[Chapter 96] Minor Destruction Aura
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[Grade 1 Slot] -------- Minor Destruction Aura


[Grade 2 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 2 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 3 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 3 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 4 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 4 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 5 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 5 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 6 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 6 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 7 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 7 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 8 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 8 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 9 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 9 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 10 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 10 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 11 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 11 Abyss Energy to access.


[Grade 12 Slot] -------- Needs Grade 12 Abyss Energy to access.

Alex saw the spell that he got from the Grade 1 Slot, and the explanation that he got from it made him feel happy.



[Minor Destruction Aura] --- By using this spell, its user can coat anything, including its attacks with Minor Destruction Aura. The duration and damage done will depend on the amount of aura coated.



“Hehehe, this power is so versatile…” After looking at the description of Minor Destruction Aura, Alex realized many of its possible applications.


For instance, he can coat his Electromagnetic Saber with Minor Destruction Aura, which will make its power even higher.


Alex can also apply this aura on his other attacks, like his Electromagnetic Beams and his tentacles.


“Wait…” After seeing the things that he could do with Minor Destruction Aura, Alex paused, as he suddenly thought of something important.


“If I can use Minor Destruction Aura on other objects, maybe I can use it on those things too…”


At the instant that he thought of this, Alex hastily summoned Mouth with his Pillage spell.


“skreeea!!” Mouth shouted as it looked at Alex with happily. From the looks of it, it was extremely pleased that Alex summoned it.


“I will pet you later. For now, its time to experiment.” Alex muttered to the excited Mouth as he uttered,


<{[ Minor Destruction Aura ]}>


At the instant that Alex said these words, he felt the Abyss Energy inside his body being reduced quite substantially.


Alex ignored this discovery as he saw Mouth suddenly being covered with a grey film-like coating.


“skreee?” Mouth tilted itself as it saw its body covered by this grey film. “skreee skreee?”

”Don’t worry about that Mouth.” Alex said as he tried to reassure the surprised Mouth. “That is something that I used to make you stronger.”


“skreee?” This time, Mouth sounded somewhat hopeful. It was as if what Alex just said made Mouth more excited.


“.………” Alex can understand why Mouth was feeling like this right now, as Mouth actually had no offensive capabilities at all.



Its ability to Pillage powers can only be used on people weaker than Alex, and not on people stronger than it.


Aside from this Pillage, Mouth had no other way to fight.


So this technically means that Mouth cannot actually be used to fight against strong opponents, which of course made Mouth slightly sad.


As such, the chance of it gaining the ability to fight made Mouth quite excited.


“Come on, you should test it ou now.” Alex said as he urged Mouth, who was now covered with Minor Destruction Aura, to make its move. “That aura will not last that long, you know.”


”skreeeaa!!!” Mouth immediately set itself into action after it heard what Alex said.


Mouth catapulted itself to one of the nearby tables, maybe in hopes of breaking it.




Mouth bounced up as it hit the table, as its rubbery body was not that efficient for blunt force attacks.

”skreee…” But before Mouth get disappointed from what happened, it suddenly saw something happening on the table.



Sizzling sounds could be heard from the table as a small hole appeared on it.


This hole, which was still growing larger and larger, appeared at the spot where Mouth had hit the table.


”So that is how Minor Destruction Aura works huh.” Alex muttered to himself as the hole stopped expanding when it reached the size of the coin. “I can do a lot of things with this…”


“skreee! skreee!” Mouth started to shout triumphantly as it saw what had happened to the table. “skreee skreee!”


It immediately flew towards Alex, with it starting to brag with what it did.


“skreee, skreee, skreee!”


”Yes, yes, you are the best of all.” Alex said as he patted Mouth.


To Alex’s relief, he saw that he was not affected at all by the destruction aura that was coating Mouth.


“You have done a lot already, so you should go back to sleep for now.” Alex said as he dismissed the Pillage Spell, bringing Mouth back to its resting place.



“.…..” Once Alex dismissed Mouth, he suddenly went silent, as he seemed to be deep on contemplating something.


“Hey Alex, why did you go silent just now?” Asteria inquired as she saw Alex suddenly turning silent after he finished playing with Mouth. “Did you notice something wrong?”


“No, actually, its quite the opposite.” Alex replied as his body slowly trembled.


“Eh, you noticed something good? Well, humor me and tell me what you discovered then.” Asteria said as she gave Alex a challenging smile. “Let me judge if what you discovered was really good.”

”Well, what I discovered was just simple and elegant.” Alex said as an excited smile appeared in his face.


“And that is the fact that I can combine the spells of different Abyss Tomes!”


“Elaborate please…” Asteria replied in a dull tone, as if she does not care on what Alex was talking about.


Alex tried to ignore these irritating reply by Alina as he said,


“Once I saw that I can use Minor Destruction Aura on Mouth, it was there that I realized one simple fact. And that was the fact that I used a spell from Abyss Tome: Wrath on a spell from Abyss Tome: Greed! Do you know what this fact entails Asteria? It just shows that given the right combination, I can mix and combine spells from different Abyss Tomes!”

”Ugh, stop repeating that boring explanation.” Asteria mumbled as she gave Alex a withering look. “So, that’s what you discovered? Well, congrats to you, I guess.”



”Hey, why are yo not feeling happy for me?” Alex complained as he was now pissed at Asteria’s dismissive attitude. “Shouldn’t you be clapping or doing some weird dancing routine?”


”Its because you should have already realized this fact yesterday after you obtained Abyss Tome: Greed.” Asteria replied as she shook her head. “Frankly , I am a little disappointed that you needed 3 Abyss Tomes before you realized that you can mix the spells of different Abyss Tomes. Well, at least you realized it now, so I am still congratulating you.”


”I do not know whether I should feel happy by your words or not.” Alex replied as he resorted to glaring at Asteria. “You are my Guide, Asteria, so maybe you should also give me some moral support, right?”

“Why would you need moral support from me?” Asteria drawled as she rolled her eyes. “You are a big boy now, so I am sure you do not need encouragement from a tiny girl like me.”



“Well then, I think it is time for you to grow then.” Alex jokingly replied as he observed Asteria’s tiny body. “Wait, you can enlarge yourself, right?”


However, instead of replying at Alex, what Asteria did was to suddenly drop kick Alex on his head, prompting Alex to let out a surprised yelp.


“Ouch! What was that for?”


“It’s for the fact that you asked something related to my size!” Asteria said as she almost snarled at Alex. “Asking anything related to a woman’s size is a big taboo, especially if that woman is a noble person like me!”


”I fail to see any kind of nobility on you.” Alex muttered in a low voice as he just let Asteria vent her anger.



Alex was only forgiven by Asteria after she gave him a 5-minute long tirade.


“So, what will you do now?” Asteria asked Alex in a normal voice, with the past argument already long forgotten by her. “Will you stay here or will you do something else?”


“Well-” Alex was about to give his reply when he suddenly felt a series of powerful presences rushing towards his location.


Alex smiled upon seeing this, as if he was not worried about these presences at all.


“Well, it seems like you already got the answer, Asteria.” Alex said as he stayed on where he is, with him having no intention to move at all. “I will stay here, as I need to discuss something with my visitors.”


”You really like to taunt death huh.” Asteria muttered as she shook her head in exasperation. “Well, good luck to you Alex. I hope you don’t die, since I still have to finish my remaining stock of honey.”



“Tsk, even until now, you are still talking about honey? You really are a dumb fairy.”







Alina resisted the urge to sigh as she read Alex’s reply letter to her.


“Your mate… seems to be a fairly unique person.” That was all that Queen Mother could say as she also saw the contents of Alex’s reply letter.

”Well, that is just how he likes to do things…” Alina replied as she slumped her body forward. “There’s nothing that I can do about it…”

“So, will you follow what your mate instructed you to do?” Queen Mother queried as it watched the expressions on Alina’s face.



“I trust Alex with my whole heart, so I will never doubt anything that he says.” Alina said confidently as she wore a serene smile on her face. “I am sure that everything that he did was for our best, so I will not do anything to inconvenience him.”


“So this is the power of love huh… Interesting…” Queen Mother said as she ignored the Alina’s sudden blush. “Maybe its time for me to find someone like your mate… Hey, do you mind if you share your mate with me? I will make sure that I can please you both!”


“Hell no!”

*mouthpats intensifies*