Chapter 19
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Sorry, I didn't realize that I left you guys hanging, Ill post a notice next time, but before you read meh story, go play Dragon Raja!

I stalked towards the human who held the egg out in front of her as if it were some kind of grotesque lucky charm..

I snorted and swiped my tail at her, intending to sever her head when she tossed the last egg in the path of my tail.

Now I was stuck contemplating whether to continue and kill my last egg, or to continue and lose my last point.

'Fuck, I hate humans so much!' I griped in agony as I slowed my tail until it was a hairsbreath from the egg.

The wind from my tail pushed the human's hair out of it's face and looked at me with rage.

I motioned for the other two Xenomorphs at my side to go kill her, then I carried the egg and ran through the caverns twisting and winding halls.

The still night air hit the egg, and while I didn't travel at full speed, it was like floating, as I soared through the air.

I crossed a fifty foot chasm and landed on the other side, placing the egg down and plopping to the floor.

Then the ceiling blew inwards and rocks, some the size of a finger nail and others twenty feet in diameter nearly crushed me beneath them.

'What the fuck!? Who just tried to kill me!?' I hissed, somehow making even myself shudder at the rage contained within the hiss.

Then I looked at my side and realized that the last egg didn't survive the explosion, as rocks, like shrapnel pierced through it, making acidic goo melt the rocks beneath it.

'Okay, stay calm, relax, you can get through this, deep breaths, inhale, exhale, and, Nah fuck it, I'll just go and kill the closest living thing to vent my anger, not, what if the Empress is out there? She could bring me to Xenomorph Prime and leave me there...'

'Okay, first I need to escape, and secondly kill that meddling human, and third, get off this world.'

I climbed through the opening in the ceiling and looked at the super heated ground beneath my feet, yet I didn't feel a thing.

'Judging from the burns and remains of whatever this place was, it was an orbital bombardment. If I got caught up in that, even with this body, I'd be miserable afterwards...'

'I should leave now while I actually can before that damned Empress captures me.' I broke in to a run, each step carrying me several meters and soon I'd vanished into the ruins that was left of the Reserve Park.

After ten minutes, I felt a tug on my mind, and immediately accelerated when an enraged hiss resounded across the world.

And though the planet Epilson was smaller than Earth, it still had an extremely large area as of uncharted land, and a hiss blew everything away.

From where the Empress stood, for miles around, not a tree or rock was left, hell, even the ships in low orbit weren't spared.

Rising to her full height, she assumed command in the absenuce of a Queen and sent the Drone and Warrior Xenomorphs to locate the missing Queen's scent.