Beginning of reborn
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Theon's POV

Well, after Dr. Cullen's careful treatment, I recovered from my illness, though I ended up a bit weaker. During this time, I met Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper. I haven't met Bella Swan yet. Apparently, I'm supposed to spend some time with her father to clear my head, or so I was told. Emmett is a big guy, strong as an ox, and after sharing a few stories, he trusted me. I'm not untrustworthy either; if I value someone, I'll do my best to protect them as long as they don't betray my trust. But there's no need to be romantic about it. As our ancestors say, humans are inherently unpredictable beings. One should not trust too easily. Little did I know that putting complete trust in someone would turn out to be the mistake of my life. But that's a story for another chapter. Now, let's talk about Rosalie; she didn't trust me much at first. However, considering that I needed help, and it wouldn't be good for me to fall into the hands of the Volturi, she accepted me. Jasper was a bit like that too, but he became warmer towards me after feeling my empathic emotions. Jasper Hale was my first teacher, the one who taught me how to shoot, aim, blend into the forest, and many other things. I'll tell you more about my training later, but for now, I'll leave it to Jasper to share his side of the story.

/From here on, the story continues with Edward speaking to Jasper in Chapter 3./

Jasper's POV

Edward came to me and told me that the child Alice sensed wanted to be trained by me. Frankly, I don't trust the kid, but a short test should reveal that. After all, if he looks the age he claims, the possibility of him hiding his emotions is quite low. After considering all this, I went to the hospital to see the child by Carlisle's side. When I arrived, the kid was exercising. It seems Carlisle has treated him quite well. Well, I'll understand during the test.

"Cough, cough."

Theon's POV

As I finished my exercises, I was startled by someone's voice behind me. When I turned around, I saw it was Jasper.

"Hello, young man. I heard you want to be trained by me, but how can I trust you? And what do I gain from this?"

"Hello, Mr. Jasper. I know you're an empath, 

so you can read my emotions. As for why you, I know you used to be a soldier, and you must have trained newborn vampires. But you left the vampire army because you have a conscience. You can help me. As for what I can offer you, loyalty, and if you want, I can provide some material compensation through work. I could be a janitor; I've done it before."

'An 18-year-old kid doing janitorial work? Besides, he doesn't seem physically fit for it. It's too much for a kid struggling to walk, and he seems quite pessimistic and afraid. Why is he so scared? Maybe I shouldn't push the kid too hard. '

"I don't think that will be necessary, but I still don't fully understand how can ı help you?"

"Mr. Jasper, to summarize my powers, I am a mutant planeswalker, which means I have the ability to travel between different planes of existence and worlds. Think of it as the theory of multiple universes. Some of these worlds may not have civilizations, but even if they do, I'll need to protect myself. Moreover, as you may remember, Alice sensed me. This means other seers could sense me too. So, the Volturi and others will come to take me, and I don't want to die without putting up a fight. Not this time."

'Not this time, right? What does that mean? Has he died before? I think the kid believes we're going to hand him over to the Volturi. But that won't be easy.'

"Alright, I get what you mean. Once you're fully healed, we'll train you. I want you to learn marksmanship, hiding, tracking, survival in the wild, and first aid from Carlisle, and cooking from Esther. In return, I want you to protect my family from any danger you know of."

"Thank you, Mr. Jasper, you can trust on me."

"I feel such great loneliness and longing from this kid. What has he been through in the past?"

And that's how I met Jasper Hale, my first teacher and the namesake of my firstborn child. This was the beginning of my rebirth. See you in the next chapter