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After I successfully "won" the RPS match against the mage, we began to walk over to Arcana. It looked like she was cleaning up her torture of the demon mercenary who was talking it up earlier. Arcana was in her dragon form, with her white scales covered in gold markings and her black claws inside the chest of the mercenary. It seems like she had put poison on the tip of her claws and was slowly letting him die from a mixture of blood loss & poison. It was at this moment that I didn't regret cheating in RPS against her. Luckily, she wasn't as smart as she was strong.

"Oi. Arcana. Is this really necessary? This is a bit much." I said, crouching on the ground next to the dying mercenary.

"This asshole said that they were contracted by one of the Demon Lords! We have to interrogate him more!" Arcana shouted.

I may be an asshole but I wasn't heartless. I went ahead and killed the mercenary under her claw by a quick and painless Ice shard to the head. Arcana obviously objected but I didn't really care. Interrogating that guy would only lead us to fight the Demon Lords anyway. It seemed like the appropriate time to tell Arcana about our new ally. I stood up from the fading mercenary and walked back over to the mage. I put my arm around his shoulder and introduced him.

"Arcana. This is Shobe. He is an elf that possesses the Demonic Mage & Holy Healing classes." I stated, smiling.

Before we had walked over to Arcana, Shobe and I talked about how he came to be in this group. Apparently, Shobe was seen as an outcast in the elf community for his unholy combination of opposing skills. The demon mercenaries had recruited him, citing "true potential" from him. They were unhappy about his lack of killing intent but they appreciated his healing ability. This led to Shobe & the mercenaries to be on good terms. Since he had both Demonic & holy skills, he had the rare ability to heal demons. That was most likely the true reason they treated him so well. In general, assholes are usually nice if it benefits them in some way. Shobe said that the party was formed around a week ago but they were doing pretty good for themselves in terms of their finances & quest completions. They were even good enough to get recruited by one of the Demon Lords men.

Arcana & I sat to listen to Shobe's life story. Expecting it to be sad, I was surprised to hear a pretty solid story. He had basically left his community in Kani around 3 months ago, after turning 16. He traveled over to Englacia, where he tried to find work after leaving home with only a handful of coins. He eventually met these 4 dead mercenaries and the rest was history. I wanted to hear more about my new healer but the time seemed to be nearing the afternoon.

At present, I was technically homeless and poor. However, the loot from these mercenaries would hopefully fix that. After asking Central for advice, I told Shobe to look for herbs, fruits, and other things that grow in the forest. Elves were apparently good at that sort of stuff. I told Arcana to hunt some edible animals in the forest so that we could eat. Dragons are popularly known as being excellent hunters. Since I didn't even know what was edible in this world, it seemed appropriate that I stay behind. While they completed their tasks, my job was to pick up the mercenary items and toss them into void storage. The loot was about what I expected from mercenaries. Swords, pieces of armor, potions, equipment, and even the more trivial things, like a porno poster of a busty succubus. I threw it all in void storage, ready to sell them when the time arrived.

Upon approaching the spot where the Dragon mercenary was absorbed, I noticed that he dropped his sword. It was a pretty nice sword, with the ability to emit elemental magic passively. Central also agreed by saying it was a pretty find. The dragon's sword was all black and had a golden handle. From the looks of it, it was a custom sword made to compliment the dragon's abilities. I decided to use the sword until I could either sell it or acquire a better one. I looked to the left of my HUD and noticed that my level had gone to 9, largely thanks to the Dragon I defeated. Thanks to my current level of 9, I began to eagerly expand my Map from the Status Menu. I could now see 1000 meters around me on the map, compared to the measly 10 I had to start with. The UI notified me of enemy movement tracking unlocking at lvl 10, which made me aim to achieve it before nightfall. I went ahead and pulled up my status screen, with the following data greeting me:
Title: Paladin Lord Of Yggdrasil+, Dragon Slayer+
Class: Paladin God+
Subclass: Paladin Mage Of Calamity+
Name: Brice Pridellion
Lvl: 09
Race: Demi-God+
HP: 1576
Mana: 1985
Additional Stats+
Main Skills: Scholar+, Index+, Creator+
Additional Skills (7)+

"Nice! That's what I like to see. I even gained two new skills!" I said, checking my void storage.

I went ahead and put on the Calamity Paladin outfit since it was significantly lighter than the armor I was wearing. I checked the mercenary items in storage and got Central to mark their value for trade. I went over to the OP store and checked my points. I had gained 10 points per mercenary that I killed. The dragon didn't give me any points since its soul was still in the crystal. Luckily, the page had a redeem section that lets me redeem certain items for points. A lesser dragon's soul was near the top of the reward list, at 5,000 points. There was an option to double or nothing your points by choosing a random card from the 6 that were on the screen. I went ahead and chose one of the cards at random and was blessed with an additional 5,000 points. I couldn't believe my luck at turning a measly 200 points into 10,000 but I remembered that in the additional stat section, it had my luck % up to an insane amount. If I had to guess, my luck in any endeavor was increased by around 40%. That essentially meant that I had to find out if this world had a lottery and proceed to become a millionaire overnight. Anyway, my total point balance was now a strong 10,030 points. I decided to immediately return to the OP Pet page that I was so interested in earlier. It had a variety of options to choose from, with tigers, dogs, birds, lions, and even more mystical Yggdrasil creatures listed as "Overpowered companions for an OverPowered hero".

I decided that I wanted my first pet to be what they called a "Destructive Calamity Lion, exclusive to the Calamity mage class & subclass". I confirmed my purchase and pressed the summon button on the UI, causing a large 20 ft magic circle to appear in front of me. Appearing from the circle, looking me straight in the eye, was none other than a giant 20-foot lion. Its roar was menacing, scaring the small and medium-sized animals that were in the area with me. Its eyes were a shining gold, with a red scar over its right eye. The entire front right leg and back right leg was inscribed with black markings over his white coat. I noticed that the markings were similar to Arcana's, which might signify the status of the "pet" in front of me. Appearing in my hand was a black and gold collar that had a blank spot for a name above my name.

"Oi. How am I supposed to put this on you? Can you shrink or something?" I asked the Lion, hoping that he could understand me with the auto-translator.

While the sky began to clear, the lion started to glow green. It began to aggressively shrink, which caused an extremely bright light with a radius of 30m. After around 8 seconds of covering my eyes once again, a small and cute lion greeted me. It was around the size of a french bulldog and was honestly the cutest thing I had ever seen. I petted its head and felt it's white coat. Luckily, the lion liked it and didn't bite off my hand in the process. I looked at his nametag, partially unsure what to name the frightening 20-foot beast that had appeared in front of me.

"Hm. I don't know what to call you but for now, I guess I'll call you Titan. Is that ok?" I said, while rubbing the small lion's head.

The collar I had placed on the Lion began to emit a small glow. What could now be read was the following:

Name: Titan, The Calamity Lion
Owner: Brice P.
Class: Calamity Mage Companion
Lvl: 1000...