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In the land of Yggdrasil, Magic, Science, War Power, and Economic Prosperity are the measures of success. The country that obtains the majority of the four is seen as the chosen country to rule the continent. However, each country on the continent specialized in one of the four measures of dominance.

The country comprised of mostly humans is Amera, which specializes in science but has above-average prosperity as well. The humans also have average War Power and average Magic usage. Thus, when "Gifted" children are born, they are given priority status in human society. Gifted children are those who are born with powerful magic gifts and usually possess a superior intellect. Even a Gifted child born into a poor family can instantly bring his or her family out of poverty. That being said, gifted children can also see themselves as a "Superior Human" and can disregard the lives of regular humans when left unchecked. Thus, gifted children are trained from the moment they are born to protect humanity instead of being the ones to destroy it. Not all gifted children become heroes, however. Some decide to devote their time to science and research, which has helped bring Amera to the pinnacle of technological prowess on the continent. The "Gifted" among humanity create their most valuable export: Ameran Magic Technology. On the other hand, the humans who decide to become heroes usually go to either Englacia for work or Kani to train.

In contrast, the demonic country comprised of mostly demons is Elu, which specializes in War Power at the expense of science and prosperity. They had the ability to learn other magic in the past but countless years of specializing in dark magic have left their bodies unable to learn anything else. Thus, demons are seen as highly dangerous dark magic users continent-wide. However, demons are similar to humans in a sense. Most demons are citizens who want a normal life. They send out their strongest citizens to join the military and enjoy an average economy, fueled by the income they earn from mercenary work. They have schools, shops, bars, homes, roads, currency, and other staples of a civilization. Despite this, citizens of other countries may look down upon the demons. They see them as nothing more than weapons of war and a country that profits off of tragedy. The country of Amera has been kind to them, however, citing that their dark magic can help improve Ameran Technology. They agreed to a partnership where the demons would send Dark Magic infused crystals to Amera in exchange for helping their economy diversify. A strange partnership in the eyes of Englacia & Kani

The 2 Moderate countries that participate in neutral politics include Englacia & Kani.

Englacia is a rather prosperous nation, which is inhabited by all races of Yggdrasil. Strong races like Giants, Orcs, Titans, etc don't live elsewhere since Englacia has some of the most labor-intensive work. They practice a Democratic system of government, so the power in the country is usually split between multiple races. They lack War Power, Science, and Magic but make up for these faults with their valuable currency. Engis is the name of Yggdrasil's most valuable currency and its value is derived from the Englacian jewel standard. Englacia's land houses multiple types of jewels that not only have utility for many of the world's people but are also bought for their beauty. It would be wrong to call Englacia a mining country, however. Many things can be found in Englacia thanks to its jewel standard. This is part of the reason that Englacia decided to switch from a monarchy system of government. It was noted that the wealth that could be created from Democracy as opposed to Monarchy is what caused the Royal Family and nobles to accept it. The royal family that once ruled Englacia are still treated as influential members of society, however. Former nobles, who were once known for their obsession with being as ruthless as possible, were also calm in the face of the prosperity that democracy brought. Since Englacia is considered the most prosperous nation, it usually hires from the other countries to meet its immediate & long term needs, including the demons for "underground" work.

Finally, Kani is cited as being the magic capital of the continent, with the most prolific magic users heading to Kani for instruction. Kani is mostly filled with beings of high magical potential, which includes Elves, fairies, demi-gods, gods, and other magical creatures. It also has a diverse range of inhabitants, similar to Englacia but with an above-average prosperity level similar to Amera. Magic in Yggdrasil is known for being extensive. The number of magic types that are known to exist grows every day. Some are lost to the embrace of time while others are found from the fruits of research. The four main magic types that inhabit Yggdrasil are Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. These are considered basic types that anyone can learn. Other types of magic require certain aptitudes and training to be able to use them effectively. One such example is Light & Dark magic, which requires that a person have the innate ability to learn it. Kani is the place to go if you are an aspiring mage or a person who wishes to purchase magic-based products. It is also known as being the most beautiful country, as it's the government that needs the plants and animals intact in order to continue its pursuit of more magic.

These four countries rely on each other for there individual imports and exports. Amera exports High-grade magical technology and imports magic from Kani & Engis from Englacia. Englacia exports its valuable Engis and imports Magic from Kani, Technology/science from Amera, and War power from Elu. Kani exports its magic to Amera & Englacia and imports Engis & Technology from its appropriate trade partners. Kani placed a ban on anything from Elu since a certain incident occurred in the past regarding conflict of beliefs. Finally, Elu gets a majority of both it's imports and exports primarily from Englacia. Amera also occasionally requests the demonic country to send items that only Elu can produce in exchange for valuable technology that the demons need to build their infrastructure.

Recently, humans have been planning to summon capable beings from different worlds in order to deal with a new threat. They hope that with this research, they can bring the aforementioned peaceful way of life back to Yggdrasil before the Demon Lords appeared...