[Chapter 90] Rawr!
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“In that case, I have to go now.” Divine Knight Imago said as his playful demeanor disappeared. “From what I can see, we need all the Divine Knights and Mages that we can muster in order to meet that Monster army.”

“That is what I thought so too, Master.” Fred said as he bobbed his head up and down. “Because of the suddenness of their attack, most of the Monsters were able to wreak havoc already, and their Generals have not made their move yet…”

“F**k those bastards, its clearly not the right season for them to attack, yet they do so now? There is something fishy going on here…” The Divine Knight said as he looked at Fred, then at Alex, who was looking back at him with a strained smile.


“I will have to deal with your problem later, little girl.” The Divine Knight said as his body began to glow purple. “For now, I have to go and help repel the invasion. F**king hell, 5 General Class Monsters really joined the attack? They must be nuts to do that!”


After saying these words, the Divine Knight disappeared, only leaving some trails of purple ash from where he once stood.


“I’m saved…” Alex thought to himself with relief as he gave a grateful look at Fred.

“Hey, don’t thank me!” Fred replied as he realized what Alex’s look meant. “I just told my Master about an important emergency, and my Master has no choice but to go and deal with the emergency! I did not mean to stop him from whatever he was about to do to you.”


“Um, in that case, I will just thank my luck.” Alex loudly mused, as he approached Simon and Alice, who just finished their session.


“Ugh, that was the worst thing that I have experienced in my life, ever.” Alice grumbled as she stood up with a shaken expression on her face. Simon seemed to be sharing the same sentiments, although he did not exactly voice it out.


“So, have you heard what Fred told to Divine Mage Imago earlier?” Alex asked the two as he paced back and forth around the magic circle. “About the invasion?”


“Yes, I heard about it, even when we were busy puking our guts out.” Simon muttered as Alice nodded behind him. “Why are you asking about that anyway?’

“Well-“ Alex was about to give his answer when a powerful tremor suddenly shook the floor.


“What the?” All four of them began to wobble, as they were rocked by the tremors. Alex was able to stand upright, as his honed body was able to keep his balance.

The same could not be said for the other three companions, as they all directly sat on the floor.


“Aw…” Alice cried out as she rubbed her sore bottom. “That hurts!”

Simon and Fred did not necessarily cry out in pain, although it could be seen on their faces that they did not like what happened to them.

“Boom!” Another tremor rocked the whole room, forcing the sitting trio to stay down on the floor.

“Where are these tremors coming from?” Fred cried out as another tremor rocked the whole room. “This should not be happening at all!”

“Something huge must be happening at the whole Mage Division Building itself.” Alex said as another tremor threatened his whole body to fall down.


“Ugh, if that was the case, then we should investigate about it.” Simon said as he looked at the magic circle. “Come on, let’s go and teleport downstai-“

“Hell no.” Both Alex and Fred said as they glared at Simon.

“Why not?” Simon asked as he wilted a little under the glare of the two. “We should know what is happening, right?”

“Yes, that could be the case, except for the fact that something dangerous could be happening below.” Alex said, stressing the word dangerous. “If we go down there, we could be besieged by that danger.”


“But how are we going to know about the danger?” Simon queried as he looked around him. “We cannot just stay here and wait for the answer to come out, right?”

“Well, I have a solution for that.” Fred hastily said as he saw Alex and Simon arguing in front of him. “There is a magical artifact here in my Master’s room that allows him to view everything that happens inside the whole Mage Division Building.”


“Oh, so will that artifact allow us to see the happenings below?” Alex queried as he helped up Alice and Simon.


“Yes, it will.” Fred replied quickly as he hobbled towards a small podium at the corner of the room.  “Just let me activate it, and we can start using it.”

Alex then saw Fred withdrawing the same knife that he used before and placing its edge on his palm.

“You are going to use blood again to activate it?” Alex asked with a deadpan expression as he watched Fred’s actions. “Don’t you ever get tired of doing that?”

“Well, its my Master who wanted it to be like this, so I do not really have any choice…” Fred replied as he slashed his palm again.


“Poor guy.” Alex thought to himself as he watched the blood drip down on the podium.


At the instant that this happened, the top part of the podium glowed as moving images appeared on top of it.


“Eh… this is actually impressive...” Alex thought to himself as he realized that the podium was showing the events in video form. “Its just like a CCTV, but in this case, it has better resolution and quality.”

“Yosh, let’s take a look at what is happening below then.” Fred said as he made some vague gestures with this hand.


The scenes shown in the podium immediately changed, as if it was following the hand gestures that Fred made.

The changes continued until the scenes looked like a blur. These blurs persisted for around a few seconds before it settled on Fred’s target.


“What the f**k!” This was the first time that Alex heard Fred cursing, but Alex was sure that him cursing is allowable.

After all t,he podium was showing a scene that was almost impossible to believe.

“How could Monsters appear inside the Mage Division Building?” Fred exclaimed as he looked at the scenes shown by the podium. “This is not just possible!”


“……” Alex kept quiet as he, Alice, and Simon watched the scenes in the podium.

Through the podium, Alex could see swathes of Monsters wreaking havoc inside the Mage Division Building.

The Monsters were of the assorted type, with some made up of insectoid limbs, using it to bisect anyone approaching them.

Others bore exaggerated body features that they use as their weapons against the cornered Mages.

The worst of the monsters were those that looked like abominations, with rotten flesh or corpses attached on their body. They did not even need to move that much, as the fumes that they let out were enough to kill anyone that gets near them.


By this point, the tremors were already gone, but that did not assure Alex any one bit.

The explosions that rocked the whole building earlier was the result of the Monsters activating the defenses of the building.


These defenses should have been enough to keep the Monsters out, but from the looks of it, the defenses were unable to do anything to stop the obviously large horde of Monsters from entering the building.

 “….” Alex gritted his teeth as he saw that the whole situation was not that good.

Because of the suddenness of the attack and the strength of the Monsters, most of the Mages have been cut down by the Monsters.

“Oh god, we are so screwed right now…” Fred muttered to himself as he watched the ensuing chaos.


“With my Master busy dealing with the Generals and the other Divine Mages currently in seclusion, it will be hard for us to repel these Monsters!”


Alex grimaced after hearing that, as he realized that his trip with his ‘cousin’ and ‘fiancee’ has now turned into a high-stakes life or death situation.

“Why are these Monsters here anyway?” Alex mused as he tried to calm down the panicked Fred as they watched the carnage. “There is something fishy going on here.”


“That is right, there is something fishy going on here.” Fred said as he observed the scenes below.



“These Monsters that we see right now are all of powerful types… they are around Grade 6-7 in power… These Monsters are not that many, and they are usually used on important battles… But now, we can see that they are all here, attacking this place!” Fred exclaimed as his face turned more and more pale.


Alex perked up at what Fred said, as he realized the point that he was going on. “Are you telling me that the invasion of Monsters that your Master went to is just a diversion?”

“Yes, I am sure of that.” Fred replied grimly. “That invasion must have been done in order to lure Master away from this place. After all, the only one Divine Mage currently guarding this building is my Master, as the other Divine Mages are busy in seclusion…”


“And now that your Master really went away, all these Monsters have no problem entering this building.” Alex concluded angrily. “Your Master had been played.”



“They obviously want to get something in this building.” Fred said as he and the others wore ugly expressions on their faces. “And they will do anything that they can in order to get it…”

Alex sighed, as he did not expect himself to find himself in a situation like this. He gave a glare at Asteria, who was floating in front of him, as if he was blaming her for what had happened.

“…”Asteria’s only reply to that was another glare.

“We must prevent these Monsters for acquiring whatever they wanted from this place!” Fred exclaimed as his panicked expression changed to a serious one. “If these Monsters want to get something here, then we will prevent them from getting it!”


“Um, shouldn’t we find a way to help those Mages below?” Alice muttered as she watched the scenes on the podium. “We cannot just leave them alone…”


“Fight them? Are you kidding me?”  Fred gave a hollow laugh at Alice, who shrank back as she saw his face. “Even if I and Teresa combine our strengths, it will be hard for us to win even against a single Monster down there! We will just die quickly!”


“Well, if I do not hold back, I think I can easily kill them all.” Alex thought to himself, as he knew that if he uses all the skills that he had now, he can kill all those Monsters invading below.

But Alex knew that he cannot show off all his skills, so he was just stuck there, listening to the back and forth spats between Alice and Fred.

“You really are-“ Before Fred could give another argument towards Alice, he suddenly froze in place as he and Alex felt a powerful presence entering the building.


“No f**king way…” Both Alex and Fred looked at the podium in order to confirm the worst thing that they suspected had just happened.


“Eh? What is the problem?” Simon asked as he saw both Alex and Fred paling while they looked at the podium? Did something worse just happen?”

“Not just worse. The worst just happened.” Fred snarled as he slid down to the floor, with him sobbing slowly. “We are dead meat now…”


“…” Alex felt that Fred’s words were just apt, as the scene shown to him by the podium made him curse out in anger.

Long, serpentine tail that gouged the ground with its weight.

Slender wings that slapped anyone nearby.

And crimson-colored scales that looked like they were burning.


All these features were worn by a tall, exotic looking woman who just entered the Mage Division Building in a domineering fashion.


With his danger sense, and power sense, Alex was 100% sure on what kind of Monster this draconic woman was.


“A General-Class Monster just entered the building. We are really screwed.”