Chapter 2: Birth of a Genius?
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Zhen Shi who had been preparing for death, couldn't help but doubt that he was imagining this sound.

Nevertheless, his doubts were washed away as a monotonous, and lifeless robot-like voice rang out within his head. He couldn't say for sure, but the voice seemed a tad bit feminine.

System Activated!

Congratulations to the user for witnessing the descent of the Godly Otaku Divine System. The Godly Otaku System is a legendary existence that would be sought after by the gods themselves!

Zhen Shi was elated at receiving this chance at survival and becoming the owner of a system. Yet he calmed himself down while contemplating this message... Since the system clearly mentioned that it would be sought after even by gods, it would be best if he kept the existence of the system to himself.

However, his thoughts were distracted by the notifications of the system.


The user's current body is crippled, unstable, and devoid of all potential.

Physical and Spiritual Assimilation of the host body incomplete.

Destroyed Primordial Chaos base detected within the dantian. Repairing...

Broken Soul root nodes detected. Addition of optimal soul roots initiated...

Zhen Shi could vaguely sense some parts within his body shifting and changing. As this continued he could feel his body grow lighter and stronger. It was almost as if he had been wearing weights the entire time and they were suddenly removed. He felt free and liberated, better than he had felt ever before.

Despite the threat to his life, Zhen Shi's body and mind were celebrating this newfound freedom.

However, the system notification rang and the monotonous voice spoke out once more, causing him to pause.


Primordial Chaos Base repaired.

Soul Roots of four elements- Fiery, Earthen, Aqua, and Aerial successfully formed.


Detected cultivators in the vicinity and trace amounts of qi. Since the user body is currently incapable of holding qi, Physical Assimilation to the new body has been initiated...

And completed!

Suddenly Zhen Shi began to feel some strange yellow energy entering into his body with every breath, and even through the pores on his skin. This energy would enter and subsequently leave in the same manner.

It was as if he had been blind this entire time and had just gained vision. Surprisingly this process continued to repeat again and again. After contemplating this process for a while and with his own knowledge, Zhen Shi could only conclude that this energy was the legendary Qi!

The cyclic process of qi entering and leaving was strange, but natural at the same time... as if he was merely breathing. With each cycle of qi entering and leaving his body, his body slowly grew stronger. His blood vessels, organs, and bones improved while his muscles strengthened.

But suddenly he sensed a strong burning sensation around his stomach along with several gentle sensations. He could only assume that this was due to some process taking place in the dantian, which he knew was a cultivation related energy center located around the stomach area.

And he was correct. Within his body just behind the stomach was a large egg-like node that had not been there before, the Dantian!

However unknown to even Zhen Shi, within his dantian was a vast almost limitless space. And at the very center of this space was a sphere of pitch-black chaotic energy.

There was something ancient and undoubtedly savage about it... This energy was unruly and unstable causing even the vast space within the dantian to show small cracks under its fearsome power. Occasionally a strand of chaotic energy would leak out of the globe and writhe about like a serpent before returning back to the energy sphere.

This sphere of energy could only be the primordial chaos base!

Surrounding the primordial chaos base were four crystals of different colors; a greenish-white crystal with the clear imprint of a tornado, an aquamarine blue crystal with the faint imprint of a sea, an earthen brown crystal with the faint imprint of a mountain range, and finally a fiery orange crystal with the faint imprint of a flaming volcano. These were the embryonic forms of the four soul roots, the soul root nodes!

With the inner-view of the dantian, one could see how the absorbed qi was being rapidly pulled into the primordial chaos base, never to be seen again. The small amount of qi that did leave his body was released through the four soul root crystals...

However, Zhen Shi could see none of this, and despite being blessed with these gifts that would cause any other cultivator to drool in jealousy, he was still unable to use them to thwart the incoming attack of the Xue Yue cultivators.

Even with his newly enhanced body, he was like a strand of grass attempting to block a river.

Fortunately for him, the formation of the four spiritual root nodes caused a strange resonance with nature and sent out a weak but mysterious wave of energy.

This wave of energy immediately caused the attacking Xue Yue cultivators to stop in wariness and go on the defensive. They hurriedly began to look at their own bodies and fearfully inspected themselves for dangerous after-effects.

It wasn't that this energy was particularly powerful, it was simply strange and unique. Besides having been fearful of a 'divine prophet' who spoke of gods, it made sense for them to be fearful of the sudden manifestation of a unique 'attacking' energy. After all, divine prophets were a rare class of cultivators famous for their god-like prowess and unusual attacks.

Now that the attack had stopped for a moment, Zhen Shi could let out a breath of relief. But at the same time, the system rang out in his head in its monotonous voice.


The Godly Otaku System has been activated.

Zhen Shi who should've been celebrating his newfound abilities and system was rather calm. Perhaps it was the qi running in his veins or the strange connection he had with nature. Or maybe it was something else entirely. Either way, he calmly thought what anyone with a system should think, "Status!"

Instantly a status screen containing information popped up in his mind.

User: Zhen Shi

Cultivation Level: Mere mortal [Next Level-Elementary Qi Stage 1]

Cultivation energy: None

Race: Probably Human

Cultivation Path: Base-Pending Selection

EXP points: 0/100

OP(Otaku Points): 0

Titles: -Otherworld Reincarnator {Effect: Instant casting of learned spells one grade below. Intelligence +40 and Charisma +40)                 

-Scholarly Bookworm {Effect: All user known data and information can be instantaneously reviewed at the user's leisure. Never forget anything ever again!}

Status: Naked Monkey pretending to be Tarzan with a dirty loincloth {Effect: INACTIVE}

Zhen Shi had been happily going over the interesting details when suddenly his face froze and his eye twitched. ಠ_ಥ

All his 'calmness' was thrown out of the window.

Despite the effects of qi and nature, he was still a mortal... Thus he couldn't help but shout out at the system, "FUCK! Making me question my humanity and even calling me a naked monkey! System, do you have a grudge against me or something?"

System: "..."

The moment he shouted he realized that he had complained blatantly without thinking the matter through. Although the system had insulted him, at the same time it was what had given him a chance at life in the face of certain death.

With his thoughts dwelling further on this matter, he grew silent as he realized that he had bit the hand that had fed him.

As such he thought, 'Aiya! Never mind, you're MY system, so I guess I'll let you play around a bit.'

On the other hand, the cultivators of the Xue Yue sect were staring at this crazy mortal who at first had chanted a spell of the gods like a divine prophet and had even forced them to go on the defensive with that strange wave of energy.

But now that mortal was shouting out nonsense at 'them'.

They were rather stunned by these ridiculous actions of a target they had actually been cautious of.

༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽

They stared with blank eyes while thinking, 'What the hell? Weren't you preparing some divine spell to attack? Did it fail resulting in the collapse of your brain? And are you so unsure of your humanity even beginning to consider yourself a monkey? And who the hell is System? Is it us? Is it you? Or can you eat it?'

Noticing their strange reaction Zhen Shi suddenly realized that he had shouted his thoughts by accident. While he felt rather embarrassed, he was unwilling to fall into the pitfall of explaining his actions. As such, he proceeded to innocently ignore them and focused his efforts on the system.

With continued attempts, he realized that the system did not respond to most of his questions or commands, and only responded to certain phrases and words.

He continued experimenting, determined to find some new mechanic of the system. After all, he wasn't strong enough to survive against these cultivators should they attack again, and running away was an impossible task bound to get him killed even sooner.

A few moments later, the cultivators of the Xue Yue sect freed themselves from their blank-eyed stupor and thoughts. It was almost as if an unexplainable force was forcing them to be influenced by Zhen Shi's words...

One of the cultivators who was dressed and acted like a scholar was the first to clear his mind of those thoughts. Thus he spoke out while laughing confidently, "This mortal must've had the innate potential to be a divine prophet. In the face of our attack, he must've gained some minor insight, but failed to complete the summoning due to his weak cultivation base and finally lost his sanity. Come on, let's just put him out of his misery!"

The other cultivators nodded in agreement to this idea which made a fair amount of sense. Thus, they dashed forward once more with their dark blades glinting dangerously under the moonlight.

Despite having noticed this attack, Zhen Shi was powerless to stop them or even dodge with his mortal body.

But fortunately for him, he was saved by a certain someone.


A strange and formless energy thrummed outwards from his body and formed into a dome that extended to a distance of 100 meters! This dome completely covered the fainted silver-haired girl and the ten attacking Xue Yue cultivators.

But what happened next was even more surprising than the sudden appearance of this dome...

Because everything, everything inside the dome, just stopped.

Zhen Shi stared with widened eyes at the attacking cultivators that were now almost frozen in place. It was as if he was watching everything in slow-motion.

Trying to look at his body, Zhen Shi realized that he himself was moving at the same slow speed and was unable to even lower his head.

However, his mind was working at the same pace as usual.

Rather curious about the dome that had magically slowed down Time, Zhen Shi asked, "System is this your doing?" 


Current System Effect: Time has been slowed down to a thousandth of the usual pace. However, the effect will run out after a total of 10 minutes of user perception. The User should make full use of this rare opportunity. 

Hearing this notification, Zhen Shi felt even more guilty for unjustly blaming the system as he had done before. After all, it was only a slightly insulting title, in exchange for his life and power... So, he gave a silent prayer of thanks to his kind and considerate system.

Almost in reply, another notification rang out. 


The user is currently very weak. Considering his recent ascent into the new world, the kind system has gifted the user a beginner power up bag! Do you wish to open it?

Zhen Shi who couldn't have been happier, answered with a thought, "Yes! Open the power-up bag!"


Congratulations to the user for obtaining a Legendary Cultivation Path Chest!

Congratulations to the user for obtaining a minor experience pill!

Congratulations to the user for obtaining Skill-<Hel's Flare>

Congratulations to the user for gaining 20 free Otaku Points.

Before Zhen Shi could even admire his new gifts, the system rang out once more.


The user has yet to choose a cultivation path. Opening of the Legendary Chest recommended.

Zhen Shi agreed and calmly thought, "System, open that chest."

A part of him that was 'well-learned' of cultivation matters knew that he had to be careful in this choice that would decide his entire future potential. And since he wasn't in a hurry and literally had 'all the time in the world' for the next ten minutes, he had to make a wise choice.


Please choose one of the three available cultivation paths.

-<Lightning God's Ascent> [Platinum Tier. Cultivation technique used by Zeus to reach true godhood in the Divine Realm. Personally created by him immediately after being born from the primordial chaos. Guaranteed to reach Zeus's level]

"Guaranteed to reach Zeus's Level! This should mean that I'd definitely end up as a god! However... Zeus is a God who reached the apex of power by killing anyone he deemed a threat, even his own blood and family. So, I'd rather have nothing to do with this.

Besides this says that Zeus was born from primordial chaos? Isn't that the thing in my dantian? Then why should I care about a mere Zeus?"

And so with newfound confidence, he moved to the next choice.

-<Ancient Five Elemental Arts> [Scheming tier. Cultivation technique used by a certain someone to EXPLODE the heavens. Added due to the user's failed attempts at acting tough. Requires 5 elemental spiritual roots to cultivate]

"Holy Shit! But this belongs to another bastard who already used it.  And who failed at acting tough? Is it you? But most importantly, I don't have spiritual roots of 5 elements. So, next choice."

-<Primordial Chaos Arts> [□□□□□□□□ tier. Complete information not available. A path tread by no mortal, cultivator, or god since the dawn of creation! Requires a Primordial Chaos base and supplementary four elemental soul roots for progression.]

"Interesting... A path tread by no other. This cultivation art even has a hidden tier and incomplete information. Obviously, it's giving out some flags! Besides, since I perfectly complement the requirements it is an obvious choice... Choose Primordial Chaos Arts!"


Primordial Chaos Arts learned.

Immediately Zhen Shi's mind was subjected to a torrent of information on how to practice the Primordial Chaos Art.

And at the same time, a strange memory, that had not been there before, instantly appeared within his mind...


He was a child within a small training ground surrounded by clear white walls. There were a few trees with blooming flowers and rich fruits, along with birds singing tales of the beauty of spring. The ground was covered in an even layer of lively grass, fresh with morning dew.

And just a few steps in front of him there was a powerful, strong man at least twice as tall as him and dressed in dark green robes. These robes were rather unique, with a coiling serpent on one side and a hissing black turtle on the other, set in perpetual combat.

Despite being able to see the robes, Zhen Shi couldn't even see this man's face since he was too small. He was confident that he had never met this man before, but at the same time, he couldn't help but feel strangely familiar with this person...

The man walked forward and spoke in a serious tone, "Xiao Shi, today you will take your first step into the world of cultivation. Once you begin, there will be no other chances to go back. You're only seven years old, you can still wait a few more years if you wish. Are you sure about this?"

Zhen Shi spoke out in a child-like voice, "Yes! Elder sister is already busy with her practice! Besides, if I want to be as amazing as you, I have to become stronger!" while making a fist with tiny hands.

The man paused for a moment. Although Zhen Shi couldn't see above this man's waist he could sense that he was in a happy mood.

The man continued to speak in his serious tone, "Listen carefully then. Cultivation is the art of understanding and improving the body, mind, and soul. For us mortals, it is the best path to grow stronger and ascend into higher levels of existence.

To do this, we follow the cultivation arts discovered through trial-and-error by our ancestors or even the more modern ones popularized by the Divine Organizations. But... before you begin your cultivation practice, you need to know the basics.

The world and nature around us are brimming with incredible amounts of powerful energy. As lesser creatures born of nature, we are unable to create such energy by ourselves. But what we can do is borrow power from mother nature.

And cultivation is the method to do this! Through cultivation, we gather and store nature's energy for our own use, be it fighting, alchemy, artifact refining, enchanting, formations, or any other such practice.

Generally, the energy obtained from nature is referred to as aether and the aether stored within our body is referred to as qi. However, it is very difficult to distinguish them apart, so the terms aether and qi tend to blend together in practice."

The man paused for a moment and bent down to sit cross-legged on the ground while gesturing Zhen Shi to do the same.

Zhen Shi hurriedly followed suit. Finally, he could see this man's face. He was middle-aged with a rough beard and had a face that seemed to have toughened amidst indescribable war and battle. However, his eyes were twinkling brightly while his mouth was curved in a slight smile.

Zhen Shi couldn't help but feel happy once he saw this strangely familiar face.

The man continued to speak, "Now before cultivating, there are certain factors that determine a person's talent. Besides the divine blessings that are granted by the totemic gods of the divine organizations at birth--"

Zhen Shi spoke out happily with a raised hand, "Ooh! Like Elder Sister!"

The man smiled and spoke with a nod, "Yes. Just like Xiao Xixi. However, you should remember to not disturb your elders while they're talking..." finishing his words rather sternly.

Zhen Shi obediently grew silent while lowering his hand.

The man smiled lightly as he continued, "Besides divine blessings, and those special body types, another special factor that affects talent would be elemental soul roots. The presence of any of these factors is very rare. For instance, I and your mother are some of the very few who were born with dual soul roots within the central plains in the last few millennia."

He paused for a moment and smiled proudly, "But you have something even better! It is so rare, that even the clan elders were unable to discover what it was. We were only able to figure it out once we brought down an expert of the divine church to confirm this matter!"

Immediately, he poked his index finger lightly on Zhen Shi's small stomach saying, "Considering its nature, it is called a Chaotic Dantian and they say that through it you'll be able to cultivate at a very fast pace!"

Zhen Shi couldn't help but grin proudly at the praise.

The man nodded curtly and spoke rather sternly, "However, Xiao Shi, don't be too proud. Even some of the most talented geniuses have lost over time due to their over-confidence. Thus, above all, what is most important is hard work and determination! Do you understand?"

Zhen Shi hurriedly rubbed away his grin and nodded obediently.

The man smiled again and spoke out, "Before you begin practicing for real, just for today, try to get a sense of the natural aether and the qi within you."

Noticing Zhen Shi's hesitation, he nodded reassuringly and said, "Go on, close your eyes and focus."

Zhen Shi obediently closed his eyes. He concentrated his mind tried to sense something around him or even inside his body but... failed terribly. He was unable to calm his mind down...

But almost immediately a soothing voice spoke out, "Shi'er, calm down. Just practice breathing and focus on my voice." Saying so the voice began to hum a slow, calm and peaceful tune.

Zhen Shi felt as if he had heard this somewhere before, but couldn't quite place it.

Nevertheless, listening to the familiar sound calmed him down. He felt as if he was a baby again, within his mother's embrace and the familiar song humming in the background.

With the familiar song in his ears and the reassuring presence by his side, his mind quickly calmed down allowing him to completely focus on his body.

As such, he gained a sudden epiphany!

His senses exploded causing streams of yellow energy to appear around him. It was as if he had been blind at one moment, only to be given his vision in the next.

He could feel thin streams of this yellow qi entering into his body with each breath and also through the pores on his skin. These streams of qi were then dragged into his dantian and finally absorbed by the primordial chaos base hidden within.

But Zhen Shi didn't know this and all he saw was that the absorbed yellow qi never returned back outside, almost as if the dantian was a black-hole for qi.

In addition to this, not a single speck of qi was present in his exhaled breaths. He also couldn't sense a speck of energy outside of his body...

But as a child, he didn't see any reason to be worried and continued to focus on the qi that was automatically being pulled into his dantian.

Suddenly a small amount of qi was separated from the streams of qi being absorbed by the primordial chaos. Instantly this qi formed into a rather thick strand of pure golden-yellow near his dantian.

In an instant, Zhen Shi felt his body grow stronger and lighter by many times. He could also sense that he had gained a degree of control over the qi in his body...

By now the humming tune had stopped and Zhen Shi hurriedly opened his eyes surprised at the sudden change that had occurred within his body.

The moment he opened his eyes, he could see that the man outside was staring at him with widened eyes and great surprise as he slowly muttered in disbelief, "D-Did you just reach the first stage of Elementary Qi?"


The strange memory ended at that point, and Zhen Shi was still trying to wrap his head around this realistic memory that had suddenly popped within his head.

But, unseen by Zhen Shi, his current body continued its improvement.

The four elemental soul root crystals around the primordial chaos were slowly nourished by the qi that entered and left his body.

Within a few seconds, the crystals slowly began to crack like a seed beginning to germinate or an egg about to give birth. Moments later root-like tendrils stretched out from within the cracks in each of the spiritual roots and gathered around the primordial chaos base.

Instantly these tendrils pierced the ball of chaotic energy, ventured deep into it, and settled within. As this process took place, another change occurred...

Previously the primordial chaos had been gobbling up the absorbed qi without pause, not allowing even a single speck to leave back to nature.

In other words, Zhen Shi's body was taking from nature without giving back. This could only have posed problems for him in the future...

But now remnant strands of the absorbed qi traveled from within the primordial chaos base, through the tendrils, and into the spiritual root crystals. And then, this energy would be released into the body and finally back into nature.

As such the one-way absorption of energy ended. And with the support of the soul roots, a balance was established with nature...

The moment this change occurred, Zhen Shi's cultivation increased, just like in that memory. And at the same time, a familiar voice rang out in his mind,


Congratulations to the user for reaching the Elementary Qi Stage 1!