[Chapter 99] Worst Day of My Life
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<<<Why are we retreating now? There are still a lot of Humans that we can kill!>>>


{{{He’s right you know. Huhuhu, there are still a lot of fair maidens there that I wanted to enjoy!}}}


|||You even forgot to bring some prisoners with you… How could you not allow me to torture some of those damned Humans?|||


~~~Hey! Big Bro Chimera is just following the plan! Don’t antagonize him that much!~~~

<<<Look who’s talking. Weren’t you crying earlier because you saw a girl being bisected in half? You even asked General Chimera to heal her! What a disgrace!>>>


{{{I thought you were made up of stuff stronger than us. It seems like you are just one useless softie.}}}


|||If you only had a real body, I could have tortured you already. Its too bad we were only figments of mental constructs…|||



~~~You’re all bullying me again! Waaahhh!!!~~~




General Chimera massaged his massive forehead as he was forced to listen to the arguments made by his extra consciousnesses.


Listening to the bickering was already hard for him, but for them to be this noisy during the battle? That is just enough to piss him off.


But General Chimera held these pissed feelings inside him, as there was something right now that is making him feel extremely jubilated.


“Hehehe, with this plan that I concocted, I am sure that I can bring that Sylvester down on his knees.” General Chimera muttered darkly to himself. “Hmph, they will all see it…”



General Chimera’s plan with the other General-Class Monsters was just simple.



They will try to find a way to abduct Teresa, who was Divine Knight Sylvester Glaivewood’s daughter.


Of course this is somewhat hard, but General Chimera already had a way to do this.


Once Teresa goes on a place where she can be abducted, General Chimera will create a distraction that will attract many Divine Knights. Once the Divine Knights and Mages were away, abducting Teresa will just be a piece of cake.

Of course General Chimera knew that the type of distraction will only depend on the kind of place that Teresa goes…


Fortunately for General Chimera, their spies inside the Human Faction will be telling them every movement of Teresa.


And luckily for General Chimera, he received a report from one of his spies earlier that Teresa was going to the Mage Division Building for some kind of checkup.


When General Chimera received this information, he knew that the time for them to execute the plan has come.


General Chimera immediately commanded his fellow Generals to lead a massive army to invade the Human Faction.

The larger the army is, the better it will be to distract them.


After giving this command, General Chimera then instructed General Draria to attack the Mage Division Building when its Divine Mage was distracted by the invasion.


All that General Draria had to do there was to get Teresa and then leave the place.


“Hehehe, with all the distractions that we have done, I am sure that General Draria have already gotten Teresa.” General Chimera thought to himself as he and his army sped up towards the land of the Monster Faction.



He then started to whistle with his countless lips, creating eerie and hair-raising sounds that made some of his followers wince in pain.


It was quite obvious that General Chimera was quite in a good mood.


This good mood however was broken when one of their spies managed to send a message to him.


[Esteemed Genera Chimera, General Draria has failed in her mission to obtain the target. She was taken out by a Great Elderitch Monster, who seemed to be the Visitor Monster that appeared in this World weeks ago. General Draria was currently unconscious, and it seemed like she was being used in a sort of bargain between the Great Elderitch MOnster and the Divine Knights.]


“No!” General Chimera let out a furious shout, which echoed throughout the whole area. “Son of a b**ch!”


General Chimera was quite furious when he realized that his plan to capture Teresa had backfired horribly on them.


Not only did they fail to get Teresa, one of their Generals were even captured by a third party!



Calling this a humiliating defeat is just a massive understatement.


“What do we do now, General?” General Oni asked as he gave General Chimera an irritated look. “We just f**ked up big time here!”




The other Generals started to glare at General Chimera too, as if they were blaming him for what had happened.


“I…” General Chimera started to talk, as he thought of ways to salvage their current situation.


But before he could say something, he and the other Generals received another message.

This message however did not come from any of their spies.


This message came from the Queen Mother herself.


[My dear children, I have decided to do something regarding the matter of our battle with the Humans. Because of the sensitivity of my decision, I wanted you all to hear it right in front of me. So, I command you all, my Generals to go in my dwelling place. There, we will talk.]



“.….” After General Chimera received this message, his heart started to beat fast, as if he felt that things were about to get exciting right now.


“Wait, so does this mean that we should abandon General Draria first?” General Intra asked angrily, with his roiling slime body showing his anger. “It seems unfair!”



“Well, we have no choice now but to follow Queen Mother.” General Oni authoritatively said, interrupting General Chimera. “But I think you should not worry about Draria. She is a survivor, and I am sure that she will not be killed by the enemy. She’s far too valuable for that.”

“If you say so…” General Intra replied softly as he continued glaring at General Chimera.



General Chimera could only look down after receiving the glare, as he knew that he really f**ked up now.



<<<Well, you can just kill your way to save General Draria later…>>>


{{{And while you are at it, try to get many beautiful female Mages! I am sure that we will have some good time with them!}}}


|||Give me some tough Mages too. I want to test my whipping skills on them…|||


~~~Oh, get some toys for me too!~~~

General Chimera let out another sigh, as he realized that his day is just about to get worse.



With the speed that they were travelling, it took General Chimera and his companions an hour to reach their base.


Once they arrived, General Chimera and the other Generals rushed towards Queen Mother’s dwelling, with them not wasting any time at all.




The doors opened audibly as the Generals rushed inside the room.


“Greetings, Queen Mother…” All the Generals said as they knelt down in front of a tree. They then kissed the ground as they started prostrating in front of the tree.


“Greetings to all of you too.” The tree replied as its branches swayed lightly. “All of you can stand up now.”


”Thank you for your generosity, Queen Mother.” The Generals said as they hastily stood up.


“Ok, since you are all here now, except for Draria who was captured by the enemy, I supposed I can start telling about my decision.” Queen Mother said as she ignored the tension between the Generals.



“Simply speaking, I want you all to meet and talk with the Divine Knights on a neutral meeting place.” Queen Mother said as some of her leaves fell off her body. “You will have to talk and make a deal with them about… something important.”


The stunned silence that followed after that was only broken when General Chimera spoke up.


”Talk with them? There is no way that we will do that!” General Chimera said as his massive body started to flare up in anger.


“They killed a lot of our brethren, and we also killed a lot of their Humans too. Do you think we can just happily sit on the table and talk with each other? There is no way that can happen!”


“I understand your pain, Chimera.” Queen Mother said as her trunk slightly shook. “However, I had already made up my mind, and there is no way that I will let you violate my wants. Don’t worry, this decision of mine is for the benefit of the Monster Race…”


”I… understand. Forgive me for my impertinence.” General Chimera said as he and the other Generals bowed their heads in guilt. “I let my anger get the better of me.”


”Don’t be sorry, Chimera, you are allowed to be angry.” Queen Mother replied softly as her leaves slowly caressed the moping General. “But for this time, please hold in the anger, okay?”



“Great! Now that you all have agreed to go to the meeting, let me introduce you the person that will represent the Monster Faction in that meeting.” Queen Mother’s branches emulated the sound of a clap as a person walked from behind her.


This person continued walking until she was facing the Generals.


“Hello to all of you.” The person said as she gave them a small smile. “I’m Alina, and I hope we can all cooperate with each other.”


General Chimera’s eyes slightly widened as he saw an extremely beautiful vampire in front of him.


This vampire seemed to be wearing all the beautiful quantities that any beauty should have.


Her beauty was so great General Chimera even had the thought that General Draria’s beauty pales in comparison to this vampire’s beauty!



“My Generals, she is Vampire Queen Alina, and she will be the one that will present my ideals at the meeting later.” Queen Mother said as she observed the slightly astonished faces of her Generals. “She may be a Visitor Monster, but I trust her, and I wish you will all do the same thing too.”


{{{Damn! General Chimera, there is no way that you can stop me from taking this vampire! If I just have a body now, I would have been salivating already! Damn, just damn!”


|||What a magnificent body… I wonder how she would hold up under intense stress?|||

<<<It will be a shame if she get killed…>>>


~~~Hey, she can be my new Big Sis! I hope she is not a pedo like General Draria!”










General Chimera was now sure of it.


This day really is the worst day of his life.


Well, volume 2 will end in around 6-10 chapters... I hope the ending will not be like volume 1...