[Chapter 94] Golden Apple
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Alex knew that trying to fight General Draria right now will be difficult to him, since his overall power has not reached the peak yet.

Yes, Alex’s tentacle form was that of a General Class Monster, but he still had not reached the level of power that was enough to make him confident.


But Alex knew that by using some tricks, victory will still be in his grasp.


“……” Alex and General Draria circled around each other, with both of them looking for an opening to exploit.

“From what I heard, you should have been gone from this World already.” General Draria said as she watched Alex’s movements with her eyes. “It seems like you have lied to all of us.”


“So what if I am?” Alex replied cheekily, as his tentacles started to sway freely. “I technically fulfilled my mission here, so I had no qualms on showing my real identity.”

Of course even if Alex had successfully completed the Bonus Mission of infiltrating the Human Faction, he was interested on continuing the impersonation, as he wanted to get an idea of the cure from Teresa’s father.



This is Alex’s strategy for the coming days, but after he saw the threat on the lives of Simon, Alice, and Fred, Alex decided to abandon his extra desires.


“Even if I failed on getting any important information here, I am sure that Alina will be able to procure something.” Alex thought to himself as he tried to console himself.


“Although I am sure that Divine Knight Sylvester Glaivewood will be pissed off once word about my impersonation spreads out…” Alex knew that even if he had shown his real identity in an isolated place like this, anything that happened here will still be known by the Divine Knights and Mages.

Once that happens, Alex was sure that they will come after his blood.


“Ok, maybe I will release Teresa, Simon, Fred, and Alice once I finish with the matters here…” Alex thought to himself, remembering that he placed Simon , Alice, and Fred inside Alina’s storage, which put them beside the real Teresa. “Maybe the Divine Knights will not be that angry to me once I did that…”


Of course Alex knew how angry people could become, so he decided to just assume for the worst.


“What, are you waiting for me to make the move?” General Draria started to look irritated, as she began to glare at Alex angrily. “I don’t have the whole day to waste with your stupid tentacle body!”

Alex knew that since General Draria was a General Class Monster, the things that she could do with her Disruption Energy will be that of high intensity and class.

But Alex also knew that even if Disruption Energy was a special kind of energy, there is still a possibility of it having a weakness.





“Disruption Energy can disrupt any kind of attack that requires the power of Energy or Essence.” Alex thought to himself as he began to slowly approach General Draria. “At first glance, that power seems to be overpowered. But, if it can only disrupt Energy and Essence, then its weakness is already quite obvious.”


Once he had reached this line of thought, Alex suddenly remembered what Asteria told to him about the Law Interaction in different Worlds.


Alex grinned, as he realized that he can apply the concepts of Law Interaction here at his battle with General Draria!


“Since Disruption Energy can only disrupt Energy or Essence, it means that it cannot disrupt anything that does not require Energy or Essence!”


This is the realization that Alex had, which sounded quite plausible to him.


“Since everything that General Draria fights with in this World require Energy or Essence to work, she had no problems shrugging of their attacks. That was the reason she seemed to be undefeatable here.” Alex thought to himself as he began to sneer. “But all of that will change now!”


At the instant that Alex determined the weakness of General Draria’s Disruption Energy, he began to devise a plan to defeat her.



“Now that I know her weakness, winning against her will be much easier!” Alex thought to himself as he began to take some deep breaths.


A few seconds passed by, and Alex was able to formulate his plan.



“Ok, so this plan of mine is the best thing that I can do to defeat General Draria…” Alex thought to himself as he began to gather his power. “If I succeed then victory is mine.”


“But if this plan of mine fails, then I will have no choice but to abandon this Bonus Mission and run away.”


If Alex’s current plan fails to defeat General Draria, then just means that the current Alex will be unable to win.

This in turn means that Alex will have no choice but to run away.

“Come on, make your move now!” General Draria smugly said as she stood in place, calmly waiting for Alex’s attack to come.


Alex snorted a little, as he realized what General Draria’s posture meant.

“General Draria is not that worried about fighting me, since she’s thinking that her Disruption Energy is enough to stop me…” Alex thought to himself as he shook his head wryly. “That is why she was confident on me making the first move, since she’s thinking that she can easily disrupt any move that I make.”


After reaching this conclusion, Alex showed General Draria a feral smile as he said,

“You want an attack! I’ll give you one!”

Alex was suddenly covered by a golden glow, which all coalesced into a golden projectile which lobbed towards General Draria.


This golden projectile was called the Golden Apple, and this is the strongest attack that the real Teresa can use.


Oh, scratch that statement,  as the Golden Apple was actually the strongest kind of attack that any Golden Knight can use.


For the Golden Apple to be used, the Golden Knight must sacrifice 6 months of his/her ability to use Golden Essence.

All this Golden Essence will be the one used to create the Golden Apple.


This rule means that once the Golden Apple was used, the Golden Knight who used it will be powerless and unable to use any Golden Essence for 6 months.


One Golden Apple = 6 months of inability to use Golden Energy.


Because of this stringent requirement, the Golden Apple was only used in desperate situations.

But using it is worth it, since the power contained within the Golden Apple is horrifyingly tremendous.


Add the attribute of the Golden Essence which was highly lethal to monsters, and the resulting Golden Apple can damage  any Monsters nearby, even General Class Monsters.

Of course, since Alex’s Golden Knight Level was only at Grade 3, the Golden Apple that he created will not be able to kill General Draria.

But it will injure her if the Golden Apple manages to hit her.



“Idiot!” This is the word that General Draria shouted as the Golden Apple sailed towards her. “Idiot!”

When Alex released his Golden Apple earlier, General Draria looked quite taken aback, and that was understandable, since she just saw a Monster using an ability that only Golden Knights can use.


But that shocked look changed to a smug one, and Alex knew why General Draira suddenly looked so smug.


It was because she must have known that the Golden Apple was made up of Golden Essence, which her Disruption Energy can disrupt!


“Well, you must have been thinking of disrupting the Golden Apple now, right?” Alex thought to himself as he saw Genera Draria raising her hands, maybe in an attempt to disrupt the Golden Apple.

“Well, unfortunately for you, that Golden Apple was my diversion!”


Before General Draria could disrupt the Golden Apple, Alex activated his FED Manipulation as he blasted General Draria with emotions of anger and self-loathing.


“Argh!” General Draria let out a shout, as she felt herself being affected by the attack.

Since Alex’s FED Manipulation was Alex’s innate ability, and not something that needed Essence or Energy to activate, there is no way that General Draria can disrupt this.

Because of that, the emotions that he blasted right towards General Draria had affected her well.

“…” However, since General Draria was still fundamentally stronger than Alex, the time span that she will be affected by Alex’s FED Manipulation will be quite short.


Around 2 second to be exact.

These 2 seconds will be the only time that General Draria will be feeling anger and self-loathing to herself.

But Alex knew that these 2 second will be enough to let him win.




With General Draria unable to make any move due to the emotion blasted to her, the Golden Apple was able to hit her unimpeded, right on her torso.


<{[ Major Telekinesis ]}>

Alex did not wait for General Draria to feel any pain as he used his Major Telekinesis to destroy all the nearby tanks and chemical bottles nearby General Draria.

Alex knew that these tanks and bottles contain dangerous and corrosive chemicals, something that could harm General Draria.

And now that General Draria had a huge, gaping hole in her torso, these dangerous chemicals will surely do a number on her too.

Before the 2-second time limit for the FED Manipulation was used up, all the chemicals that Alex released covered General Draria, burying her in hazardous stuff.

“Ahhhh!!!” General Draria shouted out as she regained her wits.

She started to writhe as she seemed to have realized what had happened to her.

But before she could stand up, she started to cough some blood as some chemicals started to enter her body through the wound in her torso, rapidly ravaging her insides.

Alex had a hand in his, as he used his Major Telekinesis to force the chemicals to enter General Draria’s body.


“Grugh...” General Draria gurgled as she glared at Alex angrily. “Grugh…”

Alex watched with amusement as the General Draria’s wound tried to heal,  but found itself unable to do so.

Even if General Draria had powerful regeneration capabilities, the presence of the Golden Essence in her wound, and the sheer amount of chemicals inside her body was just too much for her to handle.

“Yuu... vashtard…” General Draria growled to Alex as she crawled towards him, maybe in an attempt to attack him physically.

In response to this, Alex continued on breaking more tanks around her, submerging her in more and more chemicals.

In the end, even General Draria’s robust body was unable to take it anymore.

She took one last crawl forward, before her her face fell onto the floor, creating a wet splashing sound.

Alex looked slightly surprised as he saw that even now, General Draria was still breathing.

“So all those attacks that I did to her just made her unconscious?” Alex thought wryly to himself as he let out a sigh. “She really is a General Class Monster. Even someone with a soft body like her can still hold on this long…”


After muttering these words, Alex looked around him, as he observed the mess and destruction that he created.


“Someone will not be happy once they sees this…”