My Death
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I was on a bed, something disgustingly cool on my face as it fed me air, as I was incapable of breathing through my nose.
Then I felt something enter my mouth and I gagged out of reflex.
However I felt something pierce into my arm and then darkness claimed me.
I woke up to feel a tearing pain in my chest, as if something was forcing it's way out of me!
Groaning in pain, I tried to roll over, only to find that I was cuffed to the rail, and couldn't move anything besides my head.
'What's happening to me?'
"Is anyone there? Hello?!" I screamed, yet I received no reply, then I felt something move in my chest, and a wave of pain washed through my body.
"Aaaaghhhhhh!" Something pressed against my ribcage and broke it into several pieces, then I felt it biting it's way through my flesh and I blanked.
'No way, isn't this a Chestbuster from the Alien Franchise? How the fuck did I get in this situation?' Thrashing on the bed, I felt my skin stretch and knew it was in it's final stages of gestation.
Opening my mouth, I let out a hoarse scream as blood trickled down my chest. Then something black wormed it's way out of the hole and my body went still.
Then I lost consciousness.
When I woke, I was surrounded by red and white things, fragments that smelled delicious... wait, that's clearly the remains of a human being...
'Why does a corpse look so appealing to me? Wait, where am I?' I looked around and found that I was restricted, something kept pushing against my body, so looking around I found that I was wrapped in red meat, and working my way out, I realized I was inside a corpse!
'Ew, who the fuck put me in a corpse? What kind of sick game is this? Wait, why am i alive? I remember it coming out of my chest!'
Then I looked down and realized my body was rather small and wormlike with a grey color running down the full length of my body.
'Holy shit!' I opened my mouth and a high pitched screech came out.
'Am I a Xenomorph? But how? I died and reincarnated as the very thing that killed me? Is this some sick joke?' I wiggled my way out of the corpse, or rather my corpse, and crawled off into the bed and looked at my ravaged body.
Blood stained the sheets I laid on, while leather straps held my body in place, not allowing for movement in the slightest.
My face was a mask of pain, my features looking like a mask of a devil.
Wincing at my former body, I bowed my head in respects and crawled off the bed and down to the ground.
With a thud, I hit the ground, however it didn't hurt as much as I expected, so I just wiggled my way to the door and looked outside.