[Chapter 97] The Parallel View
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When Sylvester received the notification of Monster invasion, he almost tore the table that he was sitting on in half as anger started to fill his body.


“Those bloody bastards!” Sylvester growled as he tried to calm himself down. “They really chose to make an invasion this time around? They really want to get a beating that much huh.”


Just by looking at Sylvester, it was quite easy to see that the news of the Monster invasion seemed to have awaken something fierce inside him.


“Sylvester, you seem thrilled upon hearing about this invasion.” Mia, who was sitting in front of Sylvester, said as she saw the eager expression Sylvester’s face. “What made you this excited?”


”Hmph, you should remember all the stress that I had when Alina was kidnapped by that damn tentacle monster!” Sylvester shouted as he seemed to begin his rant.


Just seeing the face that Sylvester was wearing as he talked about Alex was enough to show the rage and anger that he was feeling. “Argh! I am so angry, even now that my daughter is back! I… I want to vent this rage on something! Argh!”


“And this Monster invasion will be your designated punching bag? Sigh…” Mia shook her head again as she gave Sylvester a wry smile. “Well, I really can’t stop you from beating them up, as we really need you there.”




Sylvester’s slightly eager expression stiffened as he heard the tone of Mia’s voice. It sounded as if Mia was somewhat worried for him.


”Mia…” Sylvester gazed at Mia, who was wearing a worried look on her face.. “Are there any General-Class Monsters in that invasion?”


Mia looked back at Sylvester, as if she was gauging him. A few seconds passed by before she gave her reply.

”…There are General-Class Monsters in that invasion.” Mia confirmed as she let out a sigh.


“How many are there?” Sylvester asked as he observed Mia’s face. “Is that bloody General Chimera there?”



“Well…” Mia’s words trailed for a second before she gave her reply. “There are… 5 General-Class Monsters in that invasion, and yes, General Chimera is there too…”


“Five? Is the Monster Faction mad?” Sylvester exclaimed as if he could not believe what he just heard. “That’s almost half of their full arsenal!”


“Sylvester, I feel like this is a trap…” Mia said as she could fully recognize that Sylvester was still ready to face the invasion even with the fact that 5 General-Class Monsters will be there. “Do you really need to go?’

”Hmph, and let some innocent people die? Hell no!” Sylvester stood up, and before Mia could fully react, he was already donning his golden armor and his halberd.


“Sigh, since I can’t stop you now, you should promise to come back safe, Sylvester.” Mia said as she knew that she cannot stop him now. “You still have a daughter and a new kid waiting for you to come back.”


Mia then proceeded to stroke her tummy while saying these words, as she showed a very fawning expression on her face.


“Of course Mia, I will come back alive.” Sylvester said as he gave a warm look at Mia’s stomach. “I still have to see my junior after all.”


“Junior? Hmph, why are you assuming our baby’s gender already!” Mia pouted as she glared at Sylvester. “Don’t you want it to be a girl?”


“Uh well…” Sylvester stuttered, as he knew that any answer that he gives now will just set Mia off. “I’ll answer that later! I need to go now!”


After saying these words, Sylvester flew out of the window, as he used his Golden Essence to propel him across the sky.


“Sigh, what a fool hardy guy.” Mia said as she shook her head. She then continued on stroking her tummy as a satisfied expression appeared on her face.

”Let’s wait for your father to come back, okay?”



With the power that he had as a Divine Knight, Sylvester was able to reach the site of the Monster invasion.


What he saw was the usual sight that he saw every time that he fought Them.


He saw hordes of monsters cutting through countless structures, which led to countless horrific deaths.


And during his arrival right now, Sylvester saw a running farmer being crushed by one of the elephant-like Monsters.


Naturally, this sight and the other deaths that he saw made Sylvester livid.




With his status as the Golden Divine Knight, Sylvester has a very high level of the control of Golden Essence.

This meant that he can use enormous amounts of Golden Essence in order to create attacks with power magnitudes higher than before.

This level of control also allowed Sylvester to fashion new spells that will be much more damaging against Monsters.


“Die, all of you scum!” Sylvester shouted as a golden orb of light, around 5 storeys tall appeared above him.

This golden orb shook for a second, before it broke down into thousands of sword-shaped golden projectiles.

<{[ Golden Shower ]}>


All of the golden swords rained upon the battlefield, skewering countless Monsters on the ground.


None of the Monsters were able to resist the golden swords, as they all dissolved into ash.



“Swish, swish, swish.”


Sylvester looked at the other sides of the battlefield, and there he could see the other Divine Knights killing more Monsters.

To his surprise, he could also see Divine Mage Imago among the attackers.


“Boom!” After seeing this Divine Mage, Sylvester wasted no time as he flew towards him, with the matter of his daughter resurfacing in his mind.

”Hey Imago.” Sylvester said as his Golden Shower continued on killing more and more Monsters. “What is your diagnosis of my daughter’s condition?’



“Oh, about that little kid? Sorry, but before I could scan her whole body, I received the notification about the attack here.” Divine Mage Imago apologetically said as he also continued on killing Monsters. “I have no choice but to postpone your daughter’s check-up for later. You’re just fine with that, right?”


As Divine Mage Imago said these words, Sylvester could see countless chemicals spilling out of Divine Mage Imago's body, effectively killing most of the Monsters below. As for the Monsters that survived, they all suffered misfortune as they experienced mutations that will make them wish they were dead.

Sylvester naturally did not feel pity for them as he and Divine Mage Imago did not stop their attacks.

”I can understand your decision.” Sylvester said as he saw the field clearing a little. “My daughter can still deal with her problems, but the people here could not. The better choice is already obvious here.”


After saying these words, Sylvester paused for a second, as he felt as if there was something wrong with the current situation.


At the distance, he could see the General-Class Monsters facing off against some Divine Knights.


Sylvester was not sure why, but something seems off with the way the General-Class Monsters fought.

It was as if they were stalling for time, instead of going in for a kill.


This wrong feeling only lasted for a second, before Sylvester continued talking to Divine Mage Imago.

“That’s my exact thought comrade.” Divine Mage Imago said as he winked at Sylvester. “Hey, how about you go with me to visit some beautiful courtesans later? You will surely love it!”

”You now that I am taken already.” Sylvester replied wryly as he shook his head. “Also, I am about to be a father again, so I have to make Mia much happier than before.”


“Oh, congratulations!” Divine Mage Imago seemed to be not disappointed that he was turned down as he started clapping for Sylvester. “Is it a boy or a girl?”


“I still do not know.” Sylvester replied as he shook his head. “But I will know that later once I come back from here.”


“I am sure Teresa will be happy that she will have a new sibling at the end of the year.” Divine Mage Imago said as he clasped Sylvester’s shoulders. “I think you shou-”


Any words that Divine Mage Imago wanted to say next were all cut off as his face suddenly paled, as if he suddenly received an extremely bad news.

Sylvester immediately noticed the ugly look on Divine Mage Imago’s face, prompting him to ask,


“Hey, what’s the matter?”


“That f**king b**ch!” Divine Mage Imago shouted as he gritted his teeth. “One of the Mages in the Mage Division Building told me that after I left the building, a large horde of Monsters stormed inside the building, killing countless of Mages!”


“That is not good.” Sylvester replied as he felt the same sinking sensation that Divine Mage Imago had. “That is not good at all.”


“And you know what was worse?” Divine Mage Imago said as his face started to turn red with fury. “That Monster Horde was led by General Draria! She’s currently inside the building according to the message!”



At this point, Sylvester immediately realized the wrong feeling that he noticed earlier.


“This invasion here is just a diversion!” Sylvester declared as he looked at the ensuing battle around him. “We were all fooled!”


How could he have not noticed it earlier?


The General-Class Monster were fighting in a passive way because they were trying to prolong the battle here! They wanted to make the Divine Knights and Mages stay here as long as possible!

Their real goal must have been something inside the Mage Division Building, which was proven by the fact that General Draria, who was highly effective against Mages, was currently leading an invasion there!



“Took you long to notice, Sylvester.” General Chimera, who was busy battling two Divine Knights in front of him, suddenly said as everyone on the field heard what Sylvester said.


”You!!!” Sylvester’s body glowed as he tried attack General Chimera.


But before he could do so, he saw General Chimera saying something that made him more panicked.


”Retreat!” General Chimera shouted as he flew backwards.


At the instant that General Chimera said these words, all the Monsters on the field, including the other General-Class Monsters, all followed him.


Sylvester and the others watched in dismay as they saw the retreating army. Their dismay was only compounded as they saw the smug expression on General Chimera’s face, as if he was saying,


‘I win.’


“Don’t chase them! We need to rally at the Mage Division Building!” Divine Mage Imago shouted as some of the Divine Knights tried to chase the retreating army. “If we can go back now, we could still stop General Draria from getting what she wanted!”

“Teleport us now then.” Sylvester said as he glared at Divine Mage Imago. “I need to be there now!”

Aside from the fact that there is something that General Draria wanted to get from the Mage Division Building, Sylvester was also worried about the fact that his daughter Teresa was there too!


Even if Teresa was just as tough and unyielding as him, Sylvester was not sure if even she can survive against General Draria!


“Sorry, but we cannot teleport anywhere near the building.” Divine Mage Imago hesitantly said as he wilted under Sylvester’s cloudy expression. “General Draria used her power to destroy any possible teleportation points around the building, making it impossible to teleport there…”


“Then teleport us to the teleport point that is nearest to the Mage Division Building!” Sylvester practically shouted as he glared at Divine Mage Imago.




None of the Divine Knights admonished him, as they all looked to be in rush too.


“Ok ok, I am doing it now!” The Divine Mage said as Sylvester felt his surroundings blurring around him.




One second later, and Sylvester found himself in a different place.


“Here, this is the best that I can do!” Divine Mage Imago said as he glanced at Sylvester. “Is this ok for you?”


“We shall see.” Sylvester said as he immediately used his senses to know his distance from the Mage Division Building.


“10 kilometers huh. This is just enough.” Sylvester said as he wasted no time. He decisively used his top speed to fly towards the besieged building. His daughter’s life is at stake here, so he will not just dawdle here!

”Teresa, wait for me! I will come and save you!”


Alex: What word means both sad and mad?

Alina: Malcontented, disgruntled.

Asteria: Smad.

Alex: .........

Alina: .........