Chapter 14
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I love Nono. I like Nono.

 Lula is my sister. Lula is my sister.

 I love Nono. I love Nono.

 Lula is my sister. Lula is my sister.

 I kept repeating it in my head, over and over again, while it was getting light outside.

 In other words, I didn't sleep a wink.

 How am I going to go to the dungeon in this state? 

"Nn...... brother?""

 ...... is cute.

 Yeah. I got to be in bed with this cute girl.

 I didn't sleep a wink. No big deal.

"Lula, you awake?"

"Heh heh, my brother's there. ......"

 I'm already nervous because of Lula's soft object pressing against my chest, but if I see such a cute reaction, I'll go beyond nervous and my heart won't be able to take it anymore.

"Oh, . Good morning, Lula."


 With those words, Lula must have fallen asleep again, nor did she reply.

 I peeked at Lula, and sure enough, she was asleep with her eyes closed.

 ...... Nono~, please come and wake her up quick. I can't wake this angel up.

 As I was praying so, my thoughts were answered, there was a knock at the door and I heard Nono's voice.

'Nova-sama, are you awake? May I come in?"

 I don't answer anything.

 If I answered so that Nono could hear me through the door, I would wake up Lula, who was sleeping next to me.

"I'm sorry, Master Nova, but you're awake!?"

"I'm awake!...... Nono, there's an angel sleeping next to me, you know what I mean? Can't you understand that?"

 No matter if it is Nono, it is unacceptable to wake Lula up with such a loud voice. ......No, I just wanted to wake Lula up, and I was praying for Nono to come over.

', don't make me show off your sissy attitude at a place like this! It's morning, you have to wake her up, right?"

 Nono heard my words and dexterously raised her voice to a whisper.


"I understand. Wake her up."

'............How did it feel to sleep with your big breasts pressed against your body?"

 Great. I can't ...... say that, can I?


"No, it's fine."

"... I see."


 I said that, Nono nodded with a skeptical look in her eyes at me and approached to wake Lula up.


'Lula-sama, wake up, please. It's morning."

No, Nono, wait."

 Nono is trying to wake Lula up by slowly shaking Lula's body.

 It's just that if she does this to me in the current situation, my heart won't be able to take it because her breasts are pressing against me and away from me.

'...... after all, don't you prefer big breasts?"
"I'm not going to let this happen. I'm not a fan of that,"

"Nn...... Nono? Brother? Oh, hey, uh, why, my brother is with me ...... ehehe."


 After that, thanks to Lula, I'm saved.

 I'm not supposed to tell you how I feel about this yet. I'm sure I can handle it, even if I show weakness to ...... them.

 But it's always better not to show any weakness. ...... so I'll just have to be patient until I can get around the fucking event.

"Good morning again, Lula."

 From the look of Lula, she didn't seem to remember what had happened once she woke up earlier, so I greeted her again with a quick morning greeting.

'...... good morning, brother. Good morning ...... Nono, too."

"Yes, . Good morning, Lula-sama."

 Nono seemed to have caught on to what I was about to say, and responded to Lula with a mixture of two emotions: happy and embarrassed.

"...... something wrong? Nono."

"Nah, it's nothing!"

"..... brother?"

"No, no, I don't know, okay?'

 It pains me to lie to Lula, but I can't tell anyone about this feeling just yet. I don't know where they'll find out. It might be obvious from the ...... outside, but as long as it's not obvious to certain people, it's fine.

 ...... And that's not the only reason. Somehow, yes, really somehow, I have a feeling that if I tell Lula how I feel right now, something is about to go wrong.

 Just a hunch. It's just a gut feeling, but it's my gut feeling, my strongest gut feeling.


"I see."

" Breakfast is ready."

"Oh, , you want some?"

I gently pull Lula away from me, get out of bed, and head straight for the dinning room.

 Then, Lula was followed right behind me.

 Nono went somewhere else, probably to do something else