01- The beginning of everything
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Year 1600. (160 years after the great blood war.)

The Holy Kingdom. Duchy of IronHeart.

The August sun was strong, scorching the town of NorthWind with its heat. 

In a training room there was a young man of around 12 years old lying on the floor panting, next to him there was a shield and a worn wooden sword, showing that it was used a lot. 

In front of him was a man in his 40s giving off a dangerous, serious aura. This young man and this man were respectively Henry Lionheart, the young heir to the duchy,the man standing in front of him was the Duke of the North, better known as the Protector of the North. The resemblance between father and son was remarkable, they both had purple hair and purple eyes, and both had pale skin which could confuse them with women. 

Duke Evan the Lionheart was known for being ruthless, but here he was smiling at his son and said: "You're still very weak, you could barely get close to me" while laughing. 

Henry raised his upper body and said "Wait when I go to the Empire's military academy for you to see, I will be a general."

"HAHAHAHAH You can barely use a little strength and hope to reach the rank of general, you need to train a lot if you want that. Now get up and go take a shower, I don't want your mother to curse me again." The young man stood up and laughed as he ran out of the room "I'M GOING TO TELL MOM YOU SPANKED ME AND SAID SHE WOULDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE ME."

The Duke 'Damn if this brat says that she will be angry with me for another 1 week' then ran after the young man who had walked out of the training room door. But it was too late, standing in the hallway was a beautiful woman apparently in her 30s, with an angry face. This was Ellen, Henry's mother and the Duke's wife, many said that the only person who scared him was his wife. 

"Haha baby, what are you doing here? I thought you went to have tea with your friends!". Ellen, still looking angry, replied brusquely, "I went, but I thought I'd come back and surprise you two, but I didn't expect you to have brought him here and on top of that SPANKED MY BABY!!!". The Duke had a bitter smile and continued to the dining room.

In the room there was a large table with several chairs, and several dishes. When they sat down, the biggest troublemaker arrived and sat down. "Mom and Dad, are we going to eat? Haha" Henry said with a half-hearted laugh not funny. They both nodded and began to eat silently. Then it was broken by Henry who said "Tomorrow I want to go to the duchy's training camps, if I'm going to be the heir I need to know how everything works. 

Taking both parents by surprise, they remained silent for a while then looked at each other and the duke spoke first "Okay, tomorrow you will begin your training with the soldiers of the duchy...". Then Ellen intervened "Wouldn't it be dangerous? He's never done that before." 

"It's okay mom, I'm big now and I can handle some soldiers." Everyone was silent again and then Henry got up and headed to his room after dinner. 'HAHA I can't wait to get stronger and show that old man a good spanking'. And he slept thinking about the next day.

(Sorry, English isn't my first language, so there may be mistakes, I'll call an editor friend of mine to help me in the later stages. Thank you for reading my story.❤️)