Arc 2 Prelude: Your Will Is Mine
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There are some realities which certain fools refuse to accept. One may be brought into their destiny, or they may be specifically purposed for a certain task. Perhaps a child was born to be fodder in a war, or perhaps they were meant to create the path for greater people. Every life, no, every soul had a purpose bestowed upon them by the Goddess, and naturally those souls would accept their jobs. After all, those who deny the will of the Goddess are sinners. They cannot choose what their life is. I did not choose to become the Pope. I heard the words of the Goddess and worked my way into this position to carry out her will. The world of Gresia shall soon know her benevolence. When everyone does their job, things get done. That’s how it has always been.

Yet, why is it that a little brat in Lumie’s body refuses to accept her role?! Why am I laying in my bed suffering from a malicious puncture to my body?! What insolence. Going against me is going against the Goddess herself. The Lumie that appeared that night is cursed. My daughter was never like that. She understood her role. I made sure of it. How else could I be a father if I did not teach my child the way of the world?

When Lumie was to be sacrificed, she did not resist. She followed every step. She trusted in me and the Goddess. She knew our causes were just. When I saw the life drain from her, she did not smile, she did not cry. She had been resolute, unmoving, accepting.

The Lumie I saw that night had not been any of those. She was not my daughter, but I would fix that. I can’t have the physical will of the Goddess making mistakes off on her own. I have sent Fujimoto to bring her to me. When she comes, I will educate her all over again if I must. She will accept her reality.

I prayed to the Goddess, as I did so every day. This time, I was waiting for a message, a command. Her messages were always cryptic, but I always understood her intent. This time, she spoke only a word.


Of course, Goddess. Your will is mine.

I would say that this prelude is short and sweet, but Xenomyr really isn't sweet, is he? I guess it's just short then.