Chapter 10
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 When I got out of the bath, Nono was gone.

 Well, if Nono had stayed, I still would not have gotten out of the bath.


 I wiped my body with the towel Nono had prepared for me.


 After I finished wiping myself off, I put on the clothes I had prepared and headed to the living room before heading to my room .......

 Partly because it was after my bath, but also because I was oddly nervous and thirsty since I was in there with Nono. That's why I needed to get a drink of water.

 I could magically produce water, but it would be better to have a glass to drink with.

'Ah, brother, you've already come back up, haven't you?"

 Thinking this, I entered the living room and found Lula sitting with her back straight, drinking a cup of tea? She was drinking

"Oh, Lula, you can enter anytime you want, too."

'Yes. Brother ......, may I ask you one question?"

 I said a few words to Lula and was about to go get a cup of water to rehydrate myself properly, but she stopped me to ask me something.

 That's what my lovely sister said. My feet naturally stopped immediately.

"Of course it's okay. I'll answer anything you want to ask my lovely sister.'

"I won't be fooled by that!"

 I honestly said what I thought, and for some reason, Lula blushed and said something like that to me.

Fooled? Why would I need to fool around with such a pretty little sister?

"Well, I met Nono a while ago! Then I saw that Nono's hair was wet! Strange, isn't it? Isn't it strange that Nono was just getting out of the bathtub when my brother was supposed to be in there?"

 ...... No matter how cute my little sister is, there are some things I have to fool around with, right? Yeah.


'I, too, thought at first that the brother had ceded the bath to Nono. But, my brother also took a bath, right? Can you explain to me what's going on?"

 I couldn't possibly say that I was taking a bath with Nono, so I thought I had to fool her anyway, and Lula went on to say so. While smiling at ...... me.

 Cute. Definitely, I think she's cute. ...... but right now, just right now, that smile scared me a little.

 Oh, that's strange - I'm supposed to be the strongest.

"Brother? What does that mean? You don't really mean that you went in there together, right?'

'No, of course not. I'm an aristocrat, too, so there's no way I would take a bath with a servant girl "

 That's a lie. Yes, I did. And I was so excited. I'm really sorry.


"Isn't that so? Isn't that the way it was supposed to be?"


'Do you think I didn't ask Nono anything when I met her?"

 Oh, what? Did she ask Nono? And then testing to see if I would be honest with her?

"I didn't do it on purpose."

 If I put it this way, it sounds like something happened in the bath, but that's not what I'm saying, I'm simply talking about how I invited her to take a bath with me.


'I knew it. You were in the bath together?"

"Yes,......, Nono told me. ......"

"I was going to ask my brother before Nono. Even if my brother doesn't speak up, Nono has an attitude."

 ...... Oh no. I need to come up with something, any excuse.

'Brother? So, what's this all about?"

"...... Uh, Lula is so cute today."

 I couldn't think of any excuse, so I took full advantage of my good physical specs, approached LuLa and stroked her head as if I was hugging her.

 If a man and a woman were to do this, they would probably feel uncomfortable, but since we are brother and sister, I'd like to believe that it is just barely acceptable.