Chapter 11
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I made my way out of the cavern I left the eggs in with the Praetorians to protect and defend in the event of an invasion.

Moving quickly between the trees, I realized that they were a tad different from Earth's trees.

Each tree glowed with a soft glow that made the shadows look like they were creeping up on me.

If I had been human, I'd have probably been scared out of my mind, but as things stood, I was what the parents told their children to run from.

I came upon a wall, nothing that would keep me out, probably built to keep humans out.

Leaping over the gate, I landed nimbly on the other side and looked around, the darkness illuminated in my eyes by the moons in the sky.

Even without the moons light, I could still see in the dark as clear as day, as I found out in the caverns.

'Damn, I miss the Dark Ray, though it was overpowered, it was better than having nothing.' I rose to my full height and climbed onto a building, made out of some metal I couldn't identify, yet my claws cut through the material like butter.

The building had a sharp incline, and was several stories tall, more glass than metal, all in all it was beautiful building.

'Hive, kill the rogue Xenomorphs!' I let out a hiss, and was shocked.

My orders were received by the Hive, and my hiss which had normally been a bit louder than the other Xenomorphs resounded across the city.

I heard several screams and hisses as the Xenomorphs fought.

'I should have brought a Praetorian to help with the mess.'

In every street, Xenomorphs clashed and fought each other, claws and tail whipping out as some unfortunate humans were caught in the cross fire.

The enemy Xenomorphs that were kicked out of the Hive smelled different, and I guess that's how my Xenomorphs made the distinction between enemy and ally.

I looked up and leapt to the roof, tail waving slowly behind me, prepared for anything.

I climbed to the top of another building and kept running, after I lost contact with a Xenomorph who was in the midst of the city.

A few minutes later, I felt another Xenomorph perish, and it filled me with rage.

'I only have so much more points, I can't afford to lose any more Xenomorphs.' I made up my mind and leapt down a four story building, and crushed an enemy Xenomorph beneath my massive frame.

I stabbed out with my tail, once, twice, three times, and killed an enemy Xenomorph with each strike.

'Xenomorph Queens are strong, I should have evolved and then I would have been able to deal with a queen, instead I died and left them all behind, and what happened to the princess?' Her little face, giddy with joy appeared in my mind and I hoped that she was alright.

'You filthy predators, I'll kill you! Every last one of you!' A roar resounded across the city, and it didn't come from me.

I looked as a large three story building crumbled inward and a tentacle shot out of the ruins and stretched to it's full length. 

'Damn, what the hell is that? It's almost as big as me if not bigger!' I watched in fascination as a body pulled itself out of the ruins and turned to glare at me.

Or I assumed it was a glare, as it had eyes all over it's body, and dark writhing tentacles that composed it's body.

'He's at the same level as me, if not higher, I can feel it in my bones.' I leapt to the top of the building and ran straight in a beeline for the creature.

He slammed out with his tentacles and shattered the exoskeleton of a few Xenomorphs who were battling in the area and then detached it's tentacle when the acidic blood started to corrode it.

I leapt from the highest building in the area, more than ten stories high, and landed on it's head if that was his head, claws sinking in deep enough to draw blood.

I stabbed out with my tail several times, each stab severing a tentacle, but it seemed to regrow them as fast as it lost them.

It shook it's body which in turn threw me off, and climbed out of the pit it found itself in, and roared at me.

'Damn predators, this is my world, leave at once!' During his roar, the s yste, asked if I wanted to use the autotranslate function, and I agreed, so I heard what he said as he roared.

I hissed back and conveyed a message to him.

'No, might makes right, if you can't defeat me, I suggest you leave!' 

The two of us, several tens of feet tall glared at each other.

Then we both lunged at each other at the same time.

A boom rang out as we collided together, shattering the windows in the vicinity and sending cars flying.