chapter 5
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 I decided to go home, and I was home in about 5 minutes, just like on the way there, but it's getting pretty dark out there, after all.

 ...... Well, I'm fine. I don't think Nono and Lula are worried about original   Nova , moreover I  am the the       strongest.

"I'm home."

 I said, thinking so casually, and went inside the mansion.

"Oh, Master Nova!'

"Oh ."

Suddenly, Nono, with a messed up look on her face, hugged me, as I had just returned.

...... yeah, in case anyone was wondering, me and Nono are master and servant, aren't we? No, I don't mind.


"Nono, take a deep  breath What's the matter?"

"You know, we were worried when you came home so late, Brother!"

 Late? ...... No, well, yes, it's true that I'm a little late, but I'm Nova , right ?  I'm Nova, and if I'm a little late, there's no need to worry about me.

"I'm sorry I'm late. But I'm strong, so you don't have to worry so much."

'That's not the point! Master Nova!"

'It's not about that! Brother!"

 I said that because I knew it would continue   like that and I wanted them both to feel safe, but for some reason I said that and they got mad at me.

 ...... No, why? You both know very well that I'm too strong ...... or even too strong.


'Huh. That's enough, brother. ......, but next time you go somewhere again, please come back earlier or let me know that you'll be late for sure."

'That's right ! We'll worry about you!"

 Lula, who had calmed down, said this in the same tone of voice as when we first met.

 Maybe when she gets emotional, she'll show her true colors. I guess she was worried about me so much that she would show her true colors when she said .......

"I understand. From now on, if I'm going to be late, I'll make sure to tell you in the first place. And Lula, you can talk to me normally."

"Oh, it's no problem, it's normal for me."

"Oh, right."

 Lula's tone of voice was different from before, so I nodded.

" Master Nova, your supper has been prepared long ago, what do you wish to do?"

 Then Nono said, emphasizing the " long ago" part.

 No, I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose."

"I'll eat."

"If you don't mind, I'll eat with you too".

Hm? Lula hadn't eaten yet too? From the way she was talking during ...... breakfast, I thought she'd already eaten.

"I was worried that brother would come home late so I didn't eat at ......."

"That's right!  Lady Lula was waiting for Master Nova because she wanted to have dinner with you!"

'Hey , Nono !  Don't speak nonsense!"

 ......That's it. I've got to make sure Nono doesn't know anything unnecessary.

 I mean, Lula was waiting for me, huh? 

 I'm glad to know that we are getting along so well as siblings.

"I wanted to eat with Lula too. I know it's probably already cold......,  so let's eat it now."

 I was going to say "before it gets cold," but after thinking about it, in the way Nono said it earlier, it's cold.

 If I were a normal aristocrat, this would never happen, but I'm no ordinary person and I don't have a choice.

 If I go and ask her to make it now when I want her to make it, she'll do so right away, but I don't want to do that and have my weakening event happen too soon, so I'm just going to go along with it. I'm sure you'll be fine, but just in case.


"Damn, brother, you're making  my meal  cold now, so get on with it."


                                                                                                                                ......After all, Lula's food is cold too. Unlike me,...... Lula can get it made when she wants it to be made normally, so why not have it done that way?

 Well, no. I don't know about usual, but at least today, Lula wanted to eat with me.

"Nono, I'm off."

"Yes! I'm at work, aren't I!"

 I said to Nono and hurried to the dining room where Lula was probably waiting for me.