First Night In Yggdrasil
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I carried Titan in my arms, rubbing his cute little head while walking around the forest. I had sent Arcana & Shobe to complete their respective tasks so I decided that I would set up the camp. I had 30 OP points left over so I looked through the store to see if there was anything to purchase. I knew that I didn't need to purchase anything as extravagant as Titan for awhile. I clicked on the shelter section of the storefront and looked at the available options. I noticed that one of the options was a small, one-room spatial fortress for 25 points. I placed Titan on the ground to allow myself to accurately place it in the world.

"Ok Titan. I want you to stay close by. Brice needs to do this right." I said, watching Titan chase a strange rabbit with a horn.

I looked at the description of the fortress. Apparently, it was not only considered a modular base but was also able to be placed inside of my void storage. It also seemed that amenities could be added to the unit at a later date if I chose to. There were many different styles available but I chose to go with the modern floor plan since it looked the most like home. I decided that this is what I wanted and pressed the purchase button. On my HUD, a blue message stating "placement" was prominently displayed in the middle of the UI. An outline of the square fort was seen in front of me. Central advised that I could mentally move the outline in order to pick the correct placement, which is what I did. I found a nice, cozy place under a big tree and placed the small, 350 sq. ft home in front of the tree trunk. Since I had chosen the modern floor plan, the base took the appearance of a warm, cozy cottage with a loft on the top floor. Its current amenities included 3 beds, a magic-based A/C unit, and one bathroom. Between choosing to spend my last 5 points on a kitchen or a bathroom, I felt that the bathroom was the sensible choice. The plumbing and disposal system was supported by the use of the void, while the water, electricity, and heat came from their respective elements. The aforementioned was included as a bonus for choosing either the kitchen or the bathroom, so I knew that I was going to get it regardless. With all of my OP points spent, I noticed that it was getting late into the afternoon. I looked for Titan, who was graphically ripping the rabbit's meat off of its bones. I hit him on the head.

"Oi. You can't do that Titan! You need to cook it first! That's how you get sick!" I said, rubbing the spot where I hit him.

It seemed that Titan really liked getting head rubs since he always wagged his tail when I rubbed it. It was hard to believe this from a "pet" whose starter level was 100x my current level out the gate. He is a lot cuter when he is small though. I'll have to try to keep him in this form for as long as I can. He looks so similar to a Frenchie(French bulldog) after all! I carried Titan in my arms, rubbing his head as I walked towards the cottage.

"Brice! I'm back with the items from the forest!" Shobe said, running towards Brice.

Shobe wasn't really carrying anything by hand so to speak. It looks like the items he collected had a strange, faint purple glow around them and were floating behind him. I surmised that it was thanks to his Demonic Mage skills since that's what immediately came to mind. It was actually the first time that I had seen him use his powers.

"Good job! Leave out some of the edible stuff and put the rest into this void tear here. After you do that, we will put your haul on the main table in the cottage" I said, making a circular void storage tear with a radius of 3 feet.

Shobe proceeded to send the items into storage while bringing the edible fruits, veggies, and spices into the cottage. He noticed the white and black Lion that I had in my arms. When he tried to touch his head, the lion immediately began to roar.

"What is with this menacing aura?! Why do I feel my life flashing before my eyes?" Shobe said, slowly stepping back.

I explained to him the concept of the OP store and how I got the 20-foot lvl 1000 lion to become a Frenchie sized terror. I also went ahead and explained to him how I "built" the cottage that was in front of him. He seemed to believe what I was saying, despite the absurdity of my claims. This was thanks to Shobe's ability to see the class and subclass of Titan and me. He couldn't see Titan's complete stats but seeing his class and aura made it likely that he was indeed a high level. As Shobe and I began to walk towards the cottage, Arcana was in her human-like form, carrying the varied meat from the animals she hunted. She used similar magic to Shobe to carry the items, but her items had a red glow. Central informed me that it was simply the color of their mana and nothing more. He noted that my mana was special and could vary in color as I grow stronger. I told Arcana the same things I recently explained to Shobe and stored some of the meat she carried in Storage. The three of us began to walk towards the cottage, with the time being around 8:00 pm earth time.

Since we didn't have a complete kitchen, Arcana prepared the meats for consumption and started the fireplace inside the cottage. Shobe began to prepare the vegetables and spices so that he could cook the food. It was obvious that the cooking courses that elves had to take in order to survive in the Kani Forest qualified him as head chef of tonight's meal. I decided to take Titan for a walk and hopefully unlock the enemy movement tracking that I could gain at lvl 10.

Apparently, I get half of whatever XP that Titan receives so we decided to go on a mob hunt together. We proceeded to walk down the steps of the porch when we could hear a warning from Arcana.

"Make sure you're careful Brice! Many dangerous foes are more prevalent at night!" she said, cutting the foreign meats with her knife.

As I walked down the steps and towards the front of the house, I appreciated the cool breeze that was passing me by. I watched the trees around the forest emit a faint bio-luminescence as I took Titan for a walk. I noticed the two moons that took the place of the sun and their strange beauty. It seemed that the forest was not only beautiful in the daytime but also at night.

I appreciated the beauty as we turned left towards a path that we had yet to explore...