First Night In Yggdrasil – Magic 101
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Titan's first walk was peaceful since he was killing everything that tried to attack us. Titan could still use magic in his miniature form, so I told him to "hunt what he wanted". Little did I know he would proceed to massacre everything that we encountered. I went ahead and cleaned up after him with my own powers. Stragglers, who had run away from Titan, were mobs that I had to deal with. Thanks to Titan's void magic, the enemies were slowed as to not escape. As I still had on my calamity mage outfit and gear, I decided to practice my own magic usage. In the background, I set the void storage to Auto-collect, which was a useful feature to have.

According to Central, I had the 4 basic types of magic unlocked, along with the void & lightning magic I already knew. He said that if I wanted to learn more specialized types, I would have to either go to Kani for training or spend points in the OP store. I decided to try out my types of magic on the stragglers. Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind were types of magic that I needed to familiarize myself with anyway. I didn't really know how the combat system worked so it seemed like a great opportunity to enlighten myself.

Up first was fire magic, which worked as I expected. It could apply a burn status to a target and could take the form of many creative spells. One could easily throw a ball of fire at their opponent but it was more versatile than that! You could summon fire-based creatures, enhance magic weapons, increase your attack, or even cancel out water magic. It could also be used for its utility purposes, like heating water, starting fires, heating the air, and more. There were many ways to use magic for defense as well as offense across all categories. It was not surprising since most beings in Yggdrasil had the ability to learn it. This democratization allowed for the creative use of it during peacetime. Everyone except the demons of Elu had integrated it into their daily lives. In contrast, Dark Magic's main purpose was more suited to destroying opponents so its popularity was entirely based on times of war. While thinking this, I burned the scurrying mobs that were frightened by Titan's onslaught and gained 8 OP points in the process.

Water magic worked similarly to fire magic but applied a wet status to a target. The wet status by itself wasn't that impressive but since you could freeze the target after it was applied, it was ideal for slowing down or stopping the enemy. Water & Ice magic are seen as apart of the same skill tree so the terms are used interchangeably. This is because the only difference in their usage is the temperature applied to the water. I was somewhat familiar with the magic, as I had used it earlier to kill the mercenary under Arcana's freak claw. It was rather useful to not have to recite unbearably long chants to use the powers. A pack of what looked to be fire wolves were slowed by Titan's void magic. I shot a blizzard of shards towards them, resulting in an additional 12 OP points.

Wind & Earth magic were the more creative utility magic systems in Yggdrasil. It's most common use is in the infrastructure industries of major cities. It was clear to know why, since you could build quicker with the magic than without. Earth magic allowed you to create whatever you wanted in a sense. If your magical power and mana were high enough, there wasn't many things you couldn't make. Of course, you still needed the core materials and a clear idea of what you were making but it was definitely faster than what I had on planet earth. Popular Earth magic-users were the labor-based races in Englacia, as the country is always upgrading and improving upon itself. While wind magic was also popular in construction, it was primarily used in Kani. Kani had a large number of magic users who had to learn wind magic in order to properly transverse the continent. Large, mystical trees were the norm in Kani and magic classes were usually taken in the skies, as to not damage the delicate landscape below. In order words, wind magic is essentially used for flight more than anything else.

I saw an even better use for it, however. With the combination of Wind and Earth magic, I could make a hovering vehicle! I could even make a golem by hand with the earth magic if I learn enough! As for wind magic, it seemed appropriate to try flying before attempting to create a land-based vehicle. A goblin jumped in front of me, spouting words I didn't care to know. Before he got to the third word of his monologue, I summoned a stone spike to stab him through the chest. As he faded away, I saw I gained 2 OP points from the short, brief interaction.

After Titan & I spent 10 minutes clearing the area, I noticed that Titan seemed tired. It was clear that he was exhausted from going all out to impress me. His mana was still plentiful but his mental strength was waning.

"Let's go, Titan. We have dinner to eat! Let's get you a nice big steak!" I said, picking him up and petting him.

As I walked back to the cottage, I could smell the delicious food that my companions had made. I decided to properly thank them when I arrived and ask their thoughts on this strange adventure. I seemed to gloss over the fact that I literally had the Queen of the Dragons in my house cooking me dinner. I also seemed to shrug off the fact that I had a very rare healer in my party on my first night. Reconsidering these factual statements, I decided that I would learn more about my companions. So far, I have been relying on Central for my information but what about their perspective? Central is more or less an Isekai'd Alexa so I surmised that it may prove fruitful to talk to my companions more. As I walked to the front of the cottage, a mysterious person sat on the steps. Upon seeing my arrival, they stood up from the stairs and calmly walked towards me. As they got closer, their outline became clearer with each step. The moonlight began to shine on the woman, who had beautiful golden hair and a green, floral head wreath. Her aura was pure, as I sensed nothing but calmness from her presence. I looked down at Titan and he was also captured by her beauty, making a happy, derpy face. I didn't even know that was possible, to be honest. Her body was human-like but godly in a sense. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. To be blunt, I couldn't take my eyes off her chest. "Those had to at least be F cups!" is what I thought when I saw her for the first time. Shrugging off my 19-year-old hormones, I wanted to know more about her and how she found my cottage. She began to speak in the purest voice that had ever graced my ears.

"Hello, Brice. I am the Goddess of Yggdrasil. I believe that you have started your quest towards the Demon Lords Subjugation?" she stated, smiling. She stared at me, expecting me to answer with absolute certainty that I was planning to do my duty as a legendary hero. Of course, I didn't really care for it but it seemed hard for me to say no to those big ti-, I mean to the Goddess of Yggdrasil. My mind became confused about what to say to the Goddess in order to eventually ask her out.

Unsure of what to tell the Goddess that randomly appeared on my cottage's doorsteps, I muttered the first thing that was on my mind. Still mesmerized by her beauty.

"Nice tits!"

As I saw the Goddess's smile slowly turn into one of disgust, it became clear that I had just blown my chance at dating her...