Chapter 3: First Gathering (2).
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Warning: These Chapters will or may contain depictions of violence, strong language and adultery that may not be suitable for some readers. 


The crew journeys out of their safe home and into a chaotic wasteland.


After driving out the vehicle is filled with a awkward silence. Only the breathing of themselves could be heard freshly.

The driver looks at the back and sighs at their social awkwardness. She gets up out of her seat.

"You can take over", She said the guy beside her.

He nods and shifts to her seat.

She stands at the edge of the front with her hands fold.

"So, why don't we introduce ourselves", She said out loud so everyone could hear.

The lady began to speak, "My name is Syria Ross, I'm one of the coordinators and captains for this team. The other he's over there", Syria pointed at the man that's now driving. 

"Anyone else?".

For a while no one accepted the challenge. But after some time the guy smoking the cigarettes stood up.

He took the lit cigarette out of his mouth and threw it away. He let a sigh that everyone around could hear and then proceeded to side eye Syria.

He put on unexpected smile on his face and began to talk, "*Sigh* My name is Kerado Gomez and I guess I'm just a normal gatherer".

After introducing himself he sat down. Seeing the girl to his left got up.

"My name is Alisha Holodov and I'm a super hot girl as you can see. I like pink, purple, blue.." Alisha started to boost about herself to everyone.

Kerado patted her on the back on said, "..Shut up".

Alisha paused her boosting, "Ok", And then she took a seat.

The girl to Kerado's right now got up and started speaking, "Ummm, I'm Samirah Holodov and by other faces only, me and Alisha are twin sisters", When seat she turned her blank expression to a frown, as she had to tell her name, cause she felt obligated cause of Kerado.

Lu, who is Cyan, stands up after Samirah took a seat, "Well, My name is Lu Chang, but some people call me.. Cyan".

"(Cyan.. that's the name of a color)", The guy in glasses said in his head.

The creepy man with orange hair started to get up slowly. When he was finally standing straight he started to speak.

With a weird emo tone he said, "My name.. is Jackson Lewis", After saying that he fell back on to the seat as if the words he said was killing him.

"(That was weird)", Alisha said to herself.

The guy with glasses then stood up from his seat. He lift his glass to set them properly.

He then calmly and shyly spoke his name to the crew, "My name is... Dauntea Lawrence", his voice was heart warming, because of his shy personality.

Samirah in her mind moans, "Aww".

Ken now got up and began to introduce himself with a smile, "Ahem.. My name is Ken Lincoln!", He exclaimed.

The silence filled the vehicle when Ken shouted his name. The awkwardness was demolished by Syria.

"Ok, any else?", No answered her question.

Syria looked at the girl with cyan colored hair and said, "What about", She said pointing at the girl.

The girl caught Syria finger pointing at her and said, "I'll like to keep my information private", She said gleefully.

"Alright what about you Zen?", She asked the guy driving the vehicle.

"You did already", He said.

"*Sigh*, Alright", She stormed back to the front and sat in other seat.





The crew arrived at a still standing skyscraper. 

The place is untidily over grown. Vines and leaf creepy up buildings with life as if it was sentient. 

The crew marched out of the vehicle one by one. After they were all out Syria began to explain what they had to do.

"Ok, so does everyone knows the basics if what their suppose to do?", She asked.

"Yeah, we're suppose to go in, find shit that is useable or needed and get our fine asses out", He explained.

"Hmm, that pretty much some up everything. Let's begin. Just stay behind!", She I instructed.

She walked into the almost destroyed building.

"Are you guys nothing go?", Zen asked.

He had black lines under his eyes, his hair is black, while his eyes are an unusual and rare crimson red.

Seeing his dark eyes they stood there to admirer them.

Zen's patience expired, "Are you dunce, heading in there or are going come suck my dick?", He asked.

After that interrogation, they began to march inside.

"*Sigh* I can't bother with this shit", He said to himself.


Inside a creepy and dark aura enveloped the building. Syria turned on the flash light on her helmet and started to venture in the might infested structure.

Her crew follow behind. They turn on their flash lights as well and venture along with Syria.

"We should spread out", Zen suggest.

"In pairs", He reinstated.

"Fine, I'll pair up with you", Syria said.

Thinking fast Alisha said, "Then I will pair with Kerado", while smiling.

Samirah looked at her sister, Alisha and huffed. 

"Umm, I'll pair with Cyan", Ken said.

There were four people left, who were not paired.

Samirah looked at Jackson, then Dauntae, then the girl with cyan colored hair. She then turned her eyes to look at Dauntea. 

"I'll pair up with glasses", She said while pointing at Dauntea. 

Jackson and the small lady looked at each other.

"I guessed.. i'm paired with you", Jackson stated.

"Ok now that all of us are paired, we will now begin the search. Me and Zen search the north down here and Dauntea's group will search the south. Kerado's group on the east and Jackson on the west", Syria explained.

Syria saw that Ken's group was still left.

"Chang and Ken you'll go upstairs", She said.

"Once we're finished with down here, we'll go take over up there", She said.

Ken tried to understand the instructions that he and Cyan was given. When he comprehended what she said; questions started to pop up in his head.

Ken asked one the dwelling questions that was in his mind at that time, "Wait are you saying that me and Cyan who are amateurs, are going to clear the up floor alone?".

"Well.. until we are finished", Syria answered.

"What's if their are some creep crawls up there?", He asked.

"Wait.. what if their are some down here?!", Alisha said from the back.

Zen voice than parted the rising conflict, "Are you scared?", He asked.

With those three words Ken's passive pride and active ego, fully activated, "Ofcourse not!", He said well sweat drops ran down his face.

"Is that so?", Zen questioned.

"It is so!", He argued with Zen.

"If so than take your ass up there and start working", He said with a annoyed voice.

Ken's pride began to boil, but he also felt scared as he was lowering than this man that stood before him. He wanted his ego to shine and blind the others. Even though he didn't really care about his life,... he treasured his pride and ego more.

Ken clinched his tightly. He felt like throwing a fist with al his might at Zen's prefect face, but he felt fear. Fear which stopped him from assault and insulting this man.

He spat out his pride for the time being, "..Fine.".

"Come on Cyan", He said with bitter tone.

"Ok", Cyan said; felling something off about Ken.


Ken and Cyan ventured for the stairs to the upper floor.

"I found it!", Cyan shouted from behind Ken.

Cyan pointed at the stairs. It was infested with moss. Dead rats and fungus stained the duo's noises as they pass to go upstairs.

When they arrive up their, a unsettling aura climbed up both Cyan's and Ken's spines. They turned their heads to the floor.

When the light from their helmets touched the ground around them, they felt their legs get weak.

Dozens and dozens of dead, rotting bodies on the floor. Large bloomed flowers were planted on the floor.

The stem of the flowers started towards Ken and Cyan. Their hearts skipped a beat when they saw the sentient plant.

The stem and of the flowers than started to look about, calming down both Cyan and Ken.

"(How are we going to find anything up here with these things?)", Ken asked himself. 


Downstairs, the team was working silently.

Zen and Syria entered at a narrow room in the highrise building. Inside they found old desk, chairs and computer's.

Zen approach the facility more closely and saw on one of the desktops a ID was sitting on top of it.

On the ID was a male with, brown hair, glasses, white suit and black tie. The man's name was Richard Glendevan, born June 8, 2031. Under the ID was paste Newer Pastures.

A memory formed in Zen head.

With a hesitant voice he stuttered out, "T-this.. this i-is...".

He voice shaky and unbearable to listen to.

Syria tried to comfort Zen, even though she was unaware of his uneasiness.

"What's wrong?", Syria with a calm accent questioned Zen.

"I-it all started.. here", He finally spat out.


Upstairs, Cyan and Ken were questioning themselves. They were scared and worried. Cyan wanted to turn back, while Ken wanted to continue onwards.

"They aren't attacking us", Cyan said a wavering voice.

The plants bodies were pointing towards the duo, but they weren't taking any further action. They were only swinging their bodies like leads on a tree.

"Let's turn back and update the others about the situation", Cyan tried to convince Ken.

Ken face turned dark. His pride began to activate, passively.

With a sturdy voice he told Cyan, "Your right. We should.. turn back".

Cyan felt a wave of relief know that his egoistic friend was convinced by his words.

Ken began to speak again, "But I'm not turning back".

"What? Why not?", A fury of question sprout into Cyan's head.

Ken didn't answer Cyan with his words, nor his actions.

Ken began to walk towards the infested area with the sentient plants and the rotting bodies.

Ken continued to walk until he was right beside one of the plants. Ken turned his head to look at the plant.

Ken heart began to beating the fastest it had ever beat when he turned his head. The plant was looking straight into the soul of Ken.

Ken felt a strong urge to turn back, but his pride was stronger. He continued his journey through the minefield of sentient plants.

All the plants move their heads in the direction where Ken was.

Buckets of sweat fell down Ken faces. He felt like he wanted to cry and piss his pants, but he kept his self together.

Well all this was happening, Cyan watched in awe. He was counting down the seconds before Ken was attacked by the monsters as he felt as he didn't have nothing else to do.

Ken stepped onwards. A crack beneath Ken feet created a thrilling sound.

The plants started make a stretch. They fling their heads towards Ken.

Terror filled the heart of Ken, seeing those monster lunged at him. He felt like his life was over.

Right when his life flashed before his eyes the ground below him break. Before the monsters could get a chew out of Ken he fell down to the lower floor.

Cyan shouted out his name after seeing him in danger, "KEN!!!".

The monsters turned their attention towards Cyan.

Ken who was falling to his death reached out a hand trying to save himself. His hand was to far from the crack, so he continued to fell.