Goddess Of The Hunt
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Looking at the young Goddess, I told her my situation. I explained that I didn't want to defeat the Demon Lords because it seemed like a suicide mission. I explained the plans that I had for myself in this world, which included hoverboards, mobile fortresses, handmade weapons, lots of sleep, and a plethora of OP points to spend. As I explained all of these ideas, the Goddess's eyes began to shine. Her face was more beautiful when she smiled and I couldn't help but stare at it. Her face spelled nothing but pure wonder.

"Ok. I'm in!" she said, looking at me straight in the eyes.

I was taken back by the statement I just heard. I immediately snapped back to reality.

"Starting today, I will be accompanying you on your adventure Brice! Please treat me well!" she said, smiling while standing up.

Titan was unsurprisingly happy at the news but I personally couldn't believe it. Why would an absolute babe of a Goddess leave the heavens in order to adventure with a paladin? How does that even make logical sense in this world? Seeking the logic behind her decision, I asked her for more information.

Her name was Artemis and she was the "Goddess Of The Bow" in Yggdrasil. She said that I can call her Daera since she grew tired of her name. Apparently, she was the Goddess assigned to my summoning. When Arcana summoned me, she asked for one of the Gods to answer her call and Artemis was picked to overlook me. The way she explained it, it seemed that every Goddess you encounter is simply referred to as "Goddess of Yggdrasil" in order to keep all the Gods equal. She also explained that she was the daughter of the supreme God of Yggdrasil, simply referred to as the "Supreme One". It seemed normal for the Gods of Yggdrasil to walk around the continent. This was done in order to check on the progress of their respective altars and followers. Daera, who was always training in the Amera Great Forest, was rarely seen by anyone. Her love of the hunt was regarded as being so strong, that she turned down the hundreds of suitors who came to seduce her. This was also the reason why she had the face of disgust when I said "Nice Tits" earlier. It had reminded her of the "filth who would dare talk to a maiden" like herself.

To keep it short, she said that she grew tired of hunting in the forest with her Bow & Arrow. She wanted to leave the forest with someone strong enough to where she only had to worry about the practicing & sightseeing. She honestly didn't care if I went to defeat the Demon Lords or not since my current plans were more exciting to her. Apparently, the Goddess who is put in charge of a summoned hero has full discretion in what they are allowed to do. Since she was known as a respectable Goddess, she would have the necessary influence needed to convince the other Gods to leave me be. Unexpectedly, she said that she summoned me because I was "chosen" by the Supreme God (a.k.a her Father) among the list of candidates.

While I had the Goddess next to me, I decided to ask her about the OP store. She told me that it was something that only gets blessed to someone every 2000 years. The purpose of the OP points system was to encourage the hero to hunt for Demonic Beasts and defeat evil. The OP store is an organic system, which adjusts to the summoned heroes' tastes. A good example was the cottage that was behind us. She also said she added the Void storage and map to my UI since she had the influence to do so. She could also use the void herself, which she demonstrated by pulling out an apple from her personal void.

As if in unison, our stomachs began to growl. We laughed it off and got up from the steps. Daera agreed to eat dinner with me and put the "blessing of the forest" on the house. She gave me Titan, who had fallen asleep in between her thick thighs. I woke him up and he began to smile. It was obvious he was rubbing it in my face. I figured he had earned it since he got me to level 13. As we walked up the steps to the front of the door, Daera stopped me. Her face was red and she was mumbling her words. It was obvious she was flustered.

"So..what would you say if we..you know...dated for a little while?" she said, shyly.

On this lukewarm Yggdrasil night, I was absolutely sure of one thing:

My luck stat was undefeated.