Starting Our Adventure
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After I looked over my skills and stats, I updated my HUD to include my OP Points balance. Since it was late into the night, my companions and I were ready to rest and go on our first adventure. Before going to bed, I added a kitchen to the mobile fortress so that we had a place to wash our plates and store our food. Since it cost me 5 OP points, my current balance was now 17.

We only had 3 beds in this small cottage, so I decided to add a personal room for myself. For a small room, the cost was only 10 OP points but larger rooms can get into the 50-100 points range, depending on amenities. After telling my companions good night, I jumped onto my bed and enjoyed the softness of the mattress and sheets. Thanks to the OP store, the materials for the rooms were advanced enough to take all my pain away. I spared no time falling asleep, as I had finally completed my first day in this strange world.
8 Hours Later...
As I woke up, I felt something soft on my arm. It was a rather pleasant feeling that I enjoyed but one that I was unfamiliar with. It felt like soft happiness for some reason so I decided to see what it was. As I looked over to my left, I saw that Daera had sleepwalked into my bed! She was wearing her hunting themed pajamas and seemed to be smiling while she was asleep. As I looked out my window, I noticed that it was my first morning in Yggdrasil. The sun was beautiful and the sounds of the morning animals could soothe any heart. I began to slightly shake Daera to wake her up. As I did, her tits began to do a heavenly jiggle. "Damn, those are really F-cups after all" is what I thought. Seeing as she was a Goddess, I deemed it a wise decision to keep my relations with her pure (for now obviously) since she could probably have me killed by her father. Horrified at the projected consequences of pissing off the supreme God, I told Daera to wake up.

"Hey, Daera. Wake up. We need to start getting ready for Amera." I said, as she began to slowly move.

Last night, we decided to check out the village near us before going to Amera. I hoped to find gear and items that would help me on my adventure, as well as get some currency in my pockets. I knew that I could convert my OP points into whatever currency we stumbled across but the conversion rates were unfavorable. It seemed that I would have to level up more in order to get more currency per point. Seeing as the OP system was designed to encourage heroic deeds, I was not surprised by it at all. As I was reflecting on our parties' conversation last night, Daera gave me a morning kiss on the cheek while blushing, citing that we are a "perfect combination" in her eyes.

As if on cue, Arcana had opened the door to wake me up and saw the situation. As Daera was about to give me another morning kiss, Arcana cockblocked me once again. She grabbed Daera and threw her to the other side of the room. Since the Goddess was nimble, she was able to land gently on the ground with a combination of magic and her reflexes derived from hunting.

"Jealous as always I see. Maybe if you weren't such an arrogant queen, Brice would like you more" Daera said, asserting her dominance. As Arcana had an annoyed face, she walked over to me and looked at me. Her face was beet red and flustered as she gave me a soft, morning kiss on the cheek.

"This is...I got to go get breakfast so I'll see you later!" she said, as she ran out of my room. As she left, I felt pretty good about myself. I had a Hunting Goddess and a Dragon Queen giving me good morning kisses on my 2nd day. "The luck stat is really undefeated" is what I thought as I went to the bathroom. Last night, I had explained how to properly use the bathroom to my companions. It was a small bathroom that could only fit one person but I was planning to add a bigger bathroom or hot spring to make my home more like a mansion. As I washed my hands, I headed over to the kitchen table, where Shobe was arranging his inventory.

"Good morning Shobe. Do you know where Arcana and Daera went?" I said, sitting down at the table.

"They went out to get breakfast. Daera is in charge of the fruit gathering and Arcana is in charge of procuring the meats" he said, putting things in his travel pouch. I looked at Shobe, who looked pretty young but was actually a pretty smart kid. According to his stories from last night, he is a demon-elf hybrid that inherited both traits from his mother and father. His hair was what you would usually expect from an elf. Goldish hair, pointy ears, human-like appearance, etc. but he suffered from Heterochromia. His right eye was gold while his left eye was green. It was a side effect of the mixing of two opposing sides with one another. Whenever he used his demonic power, the right eye would usually turn red since his mana output was high thanks to his elven bloodline.

While we were waiting on Daera and Arcana, I went over to Titan, who was still sleeping on his dog bed. Luckily for me, the cottage came with a pet bed attached to it by default as a feature of the modern design. Given that we gave him as much Bear steak as we could, it was no surprise that he was sleeping with a smile. It was clear that Titan would be a heavily spoiled pet lion if he wasn't already. I decided to gently shake him up so we could go for a walk. I knew that he was a level 1000 pet but he was still a pet to me. He still needed to have his daily walks & exercise in order to stay healthy. As I picked up Titan and gave him his daily head rub, the fortress informed me of unidentified entities that were talking 34 meters away.

The fortress security system said that the projected threat level of the entities was currently unknown...