How To Become A Paladin.2
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I began to walk on the dirt path that was left in the Ameran Great Forest. Underwhelmed by the naming scheme of the continent's most advanced nation, I searched for something to fight. I had activated the Heads-Up Display that was in the maps section earlier and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It was like I had the UI implanted inside of my eye without the excruciating pain that would have accompanied it. The UI was pretty standard in terms of information placement. In the upper right corner, I had the mini-map that could only show a radius of 10 meters at lvl1. In the upper left corner, I had my Title, Class, and subclass listed along with my laughably low level. In the bottom left corner, I had my HP and Mana bars which actually looked pretty solid thanks to my class types. In the bottom right corner, I had a very useful index. However, the index felt like an isekai'd Alexa more than anything. Arcana said it was a legendary skill but I don't really see what's legendary about an Alexa. Anyway, I began to grow tired of the useless mini-map that I was given so I asked Arcana for help.

"Arcana. Can you find us some hostiles? I need to be lvl.5 for hostiles to appear on the map. How do I level up anyway?" I asked, visibly annoyed.

"The primary way of leveling up is by killing enemies. When heroes like yourself kill enemies, their bodies will be consumed by the blessing of the Goddess but will drop important items. For example, if an Ameran villager killed a goblin, the goblin would simply die and rot. If the villager was one to desecrate, he would have to manually recover the loot from the body. The Goddess recognized this as a potent deterrent for most heroes. Thus, beings who have the blessing of the Goddess will automatically activate their passive skill Holy Devour, in order to encourage the killing of evil creatures." Arcana stated, surprisingly sounding intelligent.

She further explained the ways to level up. Apparently, I didn't ACTUALLY have to kill any hostiles to fix the mini-map. Arcana called them Amera points but I'm going to call it XP. Anyway, XP can be gained in many ways, which was also similar to an RPG. If I think about it, this world is technically more advanced than Earth. I mean, we don't even have Heads-Up Displays in our retina! Magic seems pretty damn convenient. Anyway, it seems like fighting and training gives the most XP but you could also gain it from cooking, trading, crafting, researching, etc. This works out for me since I'm not into fighting the Demon Lords in the first place. If they gave me a good offer, I can't say I wouldn't refuse but it seems like it would be way too noisy near the Demon castles. The best bet is probably to be an adventurer. All I have to do is earn enough to pay the bills and then proceed to relax. Of course, I won't tell Arcana that since she won't be useful if she's angry. While I was thinking about all this, a small blue and red slime appeared in front of us.

"Oi. It's two slimes Arcana. Are they hostile or what?" I asked, practicing the swing of my sword.

"No. But this would be a good time to practice your moves. We need some Slime jelly anyway for the guild" Arcana stated, while beginning to sit on the ground.

With Arcana sitting and watching me, I guess I can't really mess this up. I wanted to score some cool points so I decided to use my thoughts to ask my boi Central how to fight. Central pretty much said to think about what I wanted to do and just do it. BUT he also said that he could just take over by having me set fighting to autopilot. It was at this moment that I realized why he was called a legendary index. Apparently, the index knows fight moves and movement patterns enough to execute autopilot. Unsurprising to no one, I set fighting to autopilot and let Central handle it. Central said that all I had to do was think about it turning it on and he'll do it automatically, which was pretty convenient. I decided to try it out on the blue slime.

"Watch this Arcana!" I said, while walking towards the slime.

Immediately after I activated autopilot, I hit the first slime with the shield. With the slime staggered, I used lightning magic to fry it. The slime began to fade away, leaving a vial of Slime jelly. I turned off autopilot and decided to copy Central's moves. I raised my sword and slashed the slime. The cut began to return to its original state, signaling that I did zero damage whatsoever. The slime jumped at me to attack, but I blocked it with my shield.

"Arcana, are slimes resistant to physical attacks by any chance?" I asked.

"Yeah. I thought you knew that already. Isn't that why you used lightning magic?" Arcana asked.

"...Yeah. Yeah. Of course, I was just making sure you know?" I said, remembering not to tell her that I used autopilot on a slime.

With this newfound knowledge, I shocked the Red slime with lightning magic, resulting in red slime jelly to be dropped. I went towards the slain slimes and picked up the Slime jelly. I tossed them into void storage and began to walk back towards Arcana. I looked to the upper left hand of the screen and saw that my lvl went up to 2. Central said the scholar skill can help level up as an XP booster skill. From when I looked at the additional details earlier, it also said that the Scholar skill is the ability to learn another person's skill at a faster pace. In short, it helps you to learn and level up faster. I was about to look into my stats when a group of thugs appeared to walk towards us.

"Arcana...are they hostile?" I asked, walking back towards her.

"I'm afraid so. Thugs are known to give in to their desires. I would suggest killing them before I do" Arcana stated, readying her attack.

"Don't worry about it. I'm a Paladin, right? It's my duty to protect anyway" I said, actually wanting to attack so the mini-map could be improved.

It was clear that the thugs were actually demon mercenaries from Elu. They looked like they knew how to fight but their leader looked like an expert. In the middle of the 5 was a mercenary leader, with dragon-like horns and devil-like wings.

It was obvious to me that their leader was some sort of dragon race like Acarna.

Central even suggested that the level of that dragon could be around 20...