chapter 1
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 What.....? Is someone calling me?

"Wake up, Master Nova. It's time for your breakfast."

 ...... Master Nova? Who is that?

" Master Nova, please don't fall asleep again!'

 As soon as I understood that it was not me, I closed my lids and was about to go back to sleep, when suddenly I was awakened by such loud voice...

 Huh, I am not a Nova or whatever, but what the hell is this person?

 I mean, what kind of a stranger is "Nova"?

 No, it's weird to have someone like a maid in my house in the first place.

 So this is just a dream. Okay, I'm going to sleep. Sleeping in a dream, it was a dream, right? ...... It's a bit complicated, though.

"Good night."

"Master Nova!  Master Lefise Nova! Please wake up! If you don't get up soon, your breakfast will get cold and I'll get angry with you."

 I'm not named Nova. ......? Lefise Nova? Isn't that the strongest villainous character that was weakened for ...... author's convenience?

 The moment I realized that, I couldn't stand still, so I rose from the bed and immediately pinched my cheek.

"It hurts.'

 "Of course it hurts, Master Nova. Did you hit your head?"

 The maid, who has been oddly noisy for some time now, said that to me in disgust.

 However, it doesn't matter to me right now.

"How do I look like?"

".... did you hit your head after all?"

"Just answer the question."

'...... white hair, red eyes, you're the one I've been serving since I was a kid."

......I'm asking what I look like, but, well, okay. She's answered me correctly about my appearance.

Anyway, am I reincarnated as Nova? Possessed? I don't know, but right no I'm a Lefese Nova.

It sucks.

I''ve lived over 10 years now, ......, so don't tell me that about my appearance now."

 I have to admit that I really like the character Nova.

 ...... But Nova was weakened for the convenience of the author, and then that weakening incident was also Nova's dark fall event, and then the main character kills him!

 It really sucks. I don't care how hard I like a character, I don't want to become the character that gets killed. ......

'Master Nova! I'm not concerned about that, please get up already! Your breakfast is already getting really cold and I'm going to be mad at you!"


"Why are you just sighing, Master Nova? What's going on?'

 The maid, who has been serving me for more than 10 years, shakes my body.

 At that moment, there was a knock at my door and the door opened.


"Nono ? What are you doing to Master Nova?"

"Oh ...... , the head maid ......, it's different. Master Nova is ...... the one who is responsible for this."

"I am sorry, Master Nova. This time, I will educate you well."

"Oh, right."

 The lady called the head maid then picked up the noisy maid ...... Nono and bowed down to me.

 ......Oh, so this girl's name is Nono. I knew ...... her face, just in case.

"Master Nova, breakfast is ready in the dining room, please eat it before it gets cold."

'Thank you. I will be on my way."

"Master Nova ! You didn't moved at all when I came!"


"Oh, my God, the head maid. ......'

And just like that, Nono gave me a bitter look and left the room, accompanied by the head maid.

 Even though I have a weakening event, a dark fall event, and a fate of death awaiting me, there's no point in pressing the matter now.

 Besides, I'm the strongest character the author has to weaken for the convenience of future plot.

 I'll use my knowledge of the original story to become more overpowered by then, and avoid the weakening event with plenty of time to do so.

 I'm sure that with my knowledge of the original story, I'll be able to avoid the weakening event with no problem. ...... But, after all, a Man longs to be the strongest in the world, doesn't he?

 Thinking so, I headed for the dining room.