Chapter 4
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 I left the house and headed straight for the forest.

 It was a distance that would take a normal person 30 minutes, but I was able to get to the woods in about 5 minutes, just by running along at a moderate pace.

 Too good to be true, Nova's specs. If I had been running seriously, I think it would have taken me less than a minute.



 As I was walking through the forest at a reasonable pace, thinking about this, I suddenly heard that roar.

 If I had been here before I became a Nova, I would have certainly been knocked out dead from the waist down. If anything, I would have died from shock from the roar alone!

 But now I am Nova.

 So I started running toward the direction in which I heard the roar.


 I immediately caught sight of the creature that had raised the roar.

 I'm sure that was a Giant Ogre, wasn't it? In the original ...... story, the main character should be able to defeat it around the middle of the story.


 I don't have a weapon. I didn't bring any.

 Normally, I'd think it was crazy to fight that thing without a weapon.

 However, if it were Nova, ...... , I wouldn't need a weapon against a foe of that caliber.

'Disappearance De-solutions."

 The moment I said that, the Giant Ogre, which was exuding so much pressure that an normal person would be unable to bear it, vanished cleanly before my eyes, as if it had never been there in the first place.

 Maybe a slightly different approach would have been better in terms of acclimating the ...... body, but I wanted to see it. One of Nova's strongest moves, which had been weakened and was no longer available.

 I could see the ...... move, and unfortunately, this move will be sealed for a while.

 Even if I went to the trouble of defeating the demons, it would be meaningless if I couldn't get any materials from them. ......It's not like I can gain any experience from it, so it's really pointless.

 ......Well, to be honest, even if I did it normally without any skills, I could have killed it in an instant, and I don't know if it would have been worth it.

'Well, let's just find another monster for now.

 Because this time, I'd like to fight them normally to get used to my body.


    Tomorrow I am going to go to the dungeon, not this forest, so I can't just end it there.

 So, with that in mind, I continued walking through the forest, but without encountering any monsters at all, the area was getting darker.

...... You're kidding m How could I have run all this way and not come across a single monster, not even an animal?       

 I'm putting out all the right signs, aren't I? Am I seriously having bad luck? 


...... I should get back home, huh?

 ...... Well, I'm the strongest, so I guess I don't need to get accustomed to it.

 I'm definitely going to avoid the damn weakening event, and I'm determined to remain the strongest.