Chapter 17
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I heard a thunderous roar and realized the war had begun.

The Empress' tail swept back and forth, extending out for hundreds of feet and destroyed a few oncoming aircraft.

[Mission : Repel the forces of humanity, Rewards : The Princess is saved from the rampaging Queen in the secondary layer of the Omniverse.

Failure : The Princess dies, you lose the the Hive, Empress Xenomorph takes you back to Xenomorph Prime.] 

'Is there a way to get back to them?' I asked the system, and I got an answer that surprised me.

[You may leave after you reach the pinnacle of power in the 1st Layer of the Omniverse, that you reside in currently.]

'So simply put, I need to reach the Extinction Stage in order to go home?'


I looked up as another aircraft was slashed out of the sky, then bullets started raining down on the Empress, however she shrugged them off and followed a ship that veered to close to the ground.

'And off she goes, well time to prepare for war.' I hissed and felt the Xenomorphs listen to my instruction.


A soldier leapt out of the dropship and pointed his gun at everything that moved.

His nerves were close to fraying as he didn't want to be deployed, yet he was selected despite his obvious efforts to not get chosen.

Then someone bumped into him and he fell over, then warm liquid landed on his face.

He looked up, angry when he saw legs standing up, and every thing above gone.

Shivering, he looked around and saw a bladed tail snaking over his head and back to it's owner.

'Damn, the Empress is close! We need to fall back, or at least not fight against such a monster.' He knelt on the ground and covered his face with his hands and wept.


Sara ran through the woods like death were on her heels, and in a sense they were.

Two Xenomorphs charged after her, bladed tail trying to stab her ever so often, however if a Xenomorph from the Hive smelled them, they'd immediately start to fight.

These were the last of the Xenomorphs that rebelled, and when they came across her scent, they decided to hunt her.

She had originally been with a squad charged with her protection, yet there were more Xenomorphs rather than the two, as they had been ambushed and she was separated from them.

She tried to ditch the two Xenomorphs on her trail, yet it seemed to be an impossible endeavour.

They kept following her trail like bloodhounds, and though she did manage to shoot one to death, the other two used that moment to knock the gun out of her hand, and all she had was a blade.

But she knew that fighting close combat with a Xenomorph was a death sentence.

She ran in a random direction, pushing through the bushes and low hanging branches, however though she didn't have an easy time going through the bushes, neither did the Xenomorphs who were hot on her tail.

Jumping through a bush, she slid and fell through a crack in the ground, and fell down ten feet to the ground, however because she had improved her body with the help of a few select teachers who knew how to bring forth the potential within the body, she didn't break anything.

"What? Where am I?" She looked up at the crack she fell through and realized it was to high up, and the Xenomorphs still tried to get her, trying to widen the hole.

'Guess I can't leave now...' She looked down at the winding path that disappeared into the darkness and shivered.

Looking up, she saw a piece of rock fall and shatter on the ground, missing her by a few centimeters.

'Looks like I have no choice, it's either certain death here, or take my chances and follow the path.'

She shook her head, put her knife out in front if her and inched into the darkness.