Chapter 18
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Sara continued into the darkness, feeling her way forward by running her hands along the rough stone wall.

'I'd be in deep shit if a Xenomorph decided to come down here...' Shivering at the thought, she placed the knife in front of her once more and slowly edged her way forward.

'When can I get out of here?' Such thoughts flitted through her head as she continued deeper into the cave system.

After half an hour of walking, she used her wristband to illuminate the surroundings, and saw several tens of eggs, leathery brown and filled with veins.

'... Did I just wander into a Xenomorph nest?' She shivered, however none of the eggs hatched immediately as she had been led to believe.

'Guess they don't feel I'm suitable for them, well since I'm here, might as well!' She gripped the knife and slashed the nearest egg, plasma blade flaring out to three feet in length.

She slashed through the egg with little resistance, and then continued to slice through the eggs until one was left.

Panting from exhaustion, she placed the sword on the edge of the egg and was about to press it inward when she heard the clicking of claws against stone.

She looked around, she rolled the egg to the crack she came in from, then ran to a corner and waited for them to pass by.

'Ha, I'm ambushing the galaxy's best ambush hunter...' She smiled grimly and deactivated the plasma blade.

The light she used to illuminate the room faded, and then she heard a loud hiss.

Looking around the room, the Xenomorphs started panicking.

Not noticible to a human, they sent a telepathic message to the Queen.

Sara knew Xenomorphs could sense by using sound or something like that, she wished she had paid more attention in class.

Then she heard a hiss, as if the air was being sucked out of the room, she heard Xenomorphs rushing to this area via their nails.

She flipped her wrist and a display popped up, indicating where the Xenomorphs were at based on the sound.

Then she heard a hiss, similar to the time when she was in Chimera Corporation's headquarters.

She froze as a twenty foot tall xenomorph looking around, then an enraged hiss resounded throughout the room.

Sara shivered and then huddled in the darkness, waiting for the creature to leave.


I looked at the ruined eggs and hissed loudly, and the Xenomorphs who were passively fighting started to aggressively attack and ambush the humans.

'What happened?' I heard the Empress ask while the other Xenomorphs quieted down, leaving just me and the Empress on the telepathic link.

'Something destroyed seventy eggs, judging by the burns and remains, it was a human. I don't have anymore eggs either, so we can't reproduce.' I explained, while taking a deep breath.

'Oh? Well seems like you got yourself from private time on Xenomorph Prime...' She trailed off and I heard a small sound, not enough to be heard by a human, but enough to draw my attention.

I walked into the room and stuck out my proboscis and tasted the air.

'It was a human.' I confirmed, then I felt apocalyptic rage!

'Why did you have to do this? Now I have to go to a barren world overrun with Xenomorphs! Fuck!'

I followed the scent and then a curious scene met my gaze.

A human female, standing with a blade next to an egg, and from the size of the egg, it should be a Praetorian Egg.

"I know you can understand me, or rather my intentions, let me leave or I'll destroy your last egg!" She yelled at me, and Xenomorphs rushed into the room upon hearing a foreign sound, yet I told them to be still as I glared at the human.

"You think I don't know you have intelligence comparable to me? Let me go, or you lose this egg!" My tail flicked side to side as I held back from impaling this wretched human.