New Beginnings!
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As I awoke from a rather peaceful nap in the library, a beautiful clear sky greeted my senses. The air was pure and clean, cleaner than any place that I've visited in the US. The trees were large and mystical, as if they were speaking a language I couldn't hear. I placed my hand on the grass around me and felt it's softness. I didn't know where I was but I could at least appreciate the beautiful forest that I had seemed to find myself in.

The problem with this beautiful forest was a large white dragon in front of me. The dragon had gold markings over its body. Its facial expression was seemingly perplexed as it looked at me. The dragon's size was definitely large but not massive in any sense. If I had to compare, I would say the dragon was around 18 feet tall. Eventually, I decided to stand up, wiping off any dirt from my clothes and preparing myself to speak to a dragon that shouldn't logically exist.

"Hello...Dragon. My name is Brice. I have seemed to find myself in a rather strange place. Is this some type of lucid dream or what?"

The dragon seemed to stare at me. Its expression seemed to indicate that it could understand the language but didn't know how to respond. I then decided to reformat the question.

"What is this place? Why am I here? I was sleeping in the library and now I'm in front of you in this forest. I want to know why."

The dragon nodded its head and started to walk towards me. As it began to walk, the dragon seemed to shrink in size. With each step, the dragon became shorter until it began to glow. I closed my eyes at the brightness. The brightness seemed to last around 5 seconds, which allowed me to open my eyes to a woman standing in front of me.

"Hello, Brice! My name is Arcana & I'm the dragon queen of Yggdrasil!" she said with pride, as she smiled.

The large white dragon that had appeared in front of me seemed to have turned into a rather young looking woman. She looked around 25 and was very beautiful. Her hair was long and red, with medium-sized horns on the side of her head. Her body was very human-like, with her very nice assets being partially portrayed through her outfit. Along with her horns were a pair of small white wings on her back, though they looked different from dragon wings. The wings she had were still white and covered in gold markings, but they seemed more like angelic wings. It was no doubt that she could be a huge model if she wanted to.

"You are here because I summoned you from your world. I asked the gods to summon a legendary hero for us. We must take on the 3 demon lords that plague the continent of Yggrasil", she stated firmly.

I began to ponder my situation. For one, she said that I wasn't from here. This means that I must not be on earth anymore, which makes sense considering what I've observed so far. Why did she call me a legendary hero though? I haven't fought much on earth so what use could I really be to this breathtaking woman? She also said that I had to defeat 3 demon lords? As if 1 demon lord wasn't bad enough? Just where the hell did I wake up too? I think there is only one thing that I can possibly say in this situation.

"I have decided to pass. Send me back, please. You have the wrong guy" I stated, as I began to lay my head on the soft grass.

"What? No no no, you ARE the one. I can't send you back! You can't pass on this Brice! The world is at stake here!" shouted Arcana.

After judging her reaction, it does seem that she is telling the truth. That must mean that this is really another world huh? I watched a ton of isekai anime but I never thought that it was a legitimate thing. It seems a lot different compared to watching it to be honest. I mean, does she really expect me to agree to give my life for a world that I just arrived in? This is real-life!. An agreement must be made in order for me to do anything!

"Look Arcana. I'm not fighting the Demon lords of this world. However, I think that we can make a deal that we both agree to. I believe that we should play the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors from my homeworld to decide this important matter. If I win, you must become my companion for life. If you win, I will go defeat the Demon Lords and become your servant for life. We will play one game and the outcome is final, no matter what."

I looked Arcana straight in the eyes while I told her the rules. I explained to her how to play and the terms of our agreement. She seemed to cast some sort of magic over me to see if I was lying about the game but I was serious! Seriously going to cheat! You may be asking how I could cheat in Rock-paper-scissors? It's simple! All you have to do is say what you're going to play and then play the opposite! I even made her promise not to use magic while we are playing so she can't use it to tell! You may think less of me but you should know that I was one of the smartest kids in my class at university! This is just using your intellect to your advantage!

"Ok Arcana. Those are all the rules. Are you ready to play?", I stated.

"Hahaha! Foolish human! To think you would give up your life so easily! I'll be sure to make it so you can fully serve your life sentence as my servant! Prepare to be had!" she stated, as she had the look of desire.

Looking at her face, there was no doubt that she was beautiful. Too bad she was an arrogant queen. While I was explaining the rules to her, she explained to me that she was recently given the title of queen by her mother a year or so ago. Obviously, she isn't as smart as she should be if she's willing to bet her future on a game played by kids. I would feel bad but honestly, this will be a lesson for her. Plus, imagine the things I could make her do for me! If she's the queen of the dragons, I could just use their army to do the work for me! Am I lazy? Sure but the smartest should be rewarded with relaxation! As one of the greatest isekai protagonists said: "I believe in true gender equality!"

"Ok Arcana. Let's play! Rock-Paper-Scissors-shoo..."

It was at this moment, in the strange forest, that the lives of Arcana and Brice would be intertwined forever...