Chapter 8
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"Ha, yes. I understand."

I asked her to wash my back and she immediately nodded, and I could hear her footsteps approaching me from behind.

 Don't think about anything unnecessary. No, prime numbers. I've heard that in times like this, it helps to count prime numbers. ...... What's that? What are prime numbers? No, wait, think about it. I'm sure I know what it is. If anything, I must have known what prime numbers were when I thought about counting them.

 This whole situation has made me forget. Remember, remember.

"Excuse me, Master Nova,"

 As I was trying to remember what a prime number was, Nono was right behind me, pressing a warm, wet, soapy towel against my back as she said this.

 I was completely focused on the prime numbers, and I was so surprised by the suddenness of it that I involuntarily straightened my back.

"Uh, I'll move it."

"Ah, ah..."

 Calm down. I was the strongest. I am the best. I'm the best. I get upset ...... about this stuff, but that's it.

 Nothing. Be nothing. Don't think about anything. Don't think about Nono's little arms that I can see through the towel.

"Nova, that's it. Do the front yourself, okay?"

"Oh, I know. I know."

 I said that, and without looking at Nono, I put my hands behind my back and took the towel to wash my body away from Nono.

 Of course, I didn't make the mistake of touching Nono's body.

"Thanks ....... Nono should wash her own body, too, okay? I won't look at you."

 Nono is a girl. Of course, she has a towel wrapped around her chest, and it would be difficult for her to wash herself if I didn't say this.

 If it were a man, the towel would only be wrapped around my waist, and I could wash easily.

"Thank you for your concern. I trust you, Master Nova ......, all right?"

"Believe me. I promise I won't look over there."

 I swore to myself and said that to Nono at once.

 At that moment, I heard a sound from behind me, like something being dropped on the wet floor.

 It was a towel, no matter how you think about it, considering the circumstances. It was the towel Nono had wrapped around her body.

 As soon as I realized that, my oath was about to be violated.

 No, I couldn't help it! Do I normally make that kind of noise? It was as if she was saying, "Nova-sama! I took your towel! Now I am just as I was born!" It's like saying, "I'm just as I was born!


Let's take a deep breath and calm down.

 Nono trusted me enough to act that way.

 Then I can't let that trust slip away.

 I threw away all the silly thoughts I had been having earlier, grabbed the towel Nono gave me, and started to wash the front of my body.

 Nono, finish washing quickly and wrap the towel around your body as soon as possible, I prayed.