Chapter 9
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A couple walked down the street towards the city, while laughing to themselves.

Behind them, the darkness surged and then a horrible figure shot out of the darkness and poised it's tail to strike at the humans.

A beam of light tore through the air and penetrated the Xenomorphs body, however it just staggered and kept running towards the humans.

The humans needed no one to prompt them, they started running as soon as they saw the beam of light.

"Attention all citizens, this is not a drill, Xenomorphs have made it planetside, please stay wherever you are without going outside and wait for this crisis to pass."

"Run baby!" He pulled her to the side as a bladed tail slashed the air apart where she stood.

A couple hisses escaped the Xenomorphs mouth as it toppled to the floor, head shattered by a beam of light.

They ran behind a building and took deep breaths while they shook.

"Why are Xenomorphs attacking, why don't they just stay on Xenomorph Prime, their homeworld?"

"They probably get tired of fighting the Yautja race." He said replying to his girlfriend when a drop of rain hit him.

'Shit, if it starts pouring, we won't be able to see them and then we can't fight back.'

"Honey, we need to go inside now." He looked to the side, feeling the resistance of pulling her get lighter.

Looking around, he saw his girlfriend stabbed through the chest by a Xenomorph that clung to the walls above them.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" He looked down and realized he was holding her hand, and that was severed by the wrist.

Then a blade flashed in the dark and darkness consumed him.


"The city is in lockdown, no one in or out until the threat is neutralized! I don't care who they are, they need to stay inside, if they get captured we'll have more Xenomorphs than we started with!"

Lexi spoke rapidly on her wrist watch, and looked at the red dots that flickered on and off as the rain started to pour.

"Yes, I know that we can't activate the defense system, that'll be locking us in a cage with them. But what is their we can use? The planetary defense weapons are all massive and will annihilate the city as well."

"I don't care, bring a squadron of fighter mechas and assist us!" She shouted out the last word and then turned off the wrist watch.

She looked up, and found that Sara was staring at her in horror.

"What? Am I that scary?" She asked walking forward.

"B-behind you!" She ran and tackled her to the ground, a second later, a bladed tail swept through the air and shattered the glass.

A Xenomorph forced it's way inside, jaws snapping as it smelled humans.

Lexi froze, then pulled a gun out from beneath her desk and fired at the Xenomorph.

Pulses of energy hit the creature, and if it were anything but a Xenomorph who was protected with an exoskeleton, it'd turn to ash.

The Xenomorph slammed it's head down, shattering the desk into fragments of glass.

Then it locked on to Sara.

"Sara, it can tell your special, run! I can't hold it off long!"

She started firing which drew it's attention, and gestured for Sara to run, but Sara shook her head.

"What do you mean no? You'll die for nothing!" Lexi went flying as the Xenomorph flicked its tail at her, however she blocked with the gun, but the residual force swept her away.

"I'm done running!" Sara grabbed a shard of glass from the floor and ran at the Xenomorph and stabbed it at it's unprotected stomach.