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I decided to click on "Additional Stats" since I didn't know what categories the system focused on. When I clicked on it, a full list of stats was expanded and shown to me:
Additional Stats-
Strength 5*
Perception 3*
Endurance 4*
Charisma 3*
Intelligence 5*
Agility 2*
Luck 4*
The current individual stats are out of 5. As it stands right now, you are looking at the base stats you arrived with. As you level up, your base stats will increase slowly. If you wish to increase your base stats, you'll have to train for that respective stat specifically. Otherwise, it will take a considerable amount of time to rank up the specific stat. For example, once you reach a star rating of 5 stars across the board, you'll be considered in the top 1% of Yggdrasil in terms of power. Most races can only get to a max of 4 but even so, most end up at 3 for the rest of their lives. However, as you move closer to 5 stars, it will become more difficult to increase the star rating. Even if you make it to 5-stars, you would still have to break the lvl. 1000 barrier in order to be in the top .5%. Finally, to be considered a God in Yggdrasil, you would have to reach the unreachable lvl. of 4000. This is the only way a Demi-God can be considered a God since Demi-Gods are the only beings capable of achieving such a feat. That would obviously place you in the top .1%.
Finding the aforementioned note interesting, I asked Central to explain. Apparently, he categorized and arranged the stats in a way that made it seem familiar. Hence, I was blessed with having the S.P.E.C.I.A.L-inspired system guide me on my progress. I asked him to explain each stat simply since I still wanted to listen to Daera's story while he explained. While I listened to Daera's story, Central explained the system to me as simply as possible:

Strength: Increasing Strength will allow greater carrying capacity, greater damage from melee, greater defense, and a boost to your overall physical abilities. As a paladin, this is a crucial stat to watch over.

Perception: Increasing perception will allow greater accuracy when using ranged weapons and attacks. Increasing perception will also increase the potency of Magic attacks, as more damage can be inflicted with less mana. As a Calamity Paladin, I would suggest that you find ways to increase your perception.

Endurance: Endurance is the second main stat that I would suggest looking over Brice. This helps increase your resistance to negative status effects, poisons, and allows you to have an "iron stomach" so to speak. It also lets you enjoy a damage reduction based on the current multiplier and the stat's current star number.

Charisma: This increases your likeability with other people. It also helps you to receive better prices on the wares that you buy and sell. A higher charisma will allow you to talk your way out of most issues and is generally a very liked stat to have. If you are really not going to fight the Demon Lords, this may be one to keep in mind Paladin Brice.

Intelligence: As the name suggests, the intelligence stat measures your mental aptitude to decide, lead, strategize, and more. The average level of intelligence in Yggdrasil, according to my data, is 3 stars. Having your intelligence already maxed will make you a more respected hero. It's personally my favorite since...well...I'm an AI. It would be obvious, right?

Agility: How fast you move. It'll be hard to level this one up but I'm sure you can find ways around it. Especially if those mental plans that I see in you are any indication.

Luck: Increases the number of good things and encounters that can happen to you! The average luck in Yggdrasil is currently 2 stars so you have around 100% more luck at the moment. It's also the one stat that is hard to level up. The amount of XP that you get is increased with the Luck stat, so if you had low luck, it would not only be hard to level up the stat but also your overall person. In short, this stat is going to be your best friend. It's the reason that you are currently in the situation that you are in right now, despite having 3 Demon Lords attacking the continent as we speak.

"Did that answer your question, Brice?" Central said.

It seemed pretty straightforward to me so I switched over to the skills side. Eagerly looking towards seeing the abilities that I had, I noticed some of the skills listed were ones I already knew about:
Portable Map
Void Storage/Inventory
Legendary OP Store

Central also explained that the Creator skill, which was listed as the main skill, allowed me to create whatever came to mind at the cost of a sizable amount of mana. He said that it is similar to using Earth Magic but infinitely more advanced than that. For one, you don't need to gather any source materials since the magic will create it passively. You can also create more complex things all at once, which was a limitation of the Earth magic. This is part of the reason that the mana cost is so high since more complex materials require more mana to create. Usually, Demi-Gods and Gods are the ones who get blessed with this skill, as it can become highly dangerous in the wrong hands. Central said that it was so dangerous that the head of the 3 Demon Lords possessed it. It was part of the reason why their army had gained so much power as well as why the other Demon Lords listened to him.

After listening to Central explanation, I looked down the additional skills list. Many skills began to catch my eye but one stood out from the rest.

More Specifically, The Skill "Dominator"...