How To Become A Paladin
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After I "won" that spectacular game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, I proceeded to ask Arcana questions about our situation. She notified me of the 4 countries that made up the continent of Yggdrasil and what each country did. She also said that we were currently in the country of Amera, as they asked her to summon me in response to increased attacks by the Demon Lords. She was also unsurprisingly salty about the beatdown that I gave her in RPS.

"I can't believe you did that. Have you no shame? Aren't heroes supposed to be honest, caring, and trustworthy beings?" Arcana stated, visibly salty at her loss.

"You can complain all you want but a win is a win! Plus, you put a contract spell on the agreement so it's not like we can change it anyway" I stated while rubbing her head.

I forgot to mention that Arcana put a servant spell on a contract and had us both sign it in order to keep the security of the agreement. However, I knew that she really did it because she thought that I was going to run away if I lost. She wasn't wrong in that assessment at all though. She seemed like the type of queen to make me do demoralizing things like becoming her chair or something. While some people on earth may be into that sorta thing, I was definitely NOT one of those people. Anyway, it had been around 30 minutes since I had come to this world and I still hadn't seen what I could actually do. Especially since this hot queen was asking me to save the world.

"So you said that I need to kill 3 Demon Lords but what exactly can I do?" I stated, after sitting on a wooden log.

"Oh! I forgot about that! You are the first hero to not accept the quest so I forgot about the process! Let's see...after you were SUPPOSED to accept my quest, you were to understand your class, skills, and abilities by saying Status!" stated Arcana, as she sat down next to Brice.

I decided to give it a shot, as cliche as it sounded, and say "Status!" to see what I have to work with. As I shouted status, an RPG-like screen popped up in front of me. I would be lying if I said that it wasn't cool. It listed my stats as followed:
Title: Paladin Lord Of Yggdrasil+
Class: Paladin God+
Subclass: Paladin Mage Of Calamity+
Name: Brice Pridellion
Lvl: 01
Race: Demi-God+
HP: 100
Mana: 100
Additional Stats+
Main Skills: Scholar+, Index+, Creator+
Additional Skills:(5)+

"Interesting. The class name could be better but Paladin God does seem like an interesting class. Paladin Mage of Calamity also seems pretty good" I said, while analyzing the status screen.

It seemed like the plus marks indicate additional information, as I had clicked on each one and was told more information about them. I started to have a better grasp of my situation thanks to the index skill. Apparently, the index is an A.I that will passively give you knowledge about the world. It actually reminded me of Great Sage from a certain isekai that I had watched. Anyway, I decided to call it Central and start preparing for battle. While looking at my status, I noticed that the interface had 3 additional tabs on the top next to Status that was in the following order:
Void Inventory/Storage
O.P Store

I decided to ask Arcana some questions about the UI.

"Hey, Arcana. Can you see this UI right now? Why do I have this? Is this the Ameran Technology you were talking about earlier?" I asked her, pointing at the UI.

"I'm able to see the entire interface but that's only because my level is high and I have the blessed technology. Most beings in Yggdrasil will be able to see your class and subclass but won't be able to see any of your stats. Summoned heroes get the blessing passively but regular beings in Yggdrasil have to get an injection in order to acquire and see one. Most of the time, it is given to them at birth since its the norm. It was a revolutionary technology that was the result of the four nations working together" Arcana stated, as she was pointing to her neck where the injection took place.

I switched over to the void menu and looked at the items. The inventory housed a set of basic paladin armor as well as a set of paladin mage clothes. It also housed their respective weapons, which were basically lvl. 1 starter items. I also had additional items that you would expect to start with like food and water, though the items were strangely from Earth. Among the items that I had the pleasure of starting with, I noticed a note with gold letters on it. Upon hovering my finger over it, it read "Letter From The Goddess: Welcome". I decided to save that for later since it seemed like a personal letter to be read by myself.

I switched the screen over to void storage and a portal appeared in front of me. Upon further inspection, I was right to assume the void portal was mine. With a scroller on the Void storage page, I could increase the size of the void tear from a hand to the size of a human. I switched back to the Inventory screen and clicked on the Paladin Armor set. The set of armor immediately replaced my university clothes and moved them to the inventory. I surmised that the void inventory was more convenient since you only had to click on the items for them to appear. Void storage seemed to require that the user reach inside the portal and take it out but those were my impressions of how it worked.

I went to the Map screen and saw a map of the forest. Unfortunately for me, the functions of the map were locked due to a level cap. If I wanted to access the more lucrative abilities of the map, I had to level up. The option to activate a Heads-Up Display was on the page so I turned it on and moved to the last page.

OP Store was the last page. The name was sooo bad that I thought it was a joke but it seemed interesting. After looking over the content of the store and it's point-based currency system, I decided that it would be a good idea to not tell anyone but those I trust about it. I decided to ask Arcana to make sure.

"Hey, Arcana. Do you have Void storage, Map, or OP store on your Status? Is it a hero thing or something?" I asked, slightly confused.

"What? No. You should only have a status page. Void storage is a lost art and the only maps we have are magical maps we make ourselves. Also, what is an "OP store?" Arcana asked while scratching her head in confusion.

"I see. In any case, let's start leveling up! I want to see what I can do!" I shouted, as I got used to walking in my armor.

The armor was surprisingly light, though it was clear that it was because of my strength skill. As I selected the sword from the menu, I watched it appear in my hand. I began the process of re-evaluating the situation that I was in. It was similar to a game but for real! I still didn't want to face the Demon Lords but I did want to see what this world has to offer. I turned the sword around to get a good look at it. I still couldn't believe this was happening or the fact that I had RPG elements tied to me. However, I was sure of one thing. Something that would motivate me to keep improving and becoming a stronger Paladin.

And that, of course, was the fact that in the Official Paladin Store for 10,000 points was the ability to "Overpowered Pet Of Your Choice"...