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As I regained consciousness, a throbbing pain coursed through my body, a relentless reminder of my existence. I tried to move, but my limbs felt heavy and unresponsive. Panic welled up inside me as I realized I was trapped within this fragile, uncooperative body. My vision, clouded by a disorienting haze, barely allowed me to make out the dim, surroundings. I could see the crumbling stone walls and the faint flicker of candlelight dancing on the temple's decaying altar.

The air was heavy with the scent of dampness and decay. Every effort to speak was met with silence. My vocal cords refused to cooperate, rendering me mute, unable to voice my fear and confusion. It was as if my very voice had abandoned me, leaving me isolated in this desolate place. My senses further betrayed me. Sounds that should have filled the air—the distant hum of a bustling city, the chirping of birds, or even the sound of my own breath—all were absent. I was deaf, cut off from the auditory world, trapped within a cocoon of eerie stillness. As I lay there, paralyzed and helpless, a profound sense of despair washed over me.

I tried to recall my past, to remember the person I had once been, but the memories felt distant, like a dream fading upon waking. Who was I? How had I come to be in this forsaken temple? I attempted to move my fingers, to drag my useless body from the cold, unforgiving ground, but it was futile. My limbs remained unresponsive, my body little more than dead weight. I tried to sleep, but the more he wanted to sleep, the more he couldn't sleep.

The time was so long, and Kai was tortured to despair by the loneliness. "Boom..." A mighty thunderstorm suddenly sounded, startling Kai. Listening to the thunder in this state brought Kai an unprecedented feeling, as if he was in the sky and felt the dance of the thunder. This mysterious feeling penetrated into his heart like lightning, swept away the fear, anxiety, depression and confusion in Kai heart, and calmed his heart. It didn't take long for the rain to fall. Kai eyelids trembled, and he heard raindrops falling in his ears, and he could hear the raindrops hitting the ground, rocks, flowers and plants.

Time seems to slow down at this moment. Drops of rain smashed into leaves and ground, transmitting the sound making Kai felt rather tired due to his current situation decided to sleep for a moment as he currently could not move at all. After a couple of hour Kai heart shook as he could see a group of people approaching the temple.

"Thanks god this mountain temple is still there, if this mountain temple collapses in a couple of year, there will be less place to stay in this Shan Yang Mountain!" said the man in front unfortunately all Kai could hear is merely some barely audible sound come from the man. "Ah, Brother Kong, there is someone here!" Hearing the exclamations nearby, Kai breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, him to the hospital. he could finally be saved. Hearing the sound, Zhang Kong hurriedly walked around the statue of the mountain god, and sure enough, he saw a person lying behind him.

The man behind the statue of the mountain god kept his eyes closed and motionless, with a unkempt face and ragged clothes. He was in a state neither dead or alive. The young man who first spotted the beggar took a step closer and squatted down and touched his forehead. "Brother Kong this beggar is still alive , but his forehead is so hot, what should I do?"

What are you going to do of course call the police or ambulance! ! If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't speak now, Kai really wanted to scream to bring him to hospital. He hadn't noticed that these people were calling him a beggar. Zhang Kong frowned, then said. "In this barren mountains far from city or even village, it seems that this beggar won't be able to survive for long. I'll give him some hot water to see if he can drink it, sigh, this shitty world!"

"Hey let's go, and start the fire..." said the young man while the surrounding people shook their heads and sighed, and walked away one after another.'' Wait! what are you doing? why are you going away? Call the police!'' The reactions of these people were completely different from what Kai thought, making him both dazed and panicked...