Chapter 8
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Sara writhed in her seat when the three people got out and looked around.

"Take her back to the base, they want her safe and sound." The helicopter blades whirred and took of into the air.


Ten minutes later, the helicopter landed on a heli-pad and the doors opened up.

A woman in a business suit gestured for her to step out.

As she did so, the cool night air made her shiver as she made her way inside the building.

The building had nearly fifty stories tall, a beautiful structure of glass and metal.

It resembled a needle that seemed about to pierce the heavens from the earth.

She took a  deep breath and entered the building, knowing it was the headquarters of a massive multi-billionaire Corporation.

"Welcome to Chimera Corporation, where we seek to advance and improve our understanding of life, and the way we live." A voice sounded from the invisible speakers placed along the way.

"I'm Lexi, the CEO of the Chimera Corporation, it's nice to meet you." A voice resounded across the hall and a woman who looked to be in her late thirties appeared, a smile adorning her immaculate face.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Sara." She nearly whispered, feeling crushed by the Lexi's aura.

"I know who you are, I invited you here to discuss your future, as you know, many corporations keep strong individuals on standby, to safe guard and protect their world from threats like aliens and other extraterrestrial species."

She directed them to a room where a desk sat, immaculately white and clean.

"Anywhos, we suspected alien involvement with the crash of the Scout class ship, however none of the video and audio feed from the day of the crash are missing. Most likely an attempt to throw us off their trail." 

She trailed off her eyes twinkling as she flicked a screen in front of Sara's eyes.

"We believe the disappearances that are taking place belong to whoever survived the crash, and we sent special ops, yet they came back with nothing. Now we deployed our own team, called Epilson 3, same as the moon, and we got a hit."

She saw a picture of a creature on the screen, skeletal and black, and then she stood up in horror!

"Y-you think it's a Xenomorph invasion?" She backed away from the picture while shivering.

"Yes, we have confirmed that the DNA samples belong to a Xenomorph drone, and if there's one, there's more. We want you to train to combat this threat, as well as increase your stage to S. We'll sponser you, unlimited funding, weapons, and teachers, you name it."

She looked at the Xenomorph on screen and then closed her eyes.

Opening them again, they blazed with revenge.

"That's right, your parents were killed in the accident on Epilson 3, we'd like to formally apologize for their loss, they were brilliant people." 

Sara nodded blankly.

"I'll join you, I want to kill them myself, not just mourn them, I want them to know that the galaxy is a safer place than they left it."

She nodded and was about to shrink the screen down when a video feed popped up.

"Video feed from Jack, accept?" A synthetic voice rang out.

"Accept it." As soon as she saw that, she saw approximately five hundred Xenomorphs running from the inside of a cave system to the outside.

They ran and snarled as they headed in a certain direction... towards the city...