointed itself at the head of the Leader.

Not wasted even a second of time after it was formed, the blood needle lunged itself forward immediately at the Leader. 

As the Leader continues to press his blades down, hoping to go even further then just drawing mere tiny blood from him. His expression suddenly flickered as he felt strong and dangerous killing intent rushed toward his way. Feeling the presence of the killing intent, he turned his head around to look. 

And that was the last thing the Leader ever did before he died.