001 Red Pine Gate
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Original author: Get Lost (滚开)

Translator: nomonomo

"The last secret technique... from the master... is yours... Don't let the master down..."

As soon as Lin Xin opened his eyes, he did not know what was going on. He saw an old man in an ancient robe putting a yellow book into his hand with a sad face. His eyes were wide open as he swallowed air.

The old man's eyes were full of expectation and hope. As soon as his thin hands sagged down, he had no strength left. The old man was no longer able to close his wide-open eyes.

Lin Xin stood beside the bed, totally unaware of what was going on.

"Master!" Suddenly, a sharp cry rang from behind him.

A ponytail maiden in yellow trousers and long clothes threw herself on the old man, crying bitterly.

Lin Xin got out of his trance and looked around. He was standing in a small wooden house, surrounded by brown wooden walls piled up with a casually cut log. He could smell the faint wood fragrance, but it was more of the strong smell of traditional Chinese medicine.

"Senior Brother..." a delicate and weak voice rang from behind Lin Xin, with a little sob.

Lin Xin gawked around and saw brother and sister who looked very similar standing behind him. They were also clad in gray, like the unbuttoned clothes worn in ancient China, with belts around their waists.

'What the hell is going on here?'

Lin Xin was bewildered. He only remembered that one minute before he was sitting on the computer while drinking tea and discussing problems with netizens. Then he felt sleepy and prepared to lie down on the table for a little rest. However, he did not expect to arrive at such a puzzling place at such a moment.

"Senior Brother, what to do now?" the eyes of the brother and sister were dull, and their IQ did not seem high.

Lin Xin covered his forehead having no idea about what was happening. He held out his finger and pointed at himself, "I ask you, what's my name?"

The siblings blinked, "Senior Brother."

"I mean the name."  Lin Xin was helpless.


The siblings looked at each other, "Lin Xinru."

Lin Xin felt the veins on his forehead directly wanted to jump out.

"What's wrong with you, Senior Brother?" one of the siblings understood nothing.

"It's nothing." Lin Xin said weakly, "I want to be alone."

He stumbled out of the wooden house, feeling as if he was filming an ancient costume play. There was a high threshold at the door, and the sunlight outside hit the threshold, as if breaking it.

The golden sea was shining brightly on the ground inside and outside the house.

Out of the cabin, the outside was sunlit. In the middle of the small square courtyard, there was a short old pine tree. The sun was beating down through the swaying pine needles.

When the breeze blew, Lin Xin's expression was impassive. He looked up and down at himself. He was wearing a black suit similar to a Taoist robe, his hair was tied, and his feet were bound with leggings. The white cloth belt was dirty at a glance.

'It's really inexplicable...' He squatted down covering his head and felt his mind was in a mess.

His own memory and the memory of this body were mixed together like two pieces of dough.

Behind him were voices and cries. The crowd of disciples was overwhelmed with grief.

Lin Xin's mind also gradually sorted out some information about the current situation.

His current name was Lin Xinru, and he was the son of a wealthy businessman in the city below the mountain, the eldest young master of the family, and the senior disciple of this small Gate (aka Sect). He practiced martial arts since childhood. His mother was dead, and his second uncle was an official.

The most important thing was not that, but that the world was different from the previous one. Lin Xin recalled the memory left in his mind. There were no cars, no planes, no electricity, and nothing like that at all.

He was sitting in the courtyard near the road on the Red Pine Mountain. Hongsong below the mountain was his hometown. As far as he remembered, the farthest place he has ever been was Haixu, which was more than 100 miles away.

The surrounding area was desolate, except for the mountains and forests with countless beasts.

Lin Xin somehow managed to sort out his own situation. He really transmigrated... After several days of shock, disbelief, doubt and running around, he finally fully recognized the current situation; there was no way back...

After several days on the mountain.

Four people tidied up the master's body and buried it in the cemetery behind the mountain road to the courtyard according to his wishes. There were only four people left in the whole Red Pine Gate. Lin Xin also gradually figured out the situation around him.

Their sect was called Red Pine Gate. Although it fell into decay, it was said that there had been a great history.

Siblings with IQ problems—Lu Yun and Lu Yu—were adopted by the master at an early age and grew up here. Their talent was average, but loyalty was more important in their case.

There was also a Senior Sister An Ying, who also came up to the mountain to learn martial arts. She was rather handsome and had a good relationship with the master. Her talent was not bad. In fact, she had much control over this place as she was the strongest one here.

Red Pine Gate's Sword Art was practiced to perfection by her. She was always the first to rush into a fight. However, this reckless woman liked to use force to solve everything. The family constantly saved her from death. Her brother’s money repeatedly saved her from trouble. Only by coincidence did she enter Red Pine Gate.

Lin Xinru was a Senior Disciple. In fact, his swordsmanship was very ordinary, just better than that of Lu Yun. If it had not been for his wealthy family, which helped the Gate with supplies, he would not really have been a Senior Disciple.

"Senior Brother, someone from the Hengdao Gate has come!"

On the sixth day of coming to this world, Lin Xinru was carefully studying the words of this place in his memory. He was sitting in the room. With a bang, the door of his room knocked open, and Lu Yun rushed in, shouting anxiously.

"Hengdao Gate?" Lin Xin was slightly stunned and immediately remembered that the Hengdao Gate was also a small gate, located on a nearby hill. It was also a sect founded by a martial arts master who had opened a martial arts school in the city.

"What are they doing here?" He put down the book and asked. He had a bad feeling.

"There must be no good!" Lu Yun said loudly. He rushed over to Lin Xin to try to get him involved.

"What about Senior Sister An Ying?" Lin Xin's first thing was not to get up but to sit on the chair and not move.

"She has already gone first! She said she wanted to negotiate with the other side." When Lu Yun saw the Senior Brother still sitting in his chair, he was immediately worried. "Why don't you move, Senior Brother?"

"One second... One second..." Lin Xin felt a weakness in his legs as he used to live in a civilized society, where he could not encounter such trouble. He tried to keep his face calm, but he could not get up with his hands clinging to the armrest of the chair.

At this time, voices were heard from outside. In a series of footsteps, it seemed that someone had gathered before the Gate.

"Are the leader of the Red Pine Gate here? I am Huo Hengdao. Don't you want to give me a statement about the injuries inflicted on my Gate's disciples last month?"

The voice of a rough man came from the outside.

"Statement? What statement? Daddy's sword is the statement!" An Ying's voice suddenly sounded, and then there was a hubbub, the clang of various weapons. It just got into a fight!

"Senior Sister fights! Senior Brother! Hurry! Come on!" Lu Yun cried out mournfully.

'Directly into a fight? WTF, they should have chatted for nothing first!' Lin Xin felt his heart beating very hard. 'It was said in the movies that before the ancient fighting, the names should be reported first...' His mind was in a mess, but he tried to calm down.

"What’s the hurry?" He felt his voice tremble. "We stay longer... We'll go out later, and we'll catch them off guard..."

"No, Senior Brother! I'm afraid because of the Senior Sister! Her hand is too heavy! It's going to kill people!" Lu Yun cried out in tears.


"Hurry up! Senior Brother, only you can hold her. Hurry up! It will be too late if you don't go!" Lu Yun's forehead was sweating.

"F*ck!" Lin Xin felt ten thousand grass mud horses[1] roaring past.

The sound of banging outside was gradually subsiding, intermingled with screams from time to time.

Lin Xin was dragged out by Lu Yun.

In the courtyard, the ground was in a mess. Three or four strong men were lying in disorder. There was a black-faced man who was fighting with martial sister An Ying. Their swords were banging with a silver glow.

The two pushed and retreated. They wandered around the yard. The black-faced man jumped back and withdrew from the battle group.

"Good! It's indeed Red Pine's An Ying. Today, I'll make you, daddy, admit defeat! Go!"

An Ying was dressed in green tights, with a black belt around her waist. Her white face was slightly flushed and sweaty. However, because she practiced martial arts all year round, she had a slim figure, long legs, protruding front and back, and a neat ponytail hanging behind her head. Therefore, although her facial features were only delicate and pretty, they were quite like a sports goddess when combined.

"It's not that easy to go!"

Seeing that the opponent wanted to run, An Ying immediately raised her eyebrows. A murderous look flashed in her eyes. She was about to rush up to her feet when she saw Lin Xin who walked out of the Gates in the corner of her field of view. Immediately the right leg retracted, and the eyebrows just raised softened.

"Senior Brother, I'm not to blame for what you see. They started first!" the guilty complained first, putting up an innocent look with both hands up.

"I..." Huo Hengdao of Hengdao Gate almost gushed out one mouthful of his old blood. The woman rushed out just before he said a word, and started to fight directly with a loud roar. What a pity! He just came here to have good negotiation and see if he could have some compensation. He did not intend to fight at all!

Lin Xin looked at the bright sword and his heart was drumming. Although he had been psychologically prepared for a long time, it was only when he saw the fight scene that he knew that he was a weakling.

He knew that whether it's innocent-looking An Ying, or black-faced Huo Hengdao, who held the knife, he was a real outsider.

He was a senior brother in name, but he understood that his strength was not worth a single blow.

But fortunately, he did not rely on strength to become a Senior Brother, and his ability was basically zero. But because the Red Pine Gate was almost supported by his family. All the supplies were provided by his family at the foot of the mountain. Therefore, An Ying, Lu Yun, and Lu Yu respected him. Although he was not a force-wielder in the Gate, he was in charge of means of livelihood.

"What are you going to do?!" Huo Hengdao obviously could not beat An Ying. At this time, he had an uneasy expression on his face. Some of the disciples of Hengdao Sect on the ground struggled to get up, some of their arms were broken, some of their fingers were cut off directly, and their faces were pale. They suffered internal injuries and vomited blood all over the ground.

Huo Hengdao also heard about the situation of Red Pine Gate. He thought that their most powerful member was dead, and he could take advantage of it. Unexpectedly, An Ying turned out to be so strong! This junior almost reached Stage 2!?


[1] The Grass Mud Horse is a Chinese Internet meme widely used as a euphemism for the cursing phrase 肏你妈. It is a wordplay on the Mandarin words 肏你妈, literally, "f-ck your mother", and is one of the 10 mythical creatures created in a hoax article on Baidu Baike in early 2009 whose names form obscene puns. It has become an Internet chat forum cult phenomenon in China and has garnered worldwide press attention, with videos, cartoons, and merchandise of the animal (which is said to resemble the alpaca), having appeared.