Chapter 15
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Here ya go, hope I made it good enough. 😂

I jolted awake, body shaken slightly as a horrifying aura spread throughout the Hive.

'Come to me.' A voice said, and the arrogance in the tone made me wrinkle my nose mentally with distaste.

'Judging from the aura, it should be strong, a lot stronger than me and the Xenomorphs in the Hive all went silent, something that even I couldn't make them do.'

Stepping over the prostrated forms of the Warriors, Drones and Carriers, I made my way down out of the cavern, just in time to see a flaming ball of crash into the planet.

What came out made my brain freeze for a second before I lowered my head, not because I wanted to, but because my instincts told me to bow or I'd be killed.

'Young one, why is the Hive divided, I can hear the murmurs and can roughly guess the situation, however if it went as I think it did, this Hive will need a new Queen.'

I shivered, and raised my head to look at her, to which her bladed tail appeared inches from my head, hovering in front of my face.

'Explain young one, or die. We cannot have weak Queens! Now tell me what happened.'

'I won the duel and evolved into a Queen, yet one of the Xenomorphs tried to usurp me and lead the Hive, I chased them out and fought against them, killing nearly all the traitors.'

'And why did you let him live as long as he did, it's commonplace that the losers of the duel perish. What say you in your defense?' She asked while looking down at me.

I looked up, and this time she allowed me, and what I saw shocked me.

She was well over twenty meters tall, with a bladed tail that cut down everything in the vicinity as it moved, and on her crest was four points.

'I made a mistake, it won't happen again.' I lowered my head and said.

'You're right, it won't. Because of it does, I'll bring you back to Xenomorph Prime and leave you to live without a Hive until you die. You're lucky I'm not killing you now, as the Xenomorphs are begging me not too.' I let out a shaky breath and nodded.

'Good, now return, I have many things to do, should you encounter any problems you can't handle, I'll take care of them in your stead.' I shook my head and mentally reinforced that I'd never let her help me, she was to damn scary!

I gulped and climbed back into the Hive, thanking every Drone, Carrier, and Warrior I came across for telling her not to destroy me or exile me to Xenomorph Prime.

'Rest now everyone, tomorrow might bring a war to our doorsteps.' I curled up in the corner and relaxed my tensed body.

'Yes your Majesty!' They answered energetically, some shaking with excitement.

'Well, this is what I should expect from a war driven species...'