[Chapter 95] Wrath
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“Okay, you suceeded in your 2nd Bonus MIssion, which means that you get additional 2 years in your lifespan.” Asteria said as she looked at the destruction and mess that Alex made. “Damn Alex, you really got this General Draria so wet and bothered…”


“Quit it with the jokes Asteria.” Alex grumbled as he approached General Draria’s unconscious body.


He looked at her prone form, as if he was trying to think of something deep.


“Are you thinking if you should kill her or not?” Asteria asked as she saw the uneasy expression on Alex’s face. “You know, one stab is enough to kill this General right now…”


“Well, killing her is a little tempting, but I do not know if I should do that…” Alex muttered to himself as he let out a sigh. “You know what, f**k it, I will let this woman live.”


“So, you will just leave her here then?” Asteria queried as she perched at Alex’s shoulder.

”Of course not.” Alex said as he shook his head. “I still have some uses for her right now, and I will make sure that she fulfills her purposes well.”


“Oh, you are talking about that.” With her devious mind, Asteria realized what Alex was pertaining to. “You greedy guy, you already had 4 hostages with you, and now you will add this woman on that roster? What a way to get the ire of both sides…”


“Well, you know that my main goal is to the the cure and save the children.” Alex muttered as he approached General Draria’s body. “And I will do anything that I can in order to achieve it.”


Alex then waved his hands, as he stored General Draria’s body in Alina’s Storage.

With the injuries that she had, General Draria will surely stay unconscious for several hours.


That several hours was all that Alex needed in order for him to finish all his plans.


”From the way that you talk right now, it seems like you intend to finish your Main Mission today.” Asteria muttered as she looked at Alex’s serious expression. “Are you sure on doing that?”


“I am sure.” Alex said as he wiped some of the chemicals that landed on hit tentacles. “After all, my only mission was to save the children, nothing else. As for the other problems in this World, I have no way to solve them right now, since I have very limited power yet. So instead of wasting my time on things that I cannot do, I will just focus on the things that I can do. That will be beneficial to me and to the people in this World.”

”Well, that certainly is a little pragmatic.” Asteria said as she shook her head wryly. “But its good that you think that way, since that principle is something that any Traveler will have to follow.”


”What do you mean by that?” Alex asked after he heard what Alina said.


“Well, there will always come a time when a Traveler sees a World with a large problem. Of course they will try to help to that problem, but most of the times, their Main Mission in that World is unrelated to that problem.” Asteria said as she began to play with Alex’s tentacles once more. “Most of the times, their attempts to solve both the problem and the Main Mission does not end good for them.”


“So, you are praising me for having the mindset on being focused on the mission huh.” Alex shook his head wryly as he stretched his tentacle body. “You really are a Guide, although sometimes you are doing a s**tty job of being one.”




As Alex stretched his tentacle body, he suddenly felt an itchy sensation in his mind, which made him smile widely.

”Hehe, so Alina saw my letter already.” Alex thought with a smile, as he knew that the itchy sensation that he felt was the result of Alina deposting something in her Storage.

With Alex able to access the Storage too, he was able to feel that letter’s arrival.

Alex did not waste any time as he snatched the letter from the storage, and ripping it open for him to read.


[If you are reading this letter, then that means you are still safe.]


“Ok, that is a little weird, but since it was Alina who wrote this, maybe this message is just normal for her.” Alex thought to himself as he continued on reading the letter.



[I have received your letter earlier, and it makes me happy and relieve to see that you were safe.]


[Since you have told me about your status, I shall tell you my status then: I am safe, and I am in the right hands right now.”


“Right hands?” Alex felt a slight sense of foreboding as he reached this point. He squinted his eyes as he read the next sentence.


[I am currently with Queen Mother.]


“What the hell?” Even Asteria, who was reading beside Alex, was also surprised with what she and Alex read.


”Is she trying to send me a distress signal now?” Alex thought to himself as he thought that maybe Alina was trying to ask for his help right now. “If that was really the case, then I will not waste my time here anymore!”

Of course Alex continued reading the letter as there are still more of them.


[I am sure that by this point, you are already worried. But do not worry, since Queen Mother approached me with good intentions. With my All-Seeing Eyes, I could see that she was sincere on cooperating with me.}


“Ok, I did not expect this sudden shift in tone.” Alex muttered to himself as he shook his head. “Really…”


[Queen Mother told me a lot of things, and in my opinion, you should know about it too. So, here it is…]


The rest of Alina’s letter then explained to Alex everything about the World Tree, birth of the second World Tree, the creation of Monsters and Essence Humans, and the ongoing battle between them.

”….” Alex was somewhat speechless as he read the contents of the letter, as he thought that maybe Alina was just pranking him.


“No, Alina will not prank you.” Asteria said as she seemed to have realized what Alex was thinking of.


“You know that she is an upright person, and that she will not do anything bad to you. Plus, there is the fact that she is also smitten with you, so she cannot really bear to fool you.”   


“Just shut up, ok?” Alex muttered as he took a deep breath to calm himself down.


Alex took one more minute to sort all the information that he just got, making sure that they mesh well with his ideas.


“So, World Trees huh.” Alex said as he shook his head wryly. “Well, with this information in my hand, it makes my plan to finish the Main Mission today much, much easier.”



Alex then looked back at the letter, which still had one more unread sentence.


[If you are in a great condition now, please reply quickly. Queen Mother said that something big just happened there, and I am worried about your safety. Please reply quickly.]



Alex’s insides started to feel warm as he felt happy upon seeing Alina’s worry for him.


“Ugh, stop giving me that expression, it looks creepy af.” Asteria said as she saw the happy expression on Alex’s face. “Just write back to her now!”


“Hai, hai.” Alex replied as he got more paper and ink in his storage, which he used to give his reply letter.


With all the information that Alex gathered now, he was able to formulate a plan to complete his Main Mission.


Naturally, his plan also involved some steps that required Alina’s help.


As such, aside from the assurance of his safety, Alex’s reply letter also included his instructions for Alina, which Alina should follow if she wanted to finish the Main Mission.



After 5 minutes of writing, Alex looked at the letter that he wrote with satisfaction.


He folded it in half, and he then placed It inside the Storage.


“Hehehe, now that I gave the instructions to Alina, it is time for me to set the stage!” Alex declared as he glanced at Asteria’s direction.


“Asteria, with the additional lifespan that I obtained, it will be possible for me to get another Abyss Tome, right?”



“Hmph, why do you need to ask something like that, Captain Obvious?” Asteria grumbled as she let out a harrumph. “If you want to buy, then buy!”


“In that case, let me buy Abyss Tome: Wrath.” Alex said as he ambled towards the dry corner of the room. “In won’t hurt me to gain some offensive arsenal, after all.”


“Hmph, at least you are now getting the coolest Tome.” Asteria mumbled as he touched Alex’s forehead, prompting the symbol there to glow. “Get it while its hot…”


A new book tumbled out of Alex’s forehead, and Alex had to use his numerous tentacles to catch it well.

But even that was slightly difficult for Alex, as the book was covered in some kind of material that started to slowly destroy his tentacles.


“Holy c**p, even the book itself is a badass already.” Alex thought to himself as he observed the tome.


The tome itself looked plain, as it only looked like a black book with normal pages. But Alex could feel some kind of power hidden inside the tome that made him slightly fearful of it.


“Do not disappoint me, buddy.” Alex muttered as he fused with the tome, slowly relishing the feeling that he had inside his body.


“Yes…” Alex felt a fiery sensation in his body, which seemed to have awaken something primal and ferocious inside him.


Alex closed his eyes for a few more seconds, enjoying this sensation inside him.


“That was... certainly enlightening.” Alex muttered to himself as he let out a deep breath.


Alex then straightened his body as a challenging expression appeared in his face. “Now that I have acquired Abyss Tome: Wrath, it is time for me to start the end.”


While Alex said these words, he looked at the interface of the Abyss Tome: Wrath, noting the new skills that he gained right now.


“Not bad, not bad.”