Chapter 7
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Let's get to the bathroom first and wash up quickly. I can boil water right away, so I'll wash quickly and get in first.

 That way, I'm sure there will be some relief for both of us. If I soak in the hot water, I can avoid looking at Nono.

 With that in mind, I came to the bathroom with a change of clothes before Nono arrived, but then I remembered I didn't have a towel.

 ......I remembered that earlier she said she would have a towel ready for me. ...... I don't even have a towel to wrap around my waist.

 The only thing I can do is wait for Nono to bring me a towel. ...... Even the strongest of me is not without a sense of shame.

 I'm not going to take a bath with a pretty girl of the same age ...... or even if we weren't the same age, without a towel wrapped around me.

"Oh, , Master Nova,...... well, you've been waiting for me."

'Well, , yes."

 As I was thinking this, Nono came to the bathroom with a change of clothes and a towel of her own. She arrived.

"Nova-sama, please don't look at me like that, ...... and I have my underwear."

'I'm sorry."

 I was just looking at Nono's non-maid outfit, but I knew she might have thought so, so I apologized honestly.

", "Hey, can I have a towel?"

"Yes, please. Here you go."

 Nono handed me a large bath towel and a smaller towel to wrap around my waist.

 I thanked Nono for the towel and tried to get changed to get out of her line of sight, but she looked at me strangely.

 "...... Nono, this is embarrassing, so let's try not to look at each other when we undress, okay?"

"Oh, ha, yes. I'm sorry.'

 When I take off my clothes, no matter how hard I try, I can't help it, because I'm going to be seen.



                                                                                                                 So we turn our backs to each other, and as I'm getting nervous, I hear the sound of cloth rubbing against my back, the sound of Nono taking off her clothes.

 I gulp.

 No good. I can't help but notice what's behind me. ...... I, too, take off my clothes. If I don't do anything at this point, I'm going to turn around.


 And as I started to take off my clothes, this time I heard Nono gasp.

 I pretended I didn't hear that sound and quickly took off my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist.

"Nono, , I'm going in first, okay?"

"Yes, okay."

 I said this without looking at Nono and went into the bathroom.

 I went into the bathroom, and the first thing I did was to fill the bath water with the proper magic and turn it into warm water.

Okay, let's take a bath now, let's quickly wash my head first.

"I'll go in first, Master Nova."

 I had hoped to at least wash my head before Nono came in.

 Well, it was natural. Nono and I were taking off our clothes almost together, so it couldn't have been that late.

"Nova-sama, please don't look at me like that.'

"I'm sorry."

I was consciously trying not to look, but my eyes were glued to Nono, who was wrapped in a bath towel.  

 ...... I can't help it. I'm sorry to break it to Nono, but she's a beautiful girl, though her chest is small, and the sight of her embarrassingly wrapped in a bath towel had a certain charm that made me look at her, no matter how conscious I was of not looking at her.

"Oh, you want me to wash your head?"

"Yes, I do. I'll wash your head, too."

 I said this while looking away from Nono, and we both washed each other's heads with a sense of tension in our hearts.

 "I'll wash your back, Master Nova."

 Then, a little while after we had finished washing each other's heads, Nono suddenly said to me

 "......I remember, I was told that it's okay to at least wash your back, right? ...... Hmmm? I was confused, but I thought it was normal for Nono to take off clothes since I asked to join her, but if it was just to wash your back, you didn't have to take off your clothes, did you?"

 That's what I thought, and without thinking I looked at Nono, whom I was trying not to stare upon.

 Then, Nono noticed my gaze, and she looked embarrassed and pulled the bath towel wrapped around her body tightly.

 No, , I had been thinking of Nono as a dog, but now I felt like a wolf.

"Let's go, back, please."

 I realized I was in trouble, so I immediately turned my back to Nono and said this while sitting in the chair.