Chapter 13
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'Oh, I'm sorry. Wha did you say t?"

"That's right, Master Nova and lady Lula are siblings not related by blood. Do you understand me?"

Wait, Lula and I are not blood related! I don't care what color eyes she has, but she has the same hair color as me! We're not blood related? 

 Wait, does this mean that I'm going to sleep with my sister who's as cute as an angel?

 I do like Nono. There's no doubt about that.

 But can I stand sleeping with such an angelic girl? Up until a moment ago, I was sure that I would never make a move on her. But that was because I thought of Lula as my biological sister, and now that I know the truth, I'm not quite so sure.


"Nova-sama, I think it's time for you to excuse myself for the time being."

'Yes, . ......"

 There was no point in stopping Nono.

 The only thing is, the door was already closed, and without noticing it. I don't know if ...... this was a bad thing or a good thing.

'Sorry to keep you waiting, brother."

 Then Lula came into the room as if to replace Nono.

 I didn't really pay attention to her earlier, but Lula was wearing what I would call shorts in my previous life, and her thighs were fully exposed, and my eyes were drawn to them.

 No matter how cute she looked earlier, I wasn't interested in her because I thought she was my younger sister, but the moment I realized that we weren't blood related, it was appalling that I would turn my attention to her.

Thinking that, I brought my gaze up to look at Lula's eyes to avoid looking at that part, but I also realized that her breasts, which I didn't particularly care about earlier but were probably larger than the average, the opposite of Nono's, were being quite assertive.

'So, shall we go to bed then?"

My sister, the most adorable sister in the world. I shouldn't look at her like that.

 I told myself that over and over again.

 I'm going to the dungeon tomorrow, so I need to go to bed early, not thinking about that ......, but to go to bed as early as possible and keep this nervousness at bay.



 Then Lula nodded shyly and sat down next to me.

 ...... No, at what point should I lie down! We're going to sleep, so of course we can't just stay like this. One of us has to lie down.

So I slowly and naturally lay down on the bed, trying to make it seem like I wasn't nervous at all.

"Ugh, Lula, you're going to sleep, aren't you? Oh, come here."

 What do I mean, ...... come here? Don't it make her feel uncomfortable? i am okay? ...... Oh no. I'm already getting worried about everything.

'Ummm...yeah. Brother, let's sleep together."

"Uh, yeah."

 Fortunately, Lula didn't seem to mind my " come here " comment and came to lie down next to me and climbed under the futon.

"Brother ......, you're so far away from me."

 I was trying to keep as much distance under the futon as I could, but Lula looked lonely and hugged me.

 If she did that, of course Lula's ample chest would be pressed against me, crushing me with elasticity.

'Now we're close. ...... brother, it's warm."

'Oh, oh, I see. '..... you're warm too, Lula.'

'Hehe, good. Good night, brother."

"Oh, good night, Lula."

The moment I responded to Lula, I heard a small, lovely, soft, sleepy breath coming from next to me. Was she tired?

 ......Yes. I wonder if I will be able to sleep.