Queen Of The Dragons
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I happily agreed to Daera's request but was curious as to why she asked me to date her. Before I got the chance to ask, Arcana opened the front door. She seemed jealous, as she made a pouting face at me. I guessed that she was listening to our conversation while we were on the steps. The cottage was built on the prefab of a mobile fortress so certain defensive measures were passively active. One such measure was heightening dialogue in a 50-meter radius, as to warn occupants of any potential ambushes.

"If you lovebirds are done, we need to eat dinner! Shobe and I just finished making the dessert!" she said, grabbing me by the arm.

I didn't realize how strong she was in her human form because she proceeded to body slam me on my own cottage floor. She began to perfectly execute numerous wrestling moves for no apparent reason. Since I watched a variety of isekai, I guessed she may have been a tsundere. As she proceeded to keep me in a "Boston Crab" wrestling move, I looked at Daera. The Goddess Of The Hunt was currently snickering at me and not giving an indicator of helping. Luckily, Shobe was as helpful as you would expect from a healer.

"If she breaks any bones, I'll be sure to heal you Brice!" he said, smiling. I shall rescind my previous statement. He was as useless as you would expect from a healer. As I proceeded to be held in a chokehold by a tsundere Dragon Queen, I asked her a question.

"So...Arcana, why are you doing this? Why are you so mad? Are you perhaps...JEALOUS?" I said, smugly.

Her face became red and flustered as she proceeded to drop me on the cottage floor. She ran into the bathroom of the cottage, citing that she "needed to do something". As Shobe attended to my bruised ribs, I introduced Daera to Shobe.

"Shobe, this is Artemis. She is the Goddess Of The Hunt but wants to be called Daera. She is going to join..."

As I spoke, Shobe proceeded to drop me on the floor and run over to Daera. He proceeded to take her hand, kiss it, and begin to speak to her.

"Oh, Goddess. Your beauty knows no bounds. We, the elven race of Kani, worship you every day of our life. If you need anything, let me be of service. Unlike the Dragon Queen, your aura is pure, your body is exquisite, and your personality is beau..."

Before Shobe could finish his sentence, Arcana began to execute more advanced wrestling moves on Shobe. As Arcana began to execute a "seatbelt toss" on my dazed companion, I slightly chuckled. The companions who I had been ordering around showed their relaxed personalities for the first time. In this warm, fortified cottage in the middle of the Ameran Great Forest, I was happy with who I had gathered so far. I had companions with interesting personalities and a hot Goddess at my side. As I thought of how lucky I was, I began to move over to the dinner table. As I sat at the table, Daera sat next to me. As Daera and I began to pick up the plates, she began to talk to me.

"It seems you have built quite a team of adventurers Brice. I never got to meet the new Dragon Queen. That elven boy I met also seems like a sweet person. With such a fun group of adventurers, I hope this hunting Goddess is not a bother on your journey!" she said.

As I grabbed a plate and picked out my food, Arcana and Shobe walked over to the table. Arcana was smiling while Shobe was still in a daze from the bullying he just took. They sat across from Daera and I but had their chairs spaced from each other. It was obvious that there was still tension.

"Arcana, isn't this a bit childish? I mean, you are the Queen of the Dragons. This is not how a queen shou..."

Before I got to finish, Arcana gave me a firm scowl. Central said he sensed killing intent as I sat across from her. I decided to drop the case and change the subject.

"As I was explaining to Shobe, this is Daera. She is the Goddess Of The Hunt and will be joining our adventure." I said, drinking the warm soup.

"I hope to be of service to you all" Daera said, as she took another piece of fried fire snake.

We began to eat dinner, enjoying the spoils of war from Arcana and the expertise of magic from Shobe. I began to give my own stories from planet earth, telling them of popular movies, great TV shows, and a number of fairy tales that I thought they would love. We even listened to Daera's favorite hunts, citing great interest in her way of storytelling her adventures. As I listened to my three companions, I brought up my status to check my strength and was greeted with the following:
Title: Paladin Lord Of Yggdrasil+, Dragon Slayer+, Goddess' Hunter+
Class: Paladin God+
Subclass: Paladin Mage Of Calamity+
Name: Brice Pridellion
Lvl: 13
Race: Demi-God+
HP: 2456
Mana: 3184
Additional Stats+
Main Skills: Scholar+, Index+, Creator+, Blessing Of The Hunt+
Additional Skills (9)+
"Interesting. I gained two new skills and something called "Blessing Of The Hunt". I even gained a new title as "Goddess' Hunter" I said to myself. As I began to look over my status, I decided to click on additional stats and skills to find out the full scope of my abilities. As I pressed the plus mark, a list of hidden skills was revealed to me.

The skills and stats were surprising, to say the least...