Chapter 13
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Lexi nearly choked on her spit as the two monsters battled, turning the surroundings to rubble.

The Revenant slammed it's tentacles against the crown of the Queen(Queen Xenomorphs have three crowns on their head) and then a shrill hiss escaped the Queen as it shot out it's inner jaw, punching a hole in the mass of tentacles.

The Revenant screeched and tumbled away, falling on to it's back, and the Xenomorph leapt on to it, claws tearing the tentacles away.

The Revenant roared in fury and agony, as a big ball of acid landed on it's chest.

Leaping off it's body, the Queen gave a shrill hiss and Xenomorphs started appearing behind her.

After several hundred gathered, the Queen hissed and they leapt forward.

"What is that gonna do, why is it sacrificing them?" Lexi asked to the sky, and then she got her answer.

When the Revenant raised it's tentacles to attack, the Queen lunged into it and bit the tentacles off with it's inner jaw, then spat a ball of acid, making it scream in pain.

The smaller Xenomorphs jumped onto the Revenant and began biting and tearing at it's body.

After a few minutes of intercepting the Revenant's tentacles, it started to grow sluggish and lost the momentum it originally had.

After another minutes, it collapsed, the Xenomorphs still tearing away at it's body.

Then the Queen gave a hiss and the Xenomorphs stopped and retreated.

Walking over to the corpse, she bit into it, and searched around on it's insides.

Several moments later, she retracted her proboscis and within it's mouth held a glimmering brown core, same color as the tentacles of the Revenant.

The city regained it's calm, though some buildings collapsed around the fighting zone of the two giants.

The Xenomorph Queen stood upright and hissed at the sky, then slowly climbed out of the battle zone and lazily dropped herseld on a building, core disappearing into her mouth.

Then a silent helicopter circled several hundred feet above, and a grey bag flew out and landed near the Xenomorph Queen.

Inside the helicopter, Sara looked down at the resting Xenomorph and a hate filled expression crossed her face.

"You are the reason my parents are dead, they were just researchers, yet one your kind broke out, you massacred everybody. I won't forgive you!" She pulled a gun out from the back, as there were several pulse weapons inside that fired liquid plasma.

"Now die!" She aimed at the grey bag, and then fired.

Perhaps hearing the noise made, the Queen looked up, and saw a ray of light shot down towards it.

Then there was a bang and the Xenomorph toppled to the floor.

"Did I kill it?" She watched as the Queen rolled to her feet and look up, and hissed menacingly.

'I should've known that a block of nuclear material wouldnt have been enough. Rather I knew it wouldn't be enough, yet I did it anyway.' She slumped in her seat and piloted the helicopter to fly to the north.